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Archmage recently ran a D&D campaign set in Gaera, using the above guidelines. Other GMs are free to use D&D 3.5e with different character levels and wealth totals. Archmage has been quoted as saying that in retrospect a slightly lower character level and wealth level might have some advantages.


Archmage ran a short-lived GURPS campaign that took place on Ka'thalar and (much) later attempted a second GURPS campaign that was going to wind up ultimately taking place in Valth. Another GURPS campaign was attempted at some point by Squintz, set in Second Gen, but it was fairly short-lived. In early 2007 he began a GURPS RP in a custom setting called Gaera-2 which is currently on-going.

It was briefly suggested that GURPS be the official system for the Dark Future cyberpunk RP setting.


Risus is a fairly simple system consisting of minimal stats and die rolls--good for spontaneous games or just someone who's looking for a light system. A basic character sheet is composed of a character description and a set of clichés; at GM's descretion, a hook and tale may also be added. See the Risus site for more information.

MechanistoX ran an RP using this system at the RP Bootcamp to test his GMing skills. The RPers were Kelne, pdRydia, Uncle Pervy, and for a limited time TheGreatNeverah. The RP archive and the OOC thread were wiped out by The Great ezFluke of June 2005 and never restored--however, the RP was continued over at the main board, after being greatly enjoyed by all.

The Window

The Window was introduced as an alternative to chatsys's d6-fits-all. An adjusted form of the Window was popularly used in RPGWW chats.

In the system proper, there are traits (strength, agility, health, knowledge, perception) and skills. To each of these you assign one of the following competencies: incredible (d4), very high (d6), high (d8), above average (d10), average (d12), below average (d20), low (d30). For most tasks, rolling a 6 or below is a success; the GM may decide that certain tasks are more or less difficult and adjust that value accordingly. Rolling extraordinarily low is a fantastic success, while extraordinarily high is a fantastic failure.

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