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The new Ash.

Kai was brought to RPGWW by Archmage. She lurked for about a month before posting anything, and for a month or two after that nobody still knew who she was. The idea was to be Kai and not Archmage's girlfriend. As a result of Kai's onetime secret identity, there have been people who only recently realized the most basic facts about her. It was apparently unclear to some (for nearly a year) that Kai is even female.

Kai keeps lots of RP logs. She tries very hard to get them all and to keep them in accessible locations for the benefit of posterity and her own love of reading old RPs.

She played in chat RPs a good deal at first, but has since moved on to board RPs as her current obsession. In her spare time, she also completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology with a minor in comparative religion.

CGNakibe: Everyone knows that GMs are fed daily a mix of Kefka Flakes and Flesh of the Innocent. >:{{
Lithaladhwen: Well, yes. But we excrete EXP.