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The list at the bottom of the page sorts characters in alphabetical order by first name, and only the ones with finished pages. The list directly below this message sorts them by rank and Order, with the name of the character's RPer.

All new Elemaer characters must first be submitted to Spleen or another Elemaer GM before they can be used in an RP, to make sure everything works in the setting.

Divine Beings

  • Krad, God of Fire (Spleen)
  • Laetha, Goddess of Air (Darkknight)
  • Trixer, God of Water (NPC)
  • Verir, God of Earth (NPC)
  • Alexairea, Goddess of Light (NPC)
  • Su'riik, Exiled God of Darkness (NPC)
  • The Great Demons of Ar'tok (NPC)

Order of Fire

Order of Air

Order of Water

Order of Earth

Order of Light

  • Chosen Gazer Haki Udiye (NPC)

Order of Darkness

  • Death Bringer Tharcys Shiien (NPC)

Non-Associated Characters


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