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Originally posited by Elementalist Daien, this setting takes place 20 years ahead of Gaera Main. It is not a straight continuum, naturally, so as to give RPers freedom in both timelines.


Malachian War Canon: Second Gen

The role of the war differs from its role in Gaera Main/1st Gen "canon" in that it is thought of as a footnote in history. This is a little bit like saying that World War II is a "footnote" in history; it is remembered, but not strongly felt by most people in the present day.

The Jade Dragon Restaurant

In this setting, Nekonia City hosts the Jade Dragon Restaurant, which has been re-established by a staff of goblins, nekojin, and inujin. Robert is often seen here, whilst the Jade Dragon is now kept by Pink and a new goblin meangerie. Dia has retired to Riva.


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