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Gaera Main


An incomplete world map of Gaera Main. Continents are thus: Argovia (teal, both shades); Chuushima (green); Hastel (brown); Igala (blue); Ka'thalar (purple); Prandia (red); Thelehassa (orange). The bright cyan is water; the less saturated cyan is "set" water, or water which cannot support new, large landmasses due to plot reasons. There is some flexibility.

Gaera--originally named by poster KingOfDoma--is the name of the custom RP world of RPGWW. There are multiple timelines in which we roleplay, but by far that most used is the original, referred to as "Gaera Main."

The year in Gaera Main is currently 1320, or a date numbering 690 before today's year (you know, in "real life"). Gaera's time progresses roughly the same as does ours, although liberties can be taken for the sake of a fun game.

This Guide...

The original Gaera Guide was an attempt to compile info about Gaera in one reference source so that "RPers can consult [the] guide when making characters, RPs, or even new information about Gaera, without contradicting previously established information." It was also a way to record who contributed what, for the sake of future interest and reference, and to not lose nifty stuff.

Moving the information to Wiki makes adding and correcting information much easier and more accessible to RPGWW at large.

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