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Barkeep Mac at the Ivory Horn. Art by Squintz.


The Ivory Horn is a two floor building. When you walk in the front door, there are some tables with chairs around them to the left and right of you. In the middle of the left wall there's a bar (made of what appears to be, you guessed it, ivory!) with a hallway behind it. On the right wall there is a set of stairs going up to a second level. On the far wall there's four more sets of tables and chairs. In the middle of the room, there's a rather large tree, with tables carved out of the larger roots. The floor is dirt around the tree and wooden planks elsewhere. There are windows to each side of the door you came in.

On the second level, there's a balcony-ish thing encircling the top of the tree. There's a few tables and chairs up here. There's also a skylight, feeding sunlight to the tree. There's a wall with a hallway right where you saw one downstairs. If you go down the hallway you find a set of 6 rooms, 3 on each side of the hallway. Two on each side are single bed rooms, and one on each side are larger double bed rooms.

Back downstairs, to that hallway behind the bar! There are four rooms down here of approximately equal size. The first one on the left side is a supply room. The first one on the right side is the kitchen. The second one on the left side is where the owner of the establishment lives. The second one on the right side is an "artificial wine cellar" -- a room with enchantments on it to keep ideal conditions for storing alcohol! In this room there's also a hidden door in the floor.

This door goes down to the original wine cellar, which had been converted to a hidden barracks for resistance fighters during the demonic invasion, and as such has a bunch of bunks, some weapon/armor cabinets, a cabinet full of maps of everything related to Doma City, and a couple tables/chairs. The ceiling is padded with matresses for soundproofing and has a few enchantments on it to keep the place hidden, with the giant magical tree/wine cellar enchantments keeping them hidden. There are exits up into the Horn and another into Doma's sewers. This place is mostly abandoned at the moment.

MUSH description

The <Iv>ory Horn(#77Rn):

When you first walk into the Ivory Horn, you'll note that there are a few tables to your left and right. Perhaps you might also be able to detect the handful of other tables located behind the rather large tree directly ahead of you. The tree itself has a few tables among its roots, and you'll find a number of stools at the inn's bar. You'll find this bar running along the left wall--relative to the entrance--with a hallway behind it, and a stairwell opposite along the wall right of the entrance.

With only six rooms available at any given time, the Ivory Horn is a pleasant, peaceful place to rent a room for the evening. It is also a popular lunch spot for those looking to avoid typical Doman chaos.

Contents: Justin the Oak Tree(#138Tn) Ivory Bartop(#137Tn)

Obvious exits: The <Ma>rketplace Doma City <DC>


The Ivory Horn is run by a man named Osbourne, a pacifist. It is one of the oldest inns of Doma City, and has a loyal following of 'oldschool' patrons. It has also become a favorite of a number of feyfolk, which might have something to do with the large oak tree which grew (rather abruptly) in the center of the IH's lobby. (The tree's name is Justin, according to the fey Wyrd).

One of the IH's most dedicated employees is a young, simple-minded half-drow named Diikoi. Such has an effect on the elvish patronage of the inn.

Justin the Oak Tree(#138Tn):

A rather large oak tree is situated in the middle of the room, with tables for the lower level lobby carved out of the tree's larger roots. If, however, you look up toward the second level, you'll see a cross between a balcony and a deck sort of contraption, encircling the upper trunk and supported by upper branches. Here there are also a few tables and chairs, and just above those a skylight which feeds essential sunlight to the tree--which is called Justin by the staff and some visitors.

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