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The classroom was bustling. "You know, a tiny butterfly could flap its wings and destroy Tokyo with a tornado, and then what happens to the world?" One of the many troopers leaned back in his seat, hypothesizing.

"Well, what if the dinosaurs never died out?" Another pointed out.

The Colonel smiled to himself at this. The United States of Lizardia, though not well known, played this scenario out to its end, but his troops were still far too green to learn about that reality. In any case, he had let them talk amongst themselves for far too long. "Attention!" he shouted. The Colonel was pleased with how fast all the troops snapped to attention, though much of it was probably enthusiasm wasted on the youth.

"Now, men (and ladies, he forgot to add), we've discussed some of the more esoteric and strange worlds, like Ezcali, where the Aztecs survived and conquered America, or Roma Aeterna, where the Roman Empire never fell, but it's time that we moved beyond the whimsical, yet still somewhat explainable, and into the realm of the plain weird."

"Sir, just how weird are you talking about?" One particularly eager trooper shouted out.

The Colonel smiled. "Well, for example, for the better part of a decade in Washington-2, all of England was ruled by a dog. I'm talking weirder than that."

An audible murmur spread through the room, despite their military training. Still, the Colonel continued on. "Stuff of legend. Stuff like psis, and magic."

"Sir, no disrespect, but that is pure bullshit." Another trooper said.

"I'll forgive you, cadet, since this is new to you, but only because of that." The Colonel was grim. "Magic exists, but not here on Homeline, or many parallels, for that matter. But I want to get beyond that. Magic, while strange, isn't the only thing that's weird about some parallels. Today I'm going to talk about one parallel in particular, the world of Gaera-2."

"What about Gaera-1, sir?"

"Gaera-1 is a hell parallel. We're not exactly sure what happened on it, but what we do know is that it's completely uninhabitable. Clouds of toxic gas cover the entire world. Gaera-2 is similar in land mass and some of the ruins match. We believe that Gaera-2 may be an echo of Gaera-1, but this is irrelevant at this time."

With that, the Colonel took a deep breath, and began his story.


map of G2
The world is divided into several countries. These countries are Doma, Nagra, Ciet, Terrokar, the Outlands, Thrace Major and Thrace Minor.

Doma is the most powerful nation, militarily speaking. While there aren't currently any wars, many have been reconsidered, just in the face of Doma's military superiority. Doma hungrily eyes Nagra, but an invasion would be a political nightmare, and thus is unlikely. The most population dense part of Doma is along the Varrok river, which is also where the capital, Doma City can be found. Doma is ruled by a king and a parliament, though in recent years, the parliament has gained much more powers than before. There are a few small towns further up north, until the glaciers, that's when civilization stops.

Nagra is the cultural center of the entire world, most famous for its Gunnir Academy, which has produced the greatest minds G2 has ever known. Many farms dot the landscape in the south and immediate north of the Varrock river, but much like Doma, its sister nation, that ends at the glaciers. The capital of Nagra is the port city of Kohlingen, which is found at the spot where the Varrock river meets the Great Sea. Artists and thinkers heavily populate the city. The natives of Nagra are peaceful, which is why an invasion would be seen as too cruel.

The desert nation of Ciet is a barren wasteland, and would probably be deserted if not for the rich mineral resources the Shuman mountains in the northern parts of the nation. As such, most of the population of Ciet lives in the mountains, or the few livable portions in the west and south. The Haunted Woods, in the southwest, is abandoned more on principle than anything else. The capital of Ciet is Baron Castle, though few actually live there. While Ciet has made a select few rich, the rest of its people are miserable, staying in their land more out of spite than anything else.

Terrok forest, to the east of the Ciet desert, is home to the nation of Terrokar. Terrokar is more a collection of cities than an actual nation. While the area is very nice, and a few settlers have made the city of Shattrah, the rest of the nation is very isolationist, and as such, is left alone. The sylvan races live in the forest, though few ever see them and thus ignore them. The city of Shattrah has declared itself the capital of Terrokar, but it has little to no sway over the rest of the villages.

If Terrokar is a collection of villages, then the barbarian Outlands are pure chaos. Protected from all exploration by the World's Edge mountains, the Outlands were almost unexplored until the invention of air travel. Since then, the barbarians have quickly tried to catch up with the rest of the world and become "civilized," but they still cling to old traditions such as hunting and gathering. There is no capital per se, nor are there villages. The people that live in this nation are nomads, though they are slowly starting to consolidate into what looks like an impressive force.

Thrace is where the scholars of Gunnir go to practice their craft. The former colony of Doma split from its parent country over 20 years ago, and after a small conflict, managed to retain it. Thrace's saving grace is its burgeoning technology trade, which supplies the newest inventions to the rest of the world. Their greatest invention remains the Airship, which was named the Zeppelin after the capital city of Thrace, Zepp. Zepp is located on the largest of the island chain, with the seven other islands holding up their own areas of research. The eighth island of Thrace, Thrace Minor, recently declared its independence.

Thrace Minor is a small island that declared independence from Thrace. Thrace proper is worried this will cause the other islands to split and form their own nations, so it's desperately trying to find a way to regain control of its former territory. Other than that, the rest of the world doesn't care about the small country, seeing as they haven't actually done anything yet.



The basic stock for G2 is Human. There are no nekojin, no inujin, basically anything that is -jin doesn't exist. Elves and some fae races DO exist, but for the most part, they keep to themselves and never enter society. Any that do need th Social Stigma disadvantage, the Unusual Background advantage, and a good excuse.


TL is roughly similar to Gaera, with the exception of air travel, which is much more prevalent. That places most of the world at around TL4, with Thrace starting to creep towards 5. Guns are available, while clunky and mostly musket style.

The Zeppelin is the most common form of travel, each major city has at least one Zeppelin port. It's affordable, so almost anyone can take one. The skies have zeppelin "highways," where many of the ships fly. Sea travel also exists, mainly from Kohlingen to Thrace.


G2 is a land without magic. If and when you create characters, they CAN have Magery and knacks, but since magic doesn't exist, they can't use these skills, nor can they train in new ones. Any inherently magical advantages and disadvantages are not really allowed, though I will allow some on a case by case basis. Weirdness Magnet is allowed, mainly 'cause I love that disadvantage to death. Magery and magical knacks ARE allowed, but keep in mind that G2 is a no mana world and thus you can't use or study in them to improve, nor can you know spells that aren't knacks.


While most of society is beginning to become literate, not everyone is yet, and thus it's likely, but not a complete given that your character is literate.


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