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Deities of Gaera Main.

from left to right, Lucio, Reshtaha, Stacey, Nakibe, Nekogami, and Ryuugami; artwork by Jesterlex

Some of the major, more commonly-used deities include:

  • Kazeros is the god of freedom for which Kazeroran is named. His alignment is Good. He makes no specific demands of his followers but wants his people to have liberty and fulfillment. He is worshipped by bards, travellers, and revolutionaries.
  • Ashura is the goddess of life. Her alignment is Good. Her primary commandment is that life is sacred and should be preserved at all costs, but she does not demand pacifism from her worshippers. She is worshipped by healers, physicians, and many common people.
  • Exinde is the god of knowledge, logic, and reasoning. His alignment is Neutral. He commands his followers to accumulate and pursue knowledge in all its forms. He is worshipped by sages, scribes, wizards, engineers, and scientists.
  • Ishtar and Primaer are the creator goddess and god of Gaera. They are mother and father to many of the other deities and have broad domains. Ishtar is more commonly worshipped than Primaer, but they both draw reverence from a wide variety of people.
  • Nakibe is the god of chaos. His alignment is Neutral. He is not the type to make specific demands of his followers. He generally revels in disorder--but not necessarily in destruction.
  • Reshtaha is the god of death. His alignment is Neutral. He commands his followers to respect death as a necessary part of life and acknowledge that all things must come to an end. Priests of Reshtaha are generally familiar with a wide variety of funeral customs.
  • Mithra is the god of justice. His alignment is Lawful Good. He insists that his followers uphold the law and that criminals and villains receive their due punishment. He is commonly worshipped by guards, judges, and knights.
  • Ryuugami is the goddess of dragons. Her alignment is Good. She is the protector of dragonkind and is mostly worshipped by them.
  • Inugami, also called Fideleo, is the god of inujin. His alignment is Lawful Good. He values loyalty, honor, honesty, and fidelity. Most of his followers are inujin.
  • Nekogami is the goddess of nekojin. Her alignment is Good. Most of her followers are nekojin.
  • Tunare is the goddess of nature. Her alignment is Neutral. She commands that all people have respect for the power of nature--both its abundant gifts and its destructive tendencies. Druids and farmers commonly worship her.
  • Leviathan is the serpent god of water and the sea. His alignment is Neutral. He is sometimes referred to as "King of the Summoned Monsters." He is sometimes worshipped by sailors and fishermen.
  • Shamaya is the goddess of order. Her alignment is Lawful Good.
  • Nikumu is the god of hatred. His alignment is Evil. He is empowered by sadism, bigotry, and intolerance. Most of his followers are drow.
  • Odin is the Baronian god of war and death. His alignment is Neutral. He is empowered by conquest and battle. Most of his followers are soldiers, nobles, and warlords.
  • Dammara is the god of revelry and thievery. His alignment is Neutral. His commandments are few, but most of his followers believe strongly in the principle of "finders keepers." He is worshipped primarily by bards, pickpockets, and tricksters.

There also exist four elemental lords--air, water, fire, and earth--that occasionally draw worshippers. All of them are Neutral. Most of the worshippers of the elemental lords on Igala and Ka'thalar are druids, but their worship is more widespread in Prandia.