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Kingdom of Baron
Expert Besyanteo
Flag of Baron
Map of Baron
Capital Baron Castle
Largest city
High Councilor
2189 BT
Official Language(s) Common
Official Religion None
Currency Zante


Previously an absolute monarchy, Baron's government began to shift to a more democratic form of government starting about 400 years ago, after the unfortunate event which took place in the Mist Village during the Time of Twilight. The new government allowed the people to elect a council of advisers. While originally having no direct power, the council has since grown in power and importance; now, the monarchs must have the approval of the council before any kind of law or declaration of war can be made.

Baron serves as a center for commerce and is largely an open nation, welcoming strangers, trade, and travel.


The validity of Baron's history before 1150 EP is highly debated by historical scholars in the nation. Many believe some of the 'accounts' of the past are nothing more than legends, or embellishments of important, but not quite 'mystical' events. One should take any 'information' from that period with caution.


Age of Enlightenment
  • 2189 BT -- Odin first appears to the people of what would later be known as Baron. This period of time is referred to as the Age of Enlightenment. Some of the clans, believing him to be some form of demon, leave through caves in the northern mountains. They settle in the lands later to be known as Mist.
  • 2100 BT -- In order to teach the following generations the ways of combat, Odin orders the construction of a training facility in the eastern desert lands. This location would come to be known as Fort Lancet.
  • 1189 BT -- Odin tells his followers that soon, he must leave this world. As his last act as leader, he orders the construction of a great palace for the clan's future leader. He also begins the process of testing the clans via several trial and tournaments to determine who should rule in his absence.
  • 1188 BT -- Baron is founded, named for the clan victorious in Odin's trials and tournaments. Domanus, one of the original contenders for power, and his clan leave Baron, discontent with rule under the Baron clan. This period would come to be known as the Age of Discovery.

Age of Discovery
  • 1100 BT -- Baron engages in its first long term skirmish with enemy forces. Several clans from the nearby desert lands unite in order to take control of the northern lands, hoping to take advantage of the young nation's recent loss of their powerful leader. During this time, much of Baron Castle is damaged and has to be repaired. This would be the first of several times during the nation's history.
  • 1090 BT -- Wilham Baron declares victory against their enemies from the desert lands. He also rewards the clans most instrumental in their victory. Their family name is given the title of 'house', denoting prestige and privilege the eyes of their monarch. This would mark the beginning said tradition, as well as more visible aristocracy in Baron.

Time of Twilight
  • 910 EP - The Baronian War of the Crystals begins. During this war, the government of Baron engages in an extremely destructive attack against Mist Village, using a summoning artifact to kill most of the village elders. The knight who delivered this artifact aided the villagers in fighting the summoned demons off, and sacrificed himself due to the dishonor of his actions.
  • 915 EP -- With the help of several clans and cohorts from across Igala, Celial Harvey puts an end to the reign of the Baron Family. At the insistence of both his comrades and the people of the nation, he takes the throne as the first of the Harvey line of kings.

Age of Rebirth

Modern Times
  • 1298 EP -- In a surprise attack that shocks the nation, the city of Isalia is laid to waste in less than a day. What few survivors manage to escape describe creatures of unspeakable horrors, and mages using the dark arts. All of Baron's military power is mobilized, the people of the southern cities and towns evacuated.
  • 1299 EP -- For nearly a year, the two sides are at a stalemate. The forces of Baron manage to hold their enemies in the southern regions of the nation, though the number of dead for Baron is starting to rise. Fredrick Leon Harvey falls in a battle to push the enemy further south. This leaves his chancellor to run the nation until his son, Trevor Reginal Harvey, comes of age. The nation's enemies begin to press further north, forcing Baron to fall back and struggle to hold their ground several times.
  • 1300 EP -- In an act of desperation, the forces of Baron plan an all out offensive at the heart of the enemy forces, with aid from the summoners of Mist. In order to give the summoners enough time to meet up with the main forces, several smaller units hold the frontlines. Their hope is to keep the enemy forces occupied, long enough for their main forces to prepare their all out offensive. This would give Baron the breathing room needed to eventually overcome their foes, and declare victory.
  • 1303 EP -- The Tanascus Archives opens, named for Baron's former head of magical research in Isalia. The goal of the Archives is to rebuild a great library for Baron, similar to the one cared for by Tanascus before Isalia's fall.
  • 1310 EP -- Trevor Reginal Harvey officially claims his title as King of Baron on his 18th birthday.
  • 1314 EP -- Baron declares its support for the country of Doma during its war with the demon Malachias.

Current Events

As of Luciara 3rd 1316, King Trevor Reginal Harvey has been dethroned.

The once-king has been out of favor with the people and the council for some time, due to decisions he made that involved Baron in the Malachian War in Doma. However, it is only recently that a strong desire to remove the king from power has become popular amongst the regular citizenry. Rumors have begun to circulate that Baron's involvement in the war was just a plot to dupe its good citizens into giving up their rightful control over their governing bodies. Some contend even that the 'war' itself is a sham--the reports fed to the nation were certainly preposterous enough!

More recently, since the announcement of a plan to reclaim and restore Isalia, talk has spread of a plot to use the ruined southern city as a staging point for an assault against Baron's southern neighbors Avon and Theice. Unsubstantiated, perhaps, but it's not like the government would let this sort of information leak very easily, would it?

The breaking point for Harvey's support was the sudden disappearance of the self-proclaimed leader of the anti-Harvey movement, Jerald Glyndwr. No body has been discovered, but his home was discovered on the morning of Luciara 1st with the front door forced open and the inside ransacked. This being the eve of Glyndwr's first peaceful protest in history, rumors spawned at an exponential rate with the passing of each hour.

