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artwork of how Doma City might be divided internally, by Nekogami


Doma City is the capital of the Igalan nation Doma.

MUSH description

Doma City <DC>(#65Rn):

This is the capital of Doma, most commonly referred to as Doma City or D.C. The city itself is situated in the center of the country, and has four proper entrances and exits located at a cardinal direction each. From these entrances, roads lead into the city and, in good time, converge upon the Castle Domanada, located in the capital's center. It is here in the castle where the royal family of Doma reside and conduct political affairs on a daily basis.

Of all cities in the country, the capital of Doma is perhaps most diverse. There is a spot in the capital for just about anyone or, failing that, a spot can be made with fair ease. D.C. has a fairly high migratory population, but one will find 'veterans' of the city possessed of almost supernatural amounts of such qualities as patience or stoicalness.

Obvious exits: The <Fo>rest The Park <TP> <Ja>de Dragon Inn The <Iv>ory Horn Domanada <Ca>stle The <Ma>rketplace <D>oma

Inside Doma City

In addition to the items linked from the MUSH description, the following can also be found in Doma City:

Outside Doma City

Most of the land beyond the walls of Doma City is farmland. There are some pastures, but little of the land is unclaimed. Cities such as Nivea, considered a suburb of Doma City, include some of this farmland as well as slightly more urban developments.

Other notables near Doma City include a large crater, Doma Forest, the Black Tower, the Beldad-Doma Gate, and the Lainian Ruins.


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