Tassi Wells

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Tassi Wells
Tassi brown lines.jpg
(rp world)
Tassi Abigail Wells
(Gaera Main)
(birthplace) Baron
current residence Doma
occupation Healer. "Doman Guardsman, First Class, and Special Envoy to The Monarch."
family Elizabeth Wells (mother), Jonathan Wells (father)
race Human
physical description Tassi is about 5'4".
typical clothing Tassi wears a lot of muted colors. She also wears a shirt made of feathers. It's noticeable. Kind of a sleeveless corset-style thing minus all the bondage implications.
personality By nature Tassi is a compassionate and nurturing woman, but her nonviolent lifestyle doesn't mean that Tassi isn't assertive. She's been known to give one hell of a lecture (including full-on Baronian mommy voice) when she feels someone is being stupid or overly insulting. She gives most people the benefit of the doubt, provided they aren't demons or undead. Demons can prove they're good people with relative ease, but sentient undead have a harder time of it. Tassi hates them. Her friendship with Jazz Tymisonn is bizarre even to Tassi.
religious beliefs Tassi is a devout follower of Ishtar, and believes that the purpose of her life revolves around the service of her goddess.
drunk type Less uptight. More talkative.
other She had a badger named Pele. A Portuguese-speaking duck named Vasquez named him. Pele has since left her to do badgery things in nature.
Tassi is now a guardsman, with the stipulation that while she isn't high enough to pull rank on other guardsman, they can't pull rank on her either. She answers only to the king, mainly so that she is not subordinate to Hakaril Silvar.


The last bit of this is pasted right from her backstory, for the record.

Tassi was born in Riva. She was raised there, married, and had a son there. Then she, her husband, and possibly her son died in an epidemic. Ishtar reincarnated her with a few provisos, a few addendas, couple of quid pro quos. In her next life, Tassi would remember some of her previous existence. No names, no faces, no specific geography, nothing. No way to trace her previous existence. Just enough of a memory to prove it happened. She was born with an adult mind, and therefore remembers things like her own birth. She began to speak as soon as her body developed enough to allow it, and when she did it was in a Rivan accent, much to the alarm of her Baronian parents.

In return, Tassi would work for Ishtar. The reason for Tassi's reincarnation is quite literally her reason for living. Tassi will tend the people around her as best she can, healing them and purifying the world of creatures such as undead. In return, Tassi is forbidden to kill and living, sentient, being. To do so would mean the loss of the gifts Ishtar has given her. Not least of which being her powers and potentially her life. This particular caveat is a nodd to Reshtaha for giving his consent.

She travelled a lot during the course of her training, even stopping in Riva to try and reclaim some of the pieces of her old life. It didn't work out, and she moved on.

She ended up in Doma, but didn't stay long before an adventure flew headlong into her life. A Celestial friend of hers informed her that an army of Celestial warriors was being deployed to Ka'thalar to spearhead an assault on the base of operations of a necromancer named Elaith Thenswick. Tassi could hardly sneak into the ranks of a Celestial army, but human mages were also being sent under the command of General Hakaril Silvar. Certain that the presence of one more healer wouldn't be a problem, especially since she wasn't asking to be placed on the royal payroll, Tassi became an informal member of a company under Silvar's command.

She kept a low profile as long as she could, not wanting to be a burden to the people she was trying to help. She went with them to Ka'thalar, and when it came time to hold off an army of animated undead, Tassi did everything she could to help. Very rapidly the soldiers learned to keep close to her. She was more than willing to heal anyone she could, and her holy magic helped the fighters cut their way through the ranks of undead.

Many of the people who fought by her side never left Ka'thalar, but in the end Thenswick was defeated through the combined efforts of Doman soldiers and mages, Celestials, drow reinforcements, and adventurers. Tassi returned with the Domans, but wasn't quite so wary of the military authorities now that the operation had concluded. She never spoke with them, but a couple of them caught her eye. A man named Darin Prentiss spent so much time alone that she was occasionally tempted to approach him. She always decided against it, and merely accompanied the group back to Doma.