It happened in the early morning hours, while King Harvey was still abed. Fighting broke out in the castle as guards loyal to Harvey fought to protect him, while guards loyal to the council worked to suppress them and reach the soon to be ex-king. However, the fight was brought to an early end; Harvey surrendered his position willingly to the council representatives present, commanding those guards still loyal to him to stand down. He was quoted as saying he would have no lives lost on his account.

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, the people moved not to have the old king executed. Rather, he was exiled, along with anyone who would not recognize the council's new absolute rule over the Kingdom. These consisted only of the old chancellor, a graying man of many years, and only a handful of guards and army officials of various ranks.


Baron's borders fall around the limited amount of habitable land south of the Titan mountain range, overlapping somewhat with the surrounding desert areas. North of Odin's Trail is very uneven land, still 'untamed' and covered in dense forests. To the south, a few pockets of forest still remain, though much of the land is either settled or used for agriculture.


Baron has rich military history, going back even before the founding of their nation. Many in the nation take great pride in their warrior past, though in recent times this pride has subsided somewhat. Still, Baron is host to numerous military facilities.

Military Facilities

  • Cain Citadel - Training facility for the Dragoons, also functions as a Temple to Ryuugami
  • Fort Lancet - Primary training facility for the nation's soldiers, said to be as old as the nation itself.
  • Balmore - Military Base / City south of Fort Lancet, known for its excellent weapons production. Often attacked by Ork raiding parties in the nearby area.
  • Temple of the Dawn - Training facility for Paladins and White Mages, also functions as a Temple to Ishtar. While not a part of Baron itself, many of the nation's healers and holy warriors receive their training here.


  • To be added later


Baron does not have any officially sanctioned religion. However, there are two more common forms of worship native to the area.

  • Odin - Once viewed as the Baronian god of war and death. Very few still pay homage to this deity today; however, a shrine in his honor is said to exist behind Baron Falls, north of the capital.
  • Leviathan - Practiced by the summoners of Mist Village, said to be the father of all the summoned. He is known as 'King of the Seas' by the summoners. In Baron folklore, he is more commonly known as 'King of the Summoned Monsters'. 'King of the Summoned Monsters' can be considered offensive by some Summoners."



After the war era 400 years ago, many of the kingdom's airships were either remodeled for peacetime transport or completely scrapped. Many in the nation feel this was a huge tactical mistake, leaving Baron's defenses open for invasion, while others feel that the air force should be developed in order to allow for greater travel, trade, and communication between Baron and other nations. Others, meanwhile, feel that the nation needs to maintain their limited number and use of airships as a sign of goodwill toward other nations, while still others argue that there should be no airships, calling them a "cursed" invention of man and a bane to society.

Town of Isalia

After the invasion of Baron in 1298 EP, this city was left in ruins. Early attempts to reclaim the city were met with disaster, as the military was ill-prepared for a city crawling with undead and saturated with dark magic. Numerous plans for a nation-sponsored 'cleanup' of the city were proposed since that time, but always seem to get buried under bureaucracy. Recently, plans for restoring the city were used as evidence against the former king. It is believed the king planned on using Isalia as a staging ground for future invasion, against nations to the south.

Village of Mist

Mist Village is located in a valley surrounded by the Titan Mountains, north of Baron. During the Time of Twilight, the last of the Baron kings tried to wipe the village out. Because of this, many villagers still despise the Baron monarchy, and cannot forgive the nation for turning on them. However, officially Mist is part of Baron, and most of its inhabitants recognize this.

Further tension emerged between Baron and Mist recently, due to the invasion in 1298 EP. Many of the summoners of Mist did not wish to help, feeling the nation deserved the same fate it tried to give to Mist. But as the war continued, they came to realize the danger to their own well being. Were Baron to fall, they would likely be next. The summoners would eventually provide the aid Baron needed in 1300 EP, helping the nation emerge victorous. While many in Baron are grateful to the summoners for their aid, there are just as many who question their actions. Many in the nation wondered why the summoners did not assist them sooner, possibly preventing the numerous deaths.


MUSH description


A sprawling nation on the western coast of Igala. Governed by the Sovereign King Trevor Reginal Harvey and legislated by a council of advisers to the King.

Baron is a clean and industrious nation, populated largely by humans. All races are welcomed officially; however, as Baron is a bit out of the way of most other borders there is still little interaction with other nations and races.

Obvious exits: <Ae>gir City Baron Castle <BC> <Or>dana Village Port <Ro>salia Port <Sl>eipnir Barren Desert <BD> Mist Caverns <MiC> Western <Fr>ontier <Ti>tan Mountains

Money Matters

Baron has the zante, which comes in denominations of 0.50, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500. Zante are small, round metal coins and paper currency which are differentiated by markings. On the back of each zante coin (with the exception of the 2 zante) is a stamp of the crest of Baron; different images appear on each coin's front.

  • coins:
    • 0.50 - Has a bust depicting King Reginald Timast Baron, the first King.
    • 1 - Has an image of Queen Eliza Ann Baron, Queen of the first King, superimposed on an older image of Castle Baron.
    • 2 - No longer made, has Odin on one side, his horse Sleipnir on the other. Still commonplace, however.
    • 10 - Has an image of the Titan Mountain range.
    • 50 - No longer made or used (officially), rare and valuable. Has a picture of the last of the Baron line of Kings.
  • paper:
    • 50 - Colored blue, back has a picture of Port Rosalia and the port waters.
    • 100 - Colored orange, back has a landscape of Fort Lancet and the surrounding desert
    • 200 - Colored green, back has a landscape of Cain Citadel and the surrounding moutains.
    • 500 - Colored red, back has a landscape of Castle Baron and the surrounding city

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