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HAY. It's me after I beat up everyone on the MARTA so I could have the car to myself. (Except that guy in the back, he was cool).


User pdRydia has been with RPGWW since before it was an RPing community, and even before it was a comic! She's old! She joined in early May 2001, coincidentally on the same day as glu-glu, back when he still posted under the screenname glu-glu. She remembers her posting being predated by both the poster formerly known as SuperRube as well as ChristianC.

She went through many account names, including the original Rydia which was to be tragically cannibalized by the old UBB Keenspace RPGWorld comic forum. There was also Empress Rydia, a spam account, and Rydia-chan, which came with the requisite broken Japanese and cat-ear emoticons. However, when RPGWW switched over to ezBoard in April of 2002, she settled on the mostly-permanent account of pdRydia.


Whilst the origins of Rydia are largely clear to RPG veterans, it is not known what the 'pd' indicates. It has long been rumored that it may represent the phrase 'poodle doodle', whilst others insist it stands for the less incriminating 'psionic demon'.

The Woman Behind the Screenname?

Kate is not amused.

Dia, who can cook a mean stirfry, always keeps fresh garlic in her kitchen. She has a cat, named Kate, who does not like you. Please do not confuse her cat, Kate, with poster ladydragonclaws. In 2006's month of May, Dia's last name became the penultimate of awesome.

Contrary to popular belief, Our Dia does not actually eat very much corn.

RP Characters

Holy shit, RP characters!