Tassi still lives in Doma, sleeping in the temple where she works. She's beginning to see the attraction of the city and why people who come to Doma tend to stay. Tassi made many friends in Doma proper, including a talking duck named Vasquez. Perhaps the most odd acquaintance Tassi has made is a vampire named Jazz Tymisonn. Initially there was nothing but veiled hostility between the two women, but Tassi found herself suprised to enjoy the woman's company. Never in her life did Tassi ever imagine she would be concerned for the safety of any undead.

Tassi's closest relationship is with Darin. She eventually did find an excuse to talk to him, largely due to the misbehavior of her pet badger, Pele. The two found a great deal of common ground and struck up a friendship that quickly turned romantic in nature. The two are still together, even after months of "encouragement" by Darin's good friend Hakaril. Hakaril's support is not always welcome, but Tassi and Darin will probably be just fine nonetheless.


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Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Tassi (Kai) Level: 3 XP: 450/1500
Max HP: 82/82 Max MP: 126/126 Max TP: 39/39
Initiative: 1+ 2d6


Courage: +3
Wisdom: +5
Intuition: +5
Charisma: +3
Dexterity: +0
Strength: +0
Stamina: +3
Magic Aptitude: 6

Base AT/PA - 8/8
Modified for armor - 8/8

Body=Shielded Robe (AC 7)
Base MATK - 16
Base MDEF - 21
Missile Evasion - 15


alchemy - 4
drawing - 2
sewing - 5
astral magic - 1
healing magic - 8
holy magic - 8
shadow magic - 3
[k]humanoid anatomy - 5
[k]nature - 4
[k]religion - 8
[k]undead - 4
[s]animal affinity - 4
[s]applied magical theory - 4
[s]baking - 2
[s]cooking - 2
[s]drinking - 4
[s]pain resistance - 8 (Sta=2; Reduces penalties for injury by rank/2, Character remains conscious up to -rank HP)

