Rai'm Abrillynn Tymisonn

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Rai'm Abrillynn Tymisonn
( pdrydia )

Rai'm Abrillynn Tymisonn

artwork by pdRydia

name Rai'm Abrillynn Tymisonn
nickname(s) Rees'n
rp world Gaera Main
birthdate 1 Luciara 1291; revived somewhere between 27 of Nekora and the 16 of Tzelara, 1313 (if anyone has the exact date, please let me know!)
birthplace Doma City, Doma
current residence various, Doma City, Doma
family Ak'zhis Tymisonn (father, deceased?; NPC--KingOfDoma), Jenna Tymisonn (maiden name Pinya; mother, deceased; NPC--KingOfDoma), Ak'Zhul (grandfather, deceased; NPC--KingOfDoma), Daenj'r Tymisonn (older brother; RPer--KingOfDoma), Jazz Ann Tymisonn (maiden name Lillyn; sister-in-law; RPer--VampireJesterJinx/Lex), Kodi Rae Tymisonn (nephew; RPer--Nekogami), Jenna Tymisonn II (niece; RPer--Choark), Hakaril Tymisonn (nephew; RPer--KingOfDoma), Ak'zhul Tymisonn (nephew; RPer--VampireJesterJinx/Lex)
race human
physical description 5'6", ~110 lbs; reddish-brown eyes ██, deep-brown skin ██; very thin build, which she tries to hide within her clothes; black hair ██, almost always styled in some manner or another
typical clothing grey shirt ██, faded red jacket ██, black or navy pants ██--all baggy, but the pants are a good several inches too short to trip over; has three sets of earrings, two sets in the cartilage, one set in the lobes; usually hides a number of daggers on her person; will dress up when 'going out,' and might otherwise change shirts or pants, but always wears the same jacket, barring its destruction (in which case, she will buy a duplicate); also--
  • switchblade (pocket)
  • two throwing daggers (hidden in left shoe, right sleeve)
  • mage masher (belt)
personality moody is a good word to keep in mind--manipulative is another; however, generally, Rai'm can be pleasant to get along with, so long as you don't set her off; suspicious, superstitious, curious; generally likes to appear friendly, whether she is or not--though when she isn't, she's apt to drop the act at whim to give a piece of her mind as she likes; as her moods swing, so she bounces between cynicism and idealism, trusting and untrusting, and her old way of lawlessness and her new way as an on and off again worshipper of Mithra.
religious beliefs Originally, Rai'm had no great interest in religion one way or another. Upon rediscovering her brother, Dae, she was distinctly turned off by it. Since the Malachian War, however, she has taken an interest in studying the god of justice, Mithra--particularly the order surrounding him.
drunk type apt to be broody
other Rai'm, having had a moderately successful career on the streets, may be known around Doma City by some of the petty criminal elements. For those who have access to such records, there are no warrants out for Rai'm's arrest; Rai'm, in fact, has had a full, royal pardon for all of the past crimes that she has been caught for; there are no stated reasons for this. The date for this is sometime late in 1312 EP. It should probably be noted that Rai'm was killed by General Arnast in the Malachian War of 1313, was revived by the god Mithra, and was one who helped take Malachias down, along with Ara du Mythril, Hakaril Silvar, and Jak Snide. Bears resemblance to the distant relative to the king, Princess Reese, who made a brief appearance in Doma spanning around late 1311 to early/middle 1312


Rai'm is one of those people who can make herself either extremely pleasant or unpleasant to be around--and can change at the drop of a hat. Within her element, she is outgoing and talkative; not many people, however, see her take off on her own to spend time alone, in introspection. Having grown up on the streets in the capital of Doma as first a street rat and later a more successful thief, she's equipped with a fair bit of knowledge about Doma City: among other things, it's main streets and avenues, and a good deal of the better back routes and alleys; which shops you can buy what types of things at; and increasingly more dated knowledge of its important figures in the crime scene. She arms herself with a switchblade, a motley-glot of magic she has learned from various--only sometimes shady--acquaintances, a little bit of deceit, and all the information she can gather. When all else fails her, she can run like hell.

There is a saying in the Tymisonn family to the effect of 'hero blood' running in the family. Rai'm, now, didn't greatly care for this--she had an older brother, you see, that she looked up to greatly while she was little. Dae was such a great thief and swindler...in his little sister's eyes, anyway. But one day he disappeared, and given her alcoholic father and deceased mother, Rai'm felt greatly betrayed; she basically felt that he brother had left her to fend for herself. She soon left her 'home,' with no small amount of hatred of her father and some amount of fear she would never admit, and continued her own--education, of sorts.

It was in 1312 that she rediscovered her brother. Daenj'r had since become a white mage of Ashura; which came as a great shock to his sister, and further compounded the sense of betrayal she felt. She was quite determined to leave him alone from there on, but as chance would have it, he caught her while she was trying to relieve a drunk mercenary (RPer--Shirinai/Seaniel) of a few of his possessions.

