Myrnal Shalienza

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Myrnal Shalienza
Myrnalsig large.jpg
(rp world)
Myrnal Shalienza (mer-NAHL shal-YEN-za)
(Gaera Main)
Approx. Autumn Equinox, 1296 (8 Luciara 1296)
Longmeadow, Doma.
current residence Vermilis, Doma
occupation Mercenary
family Kerran Shalienza (grandfather), Yanna Shalienza (grandmother), Anira Gellentara(mother, deceased), Danis Gellentara (brother, deceased)
race Human
physical description Myrnal is about 5'3". She has brown eyes and shoulder-length curly brown hair. She has imprinted on her chest the symbol of Kazeros, which is a silver equal-armed cross/compass rose. She's not wiry, but being a dancer she's always had more of a lithe figure than a muscular one.
typical clothing By this point dresses all in black in her default Nekonian gi.She wears red boots and occasionally red gloves. She has a belt with anywhere between half a dozen and a dozen knives on it depending on how stabby she's feeling.
personality Generally rather unfriendly and reserved, it's often necessary to ignore just about everything Myrnal says. Her actions are a much better judge of her character. She's been known to do things like hand her friends healing potions and insult them at the same time.
religious beliefs She swears by Dammara, but is marked by (and secretly follows) Kazeros. She funds a small temple in his honor anonymously so as not to ruin her (perceived) reputation as a heartless bitch.
drunk type Melancholy.


For the sake of saving space up here... I will simply link to her backstory and the journal she kept during Brian's D&D campaign, Dark Obsessions. It's too long to fit here and it never comes up anyway. See the Fic section of her bio if you really want to read it.

Short summary? Fine.

Myrnal has lived with the Shalienzas since she was about ten years old. She picked up her knife-collecting ways from Kerran, who was glad to have someone around who also appreciated the pointier things in life.

When she was nineteen, she decided that it was time to figure out what she was going to do with her life, or at least leave Vermilis for a while. She headed to Doma with her grandparents' blessing and hung around in taverns for a while wondering what she was supposed to do with herself as an adult.

She was soon afterward picked up for some mercenary work by Hakaril Silvar along with Corrigan Heavensent and a man named Rildyn. The mission snowballed into a fight against a necromancer named Elaith Thenswick, in which they were joined by a warrior cleric of Kazeros named Ardam Elmine. She found that she had a talent for mercenary work, or at least she found the work fulfilling.

During the course of the job, she was forced to kill Corrigan Heavensent, as the Codex of Infinite Wisdom drove him insane to the point that he tried to kill everyone else in the party.

There are several aspects of this job that Myrnal will generally refuse to discuss. One is her friendship with Ardam Elmine. He left to pursue his mission alone for a while, during which period Myrnal worried about him constantly. The party received a note from Sakhiel that Ardam was dead. Myrnal does not actually remember whole spans of time after that. Her behavior became increasingly mor violent and erratic until Ardam's return brought some relief to the party.

Sakhiel, however, was not so easily forgiven. The next time she fought him was after Ardam's return. The battle took place around a secluded altar to Nikumu, the god of hate. The sight of Sakhiel, or more precisely the chance to kill him, drove Myrnal over the edge and the battle came to an end when Myrnal burned him on the altar. Nikumu manifested and offered her power in exchange for her service. She refused, and after repeated contacts from Nikumu Myrnal left the party for the sake of their safety.

When she returned, the party encountered her in Elaith's base. They made some minor small talk before it became very obvious that Myrnal was no longer in control of her own actions. Nikumu had taken an opportunity to secure her services by threatening Ardam's wellbeing. Unfortunately, her first action in the battle was to kill Ardam himself.

Rildyn polymorphed her into a rabbit to avoid killing her, and Yadali babysat her for the remainder of the mission. Ardam was resurrected in short order by Richter Yates in time for the final battle with Elaith. After the battle, Kazeros himself dispelled Myrnal's animal form, and cleared away the mark of Nikumu that she'd been branded with after her possession. He replaced it with his own mark as a sign of his blessing.

Ardam, Kazeros, and pretty much anyone else that counts has acknowledged that Myrnal's actions (in particular Ardam's murder) were at least eventually, forgiveable... but this is something that she herself has not quite absorbed. If she ever does, it won't be anytime soon.


More Myrnal than you ever thought possible.


Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Myrnal Shalienza (Kai) Level 5; 2000/2500 XP
Max HP: 89/89; Max TP: 36/36
Initiative: 7.5+2d6


Courage: +3
Wisdom: +2
Intuition: +3
Charisma: +2
Agility: +6
Dexterity: +7
Strength: +0
Stamina: +2
Magic Aptitude: 0

Base AT/PA: 19/19

Modified for armor: 19/18
Modified for skill: 23/20
Missile evasion: 25+d20
MDEF: 19
Body=mithril chain shirt (AC 10, 0/-1)
feet= boots of sneaking (+4 stealth rolls)
Misc=ring of protection (AC 4, stacks with body armor)

Weapon Damage: Enchanted Returning Heavy Dagger of Shock (7/10/13 +1d6 electrical, +3/+1)
Light: 13+ 1d6+ 1d6 electrical
Medium: 16 + 2d6+ 1d6 electrical
Heavy: 19 + 3d6+ 1d6 electrical
AT/PA - 27/20

Accuracy - 23 (returns when thrown) Damage - 10 + 1d4 + 1d6 electrical

Weapon Damage: Enchanted Keen Valthi Knife (7/10/13, +2/+0, crits on 14)
Light: 13+ 1d6
Medium: 16 + 2d6
Heavy: 19 + 3d6
AT/PA - 26/19

Weapon Damage: Nekogami's Claw Expanding Katar (7/10/13, +2/+2, multiplies critical hit damage by 1.5)
Light - 10 + 1d6
Medium - 13 + 2d6
Heavy - 16 + 3d6
AT/PA - 26/21

Weapon Damage: Light Crossbow Accuracy - 22 Damage - 22+2d4


weapon (dagger) - 7
[s]Chink Detection - 2
Throwing Weapons (knives) - 4
Crossbow - 2
Two Weapon fighting - 7
Nekonian Ninjutsu - 10
Lock Picking - 4
[s] Stealth - 10
[k] Traps - 2
Disable Device - 2
Perform (dance) - 2


    • [Chink Detection=1]Penetrate Armor (2 TP) - Using this skill, it is possible to find a weak point in a humanoid target's armor. On a successful attack, make a second AT vs. PA check (including PA roll, if the defender had one in the first place). Add rank to the attacker's AT as a bonus. If the attacker hits with this attack, the defender's armor class is totally ignored.
    • [Dagger=2]Precise Striking (2 TP) - Uses DEX to determine weapon damage bonuses instead of STR and eliminates all penalties to hit other than those caused by magical debuffs for one round. Heavy attacks are impossible when using Precise Striking.
    • [Dagger=4]Eloquent Striking (2 TP) - Adds DEX to AT a second time for one round.
    • [Dagger=6]Rapid Striking (3 TP) - Allows one additional attack (of any type) this round.
    • [Ninjutsu=2]Sneak Attack (3 TP) - Takes advantage of an opponent's inability to defend themself to deliver an incredible deathblow melee attack. This ability can only be used against an opponent that is either denied a PA roll or that is unaware of Myrnal's presence (because she is invisible or hiding, for instance). Adds DEX to AT a second time and uses DEX to determine weapon damage instead of STR for one round--and can be stacked with any other weapon techs. If used with Precise Striking, double the damage bonus contributed by her DEX. Only one of Myrnal's attacks each round is granted these bonuses unless she pays additional TP for further attacks. Only creatures with discernable anatomies can be sneak attacked (not machines, golems, oozes, etc. undead MAY be sneak attackable at GM's discretion).
    • [Ninjutsu=4]Hide in Plain Sight (2 TP) - Through training, a ninja of Nekonia's Order of the Fatal Claw learns to use shadows for cover when there is seemingly no cover available. Within 10 feet of a shadow, Myrnal can attempt to hide from her opponents, effectively becoming invisible unless her opponents succeed an opposed observation check as compared to her stealth skill. This needs to be a large shadow or shadowy area--not the shadow generated by an ally, for example, or own shadow. She can still be seen without any magical assistance if she loses the check, and an opponent may make one check each round to attempt to find her (if he knows she's there in the first place). If spotted by an opponent, Myrnal must pay this ability's TP cost a second time in order to continue to attempt to hide from that foe.
    • [Ninjutsu=5]Fast Sneak (2 TP) - When using this ability, Myrnal can move at full speed and be just as stealthy and silent as if she were creeping along very slowly.
    • [Ninjutsu=6]Silencing Strike (3 TP) - Myrnal can strike with such grace and speed that it can have a supernatural stunning effect, preventing an opponent from speaking for 1d4 rounds. This prevents spellcasting, the shouting of alarms, etc.
    • [Ninjutsu=8]Evasion (3 TP) - As an interrupting action, Myrnal can reroll one PA roll when she would have otherwise been hit by an enemy, or gain a bonus PA roll when she would not otherwise have had one.
    • [Ninjutsu=10]Opportunist (4 TP) - If Myrnal and an ally are both engaged in melee with a single opponent and her ally scores a hit with a melee attack, Myrnal can take advantage of her opponent's distracted state to try to land an attack of her own. She can only use this ability once per round, but it is a free, interrupting action (during the ally's turn) and does not use up one of her attacks or parries for that round. This can be stacked with any weapon skill or sneak attack ability.