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Kingdom of Doma
Expert KingOfDoma
Flag of Doma
Map of Doma
Capital Doma City
Largest city Doma City
Limited monarchy
Charles Domanada
1190 BT
Official Language(s) Common
Official Religion None
Currency Doman Gil


The Doman government is ruled over by the king, Charles Robert Franklyn Galzern Domanada. He is the head of government, and all decisions should be handled by him, although that task is usually found to be too great, and he allows his OmniCouncil to make a lot of decisions.

There is no official religion in Doma, as the king feels that all his subjects should be able to worship as they see fit. This fits in with the widely egalitarian system established in the country.

Current members of the royal family: Queen Aya du Mythril-Domanda, Princess and heir Elle Cheryl Fiammetta Lina Domanada, Princess Ara du Mythril, and Princess Rees'n Anita Kaela Vivian Domanada.


The Founding

In the year 1190 B.T., a man named Domanus and a large group of villagers decided to leave the kingdom of their birth and settle a new land. They chose hearty land around water, and settled there. The only problem was that that land was possessed by the esper Alexander. Domanus fought Alexander for ownership of the land bravely until, finally, Domanus beat him. Thus, Alexander granted Domanus the land, but cursed his line to fight as Domanus fought to maintain possession of the land, or watch it be destroyed by a void known as the Cleft of Dimension.

Today's King of Doma, Charles I, is a fish. This is untrue.

Anyhoo, after that, the kingdom of Doma was established. Obviously, there was a king at the head of the government, with a chancellor under him (although this has been changed since the Significant Other Law instituted by Empress Rydia) and he with a vice chancellor under him. Next in line were the generals, (although now, the generals and knights of Doma are organized into the OmniCouncil, the council that advises the king on all manner of national issues. This was instituted by the current King Charles.) and after that, the High Knight (now joined by the High Ninja, High Samurai, and other lead members of classes).

For 2400 years, Doman society grew and thrived. And, as if an invisible hand was protecting it, no king fell to an esper, and the line, though constantly under siege, was never tainted. An evil empire was brutally slaughtering many of Doma's citizens. Among the slaughtered citizens are (supposedly) the king and queen themselves. Fortunately, the king had the foresight to send away his son before the attack occurred. The infant was raised by his nurse, and after the empire was defeated, was told of his royal bloodline and allowed back onto his throne. Some generations later, King Charles Domanada of Doma was born.

The Malachian Empire

In the year 1313, Doma City was seized by the fallen angel Malachias. Malachias set up a dictatorship which was soon toppled by the efforts of the Domanadas, their loyals, and their allies. The king, horrified that his position could be so easily used to usurp liberty in his land, set up a limited monarchy, with Keepers put in charge of newly-created protectorates to help counterbalance his power.

Map domanprotectorates.png

Today: current events



MUSH description


A roughly rectangular-shaped nation on Igala's east, Doma's western border runs along the Shuman Mountains; its eastern border meets the Val'ri Sea; its northern border is shared with the nation of Riva; and its southern border tapers off into the Forbidden Plains. It is ruled by a limited monarchy, with current monarchs King Charles Domanada and Queen Aya du Mythril Domanada.

Doma is the 'melting pot' of Igala, or perhaps its asylum--in multiple senses of the word. The country as a whole accepts people of many races and backgrounds, taking acceptance to great--oftentimes ridiculous--levels. It is fortunate that amongst those accepted are the unaccepting, to keep things in balance.

Obvious exits: Castle <Hy>ral Doma City <DC> <En>chufa <Ko>hlingen <R>iva Forbidden Plains <FP> Shumans Spine North <shN> Shumans Spine South <shS>

Money Matters

Doma has the gil, which comes in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25, 100, and 200. Doman gil are small, round, metal coins with smooth edges; differentiated by metal, size, thickness. They are commonly known as "gold." Each coin has a separate name.

  • 1 - (gil, gold) small iron coin
  • 5 - (sud) small zinc/nickel alloy coin
  • 10 - (gald) larger, yet thinner silver coin
  • 25 - (quarren) larger, thicker silver coin
  • 100 - (eagle) slightly larger gold coin
  • 200 - (two eagle) slightly larger silver coin in a gold outer coin

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