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This article is a list of artifacts in the RP world of Gaera. An artifact is defined as a powerful magical item that usually cannot be duplicated either because of the difficulty involved or the fact that the secrets of the process have been lost.


"Good" Artifacts

  • The Seeds of Balance -- A string of pearl-like beads on a silk cord that can be worn as a necklace. Crafted by the goddess Shamayu, the necklace provides protection to the wearer as long as they behave in an "orderly" fashion. Disorderly conduct is punished by a swift jolt of retributive lightning. Lost in the destruction of the Nikumian artifacts.
  • The Weave of Balance -- A snow-white cloak fashioned from silk-like fibers by the goddess Shamayu. When worn, it amplifies the casting of "orderly" elemental spells from the water, holy, and earth schools and protects the wearer from attacks by the "disorderly" elements of fire, air, and shadow. Lost in the destruction of the Nikumian artifacts.
  • Order's Edge -- Wielded at one point by the Archangel Christopher, this blade was forged by Shamayu to combat the forces of darkness. Its power to inflict grievous wounds on the guilty is unmatched, and it grants its wielder incredible supernatural strength, accuracy, and parrying ability. Lost in the destruction of the Nikumian artifacts.

Unaligned Artifacts

  • The Codex of Infinite Wisdom -- This enormous and heavy leather-bound tome radiates an eerie astral light. When opened, the Codex will respond to direct questions, search its boundless pool of knowledge, and retrieve the answer for the questioner. The book is in fact a very powerful divination device capable of finding the answer to almost any query; it is usually too large to contain itself within the boundaries of one plane and extends laterally into several parallel planes of existence. It has been theorized that there somewhere exists a plane solely dedicated to holding a "paper" copy of the contents of the Codex. Despite all of its apparent power, the Codex has several disadvantages. It is sentient and has a strange sense of humor, answering questions at its own whim, and those without strong wills often find themselves rebuffed harshly as the book is capable of casting spells spontaneously. Probing the secrets of the universe with the Codex is often more harmful than beneficial, as the book can severely injure or kill the overly inquisitive with its power, and the probability of it doing so seems to increase with the rarity of the knowledge sought. The Codex was briefly held in the vaults at Gunnir Academy, but it seems to have disappeared of its own accord.
  • The Aura Mask -- This mask, when worn, granted the wearer extraordinary protection from all forms of magic. It was previously owned by the demon lord Belial, but it was shattered in the conflict that led to his initial demise. The only known remaining shard of it is currently in possession of Idran Casmosis, and it seems to hold a small amount of the power the mask once possessed.
  • The Grumbling Doom -- An ancient intelligent weapon which claims to be the chosen weapon of the god of war. The Grumbling Doom will take on the form of whatever weapon its wielder regards as the perfect weapon, but is a difficult weapon to tolerate. As its name implies, the Grumbling Doom will gripe about any subject that comes to mind, first and foremost its wielder, who invariably isn't using it for anything worthy of its powers. It has had many wielders, few of whom have been able to put up with it for very long. It was last seen in the possession of Kyra Hyral, in the form of a staff.
  • Maru -- An intelligent katana forged several centuries ago in Japan, Maru holds to a strict honour code, and expects its wielders to adhere to that code. Any who do not will find themselves dominated, unless they are very strong willed. It can also guide its wielder's actions in a fight, allowing even untrained people to use it effectively. Maru has had many wielders over the years, most recently Aliester and then Enlil Purvis.
  • The Circlet of Chieftains -- A headpiece capable of banishing spirits.
  • Ragnarok -- A black-bladed longsword covered in divine symbols, this weapon originates from the planet Terra. Created by the god of warfare, Jaterr, during the first conflict with the Fallen God, Astaroth, this weapon has passed from wielder to wielder since the founding of Terran civilization. When swung, this weapon synchronizes with its wielder's aura and creates a small burst of energy that matches it. It also appears to grow sharper in times of great crisis. Thus, depending on the wielder, the weapon could range from being as dull and useless as a butterknife to a weapon fit for a deity. The sword found its way into the hands of Alexander Baseton, who was killed in action while using it. This death led his younger brother Will into a fanatical search for it many years later. The sword has also proven to be minorly sentient, to the degree that it will only allow itself to be used by a wielder it deems worthy of its respect. Currently, the sword has integrated itself completely into the metal that makes up Will's body, and cannot be removed or destroyed by any normal means.

"Evil" Artifacts

  • Nikumu's Crest -- A shield-shaped crest that can be transformed into a suit of armor on command. The armor is jet black and fits the wearer like a second skin, and its high durability allows the wearer to shrug off a wide variety of attacks with relatively little damage. Despite its strength, the armor is not impenetrable, only highly protective. Destroyed by Hakaril, Aya, Will Baseton, and Kerov Altec.
  • Nikumu's Lens -- Forged from a glass-like material, this circular lens refracts light in an unusual manner. Close observation reveals the appearance of moving shapes deep within the glass. The lens acts as a focus for spellcasting; spells cast through the lens are amplified, but they are empowered at the cost of the user's life force. Repeated usage of the lens would eventually turn a spellcaster into an incorporeal wraith. Destroyed by Hakaril, Aya, Will, and Kerov.
  • The Staff of Unrelenting Anger -- A black staff that appears to be made of an ivory-like material, this artifact is adorned with the symbol of Nikumu at the tip. It acts as a focus for the wielder's anger, channeling hate and other negative emotions in the form of blasts of destructive energy. When wielded by the wearer of Nikumu's Crest and fired through Nikumu's Lens, the effect of the staff is multiplied exponentially, allowing a sufficiently agitated wielder to level cities with relatively little effort. Destroyed by Hakaril, Aya, Will, and Kerov.