Spells and Techs

    • [Innate]Not Angry...Just Disappointed (2 TP) - Partly as a result of being a sixty-something woman trapped in a younger body, and partly due to a stern Baronian heritage, Tassi just has that "mom" look about her sometimes. It gives her the ability to make an intimidation check (cou/cou/str) at a +5 bonus. In combat, they take a -2 to all rolls as long as she's around.
    • [Heal=1]Cure (7 MP) - Heals one target, restoring 8+rank*2+1d6 HP. Some targets may be damaged for the same amount instead (undead, for example) and some may not be affected at all (powerful shadow-based creatures).
    • [Heal=1]Purify (5 MP) - Cures poisoning. The maximum amount of levels of poison that this can cure is equal to Healing Rank/2, with a minimum of 1.
    • [Heal=1]Ease Pain (8 MP) This is a pain relief spell that temporarily eliminates all sensation distal from Tassi's hands. For example, if she puts her hands on a man's shoulder, his arm down to his fingers will be affected.
    • [Heal=1, Astral=1]Astral Purify (5 MP) - Cures astral drain. The maximum amount of levels of astral drain that this can cure is equal to Healing Rank/2, with a minimum of 1.
    • [Heal=2]Cure Minor Disease (10 MP) Eliminates everyday diseases such as cold, the flu, or minor infections. It does not treat major conditions like cancer or heart problems.
    • [Heal=2]Restore Vision (6 MP) - Cures blindness to those who have been made blind by magical effects or spells. Does not cure blindness caused by injuries or other causes (this cannot restore sight to one who is missing their eyes, for example).
    • [Heal=3]Calm Mind (7 MP) - Cures berserked condition and may also cure confusion.
    • [Heal=4]Release Body (10 MP) - Cures paralysis caused by magical effects or spells. Does not cure paralysis caused by wounds or injuries, such as having one's back broken.
    • [Heal=4]Cure 2 (18 MP) - Heals one target, restoring 15+rank*4+2d6 HP. Some targets may be damaged for the same amount instead (undead, for example) and some may not be affected at all (powerful shadow-based creatures).
    • [Heal=4]Revive (30 MP, 4 TP) - Revives an unconscious ally to 10% of their total HP (round up). The target suffers no disorientation penalty (besides some penalties for burdening injuries such as crushed bones) and can take actions right away (as in, their next turn in the normal initiative order).
    • [Heal=4]Persistent Healing (15 MP) Cures target of 5+rank*2+1d6 HP every round for six rounds.
    • [Heal=4]Minor Regeneration (20 MP) Regrows a small missing part such as a finger or an ear. Parts such as arms or legs can only be reattached with this spell if Tassi has the arm or leg to put it back.
    • [Heal=5]Release Tongue (10 MP) - Cures the "muted" condition, so long as it was caused by a magical effect or spell. This spell cannot allow, for example, a person without a tongue to speak.
    • [Heal=6]Panacea (14 MP) - Heals 5+rank*2+1d6 HP andCures berserk, confusion, magically induced paralysis and blindness, and cures up to 3 levels of poison. If the user has at least 4 ranks of Astral Magic, this also cures up to 3 levels of astral drain.
    • [Holy=1]Consecrate (18 MP) - Make a piece of land (100 ft sq.) imbued with Holy energy for (rank*5) days. The enchanted area has all the effects of a piece of truly holy land until the spell wears off. It cannot be cast on an area enchanted with Desecrate unless the caster is at least 3 ranks higher than the caster of Desecrate. All undead and unholy creatures cannot pass through this area of land, and neither can other creatures of shadow, such as demons. Should they wish to do so, they must make a COU*3+d20 check vs. the caster's spellcasting check. If they succeed, they may pass through the area, but they suffer 100 points of damage as a result.
    • [Holy=1]Beam (6 MP) - Deals 6+rank*2+1d6 holy damage to a single target.
    • [Holy=4]Beam 2 (15 MP) - Deals 14+rank*4+2d6 holy damage to a single target.
    • [Holy=4]Radiance (28 MP) - Deals 10+rank*2+1d6 holy damage to all targets within a 10 foot radius of the caster's target.
    • [Holy=5]Expel Undead (10 MP) - Deals 20+rank*8+3d6 points of damage to an undead creature. Some stronger undead creatures may resist this entirely.
    • [Holy=8]Radiance 2 (56 MP) - Deals 16+rank*4+2d6 points of holy damage to all unfriendly targets within a 20 foot radius of the target.
    • [Shadow=1]Detect Corpse (6 MP) -Tassi finds dead people. Or what's left of them at least. This spell can be cast as a free action--it also locates bodies or remains buried up to 10 feet below normal dirt or clay, but its effect may be blocked by some mineral deposits or other interfering objects.
    • [Shadow=1]Preservation (14 MP) - Preserves the remains of a living creature for a number of days equal to rank/2. The spell can be recast at the termination of the duration to continue the effect if desired.
    • [Shadow=2]Deathwatch (5 MP) - Tassi can discern how close to death the people around her presently are. She cannot see hit point totals, so it's closer to an HP bar than the RPG HP-o-meter. It gives her a very good idea.
    • [M-Theory=4]Charge Spell (5 TP) - Empowers a spell for a turn, doubling end total damage/points healed.
    • [mag. theory=4, shadow=2, heal=1]Shadow Healing (6 TP) To heal shadow-aligned creatures (such as undead and some demons), Tassi can align her spells with shadow energy instead of holy energy, provided the rank of the healing spell does not exceed her shadow magic rank.
    • [Holy=1, [k]undead=4]Disrupt Undead (2 TP) Spells that damage undead can behave as though empowered with this tech.
    • [mag. theory=4, holy magic=4]Sanctuary (rank*5 TP) Tassi can tie an extra effect to a consecrated area. This effect lasts as long as the consecration.