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other names Mom
domain healing, light, creator, order, motherhood, female, humanity ...
special family ties "wife" to Primaer, "mother" to all other Gaeran deities
original creator/expert Nakibe, White Knight Delta, pdRydia, ...
tie-ins Riva, Solasia
A popular symbol of Ishtar and Ishtarian faith.
Ishtar being one of the two creator gods of Gaera, her exact domain is often a point of confusion and debate amongst mortals--and sometimes other deities. In truth, neither Ishtar nor Primaer are limited to a domain as are the Lesser Gods, although Ishtar herself has for time unknown lent her powers to traditional orders of healers working in her name. She also keeps a special interest in humanity, the patronless race.

Ishtar is strictly not roleplayed; sorry, opening plot device only!

To the right is a popular symbol of Ishtar and Ishtarian faith.