Of a necessity, an alliance promptly formed between the two, but it was uneasy. Even though her brother wanted Rai'm to give up thieving, Rai'm stubbornly refused. Nevertheless, she did begin to sporadically keep in touch with her brother--perhaps partially motivated by a desire to mooch off his temple, before its complete and utter destruction (in which she had a...small part, she would admit). Rai'm now stays in more reliable contact due to her brother's marriage to Jazz Tymisonn and the birth of their three children. She and Dae more or less get along now--when they don't talk for very long. Dae still has an amazing ability to send Rai'm into furies, by trying to control her life, read her thoughts (literally), and generally not respect her as an individual.

Known only to the King and to anyone with whom he may have confided, Rai'm briefly spent time masquerading as Princess Rees'n (Anita Kaela Vivian Domanada) of Doma, at the request of the King; however she gratefully left the castle following the birth of a real heir, Elle. She has spent some time traveling around Doma at the suggestion of a friend, funding traveling expenses with mercenary jobs. Not finding the latter to her liking, but enjoying the former, she has been looking into other ways to raise money for travel.

What, with how her mood is always changing, Rai'm has a hard time settling on a philosophy--the nature of Doma City doesn't really help so much, either. However, recently, she has become quite interested in the Gaeran god of justice, Mithra. It is an understandable interest, given his role in her resurrection in 1313.





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  • Rai'm Tymisonn: Gaera Main native
  • BASIC--human scholar/hobo; born 1 Luciara 1291 (Doma City, Doma); revived 16 Tzelara 1313; current residence Doma City, Doma; magic user
  • OTHER--

Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Rai'm Tymisonn ( pdrydia )
Level 6; 100/4000 XP
Max HP: 124; Max MP: 82; Max TP: 52
Initiative: 7 + 2d6 (9-19)


Courage: +4
Wisdom: +3
Intuition: +3
Charisma: +3
Agility: +3
Dexterity: +5
Strength: +1
Stamina: +4
Magic Aptitude: 3

Base AT/PA: 11/11
Modified for weapon skill: 12/20
Modified for equipment: 13/24

Equipment: body=Jacket (AC 3)

Weapons: mage masher ( 1/ 1, 6/9/11)
(+4 to hit on mages (5 or 6 Mag), and max damage. Also decreases Mattack by 4 for 1d2 rounds. Also has Light of Law, see below)
thrusting: 7+1d6
slashing: 11+2d4
chopping: 14+2d6


Daggers: 12
Mediation: 4
Climbing: 2
Throwing Weapons (non-aerodynamic): 4
[S]Stealth: 4
[S]Limb Defense: 6
Fire Magic: 2
Healing Magic: 7
Holy Magic: 7
Ice Magic: 1
Malediction Magic: 6
Mental Magic: 1
Time Magic: 3

  1. [Innate] Luckout (2 TP): It's a family skill... (contact for table)
  2. [item granted] Light of Law (18 MP) When striking with a slash attack, if the target is a demon, they immediately make a magical resist roll against Rai'm's level. Failure causes the spell to be cast on them, which causes an extra 14 Rai'm's level * 4 2d6 damage. This ability does not activate if the MP cost cannot be met using just MP.
  3. [Mediation=1] Flatter (4 TP): Charm a non-hostile target.
  4. [Mediation=3] Wheedle (2 TP): Ability to find out information from people that otherwise might not be shared.
  5. [Fire=1] Hungry Flame (4 MP): A small ball of fire eats at the enemy: does 6 rank 1d6 damage to one target.
  6. [Fire=2] Human Torch (3 MP): Causes the caster to glow for RANK hours, unless they will the effect to stop beforehand, providing illumination equivalent to the average torch.
  7. [Heal=1] Heal (15 MP): Recovers 10 rank*2 1d6 HP to any target. 2x-4x damage against undead.
  8. [Heal=4] Purge (14 MP): Cures the abnormal statuses of berserk, confusion, magically induced paralysis and blindness, and cures up to 3 levels of poison.
  9. [Heal=4] Revive (30 MP, 4 TP): Revives an unconscious ally to 10% of their total HP (round up). The target suffers no disorientation penalty (besides some penalties for burdening injuries such as crushed bones) and can take actions right away (as in, their next turn in the normal initiative order).
  10. [Holy=2] Holy Blast (8 MP): Rai'm fires off a ball of holy energy to one target, dealing 8 3*rank 1d6 damage.
  11. [Holy=4] Justice (17 MP): Justice hits one enemy with a sword of light that Rai'm creates then fires off, dealing 12 6*rank 2d6 damage.
  12. [Ice=1] IceSpear (4 MP): A small ice shard stabs the enemy: does 6 rank 1d6 damage to one target.
  13. [Malediction=1] Poison (8 MP): If successful Does 5 rank 1d6 damage, and poisons on 50%.
  14. [Malediction=1] Cramp (8 MP): Stuns an opponent for a round. Stunned opponents suffer a -4/-4 penalty and cannot act.
  15. [Malediction=5] Sleep (16 MP): Causes a target to snooze until hit. Sleeping targets are considered totally defenseless (a -10/-10 penalty)
  16. [Mental=1] Telepathy: conversing telepathically with others
  17. [Time=1] Slow (10 MP): an enemy of choice is slowed for 2 RANK turns (max of 5 turns), or a group of enemies is slowed for RANK/2 turns (rounded down)
  18. [Time=2] Haste (10 MP): an ally of choice is hasted for 2 RANK turns (max of 5 turns), or the group is hasted for RANK/2 turns (rounded down)