Daenj'r Tymisonn

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Daenj'r Tymisonn

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(rp world)
Daenj'r Tymisonn
(Gaera Main)
1291 EP (25)
Doma City, Doma
current residence Doma
occupation White mage of Ashura. Former thief and gangbanger
family Ak'Zhul Tymisonn (grandfather, deceased), Ak'Zhis Tymisonn (father, deceased?), Jenna Tymisonn, (mother, deceased), Jazz Tymisonn (wife), Jenna Tymisonn II (daughter), Ak'Zhul Tymisonn (son), Hakaril Tymisonn (son), Kodi Rae Tymisonn (illegitimate son), Rai'm Tymisonn (sister), Kae'Oss Tymisonn (nephew), Tayr'or Complin (great-nephew)
race Human
typical clothing A standard Ashuran robe with roughly torn sleeves, blue pants, black knee-high boots, and typically no shirt.
personality Daenj'r is a man from the streets, and remembers where he came from, though (for the most part) he has left that life behind. He has a strong sense of fun, which helps him raise his children as well as he can. He is also quite the wisecracker. Also, he's a big believer in lovemaking as worship, something that his wife greatly appreciates.
religious beliefs A devout follower of Ashura.
drunk type Himself, but with less balance and a far more playful outlook.
other What other? o.O


Daenj'r Tymisonn was born to Ak'Zhis and Jenna Tymisonn in the year 1291. His father, a paladin of Ishtar, was an abusive drunk and drove him out of the house by age 15. For the next five years, he spent his life on the street, travelling the continent sometimes to find gil wherever he could find it. Eventually, when back in Doma, he experienced a poor deal and ended up beaten and bloodied on the cold Doman streets. He was found by Ashuran acolytes, and nursed back to health. He experienced love and acceptance like he'd never known there, and eventually became a member, joining their ranks and learning the healing arts.

Some time later, he met his future wife, Jazz Tymisonn, a daywalking vampire. He also reunited with his sister Rai'm, had 3 beautiful (though murderously dangerous) children, discovered he had a son from a previous relationship, helped defeat one of Malachias' generals, fell back into a life of crime, was kicked out of the house, lost his magic, regained it while in the Guard somehow, and reunited with his love.

Fics and Associated Writings

Dae's newly updated fic about being a guard


Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Daenj'r Tymisonn (KingOfDoma) Level: 2 XP: 275/1500
Max HP: 77/77 Max MP: 106/106 Max TP: 29/29
Initiative: 1+ 2d6


Courage: +2
Wisdom: +5
Intuition: +3
Charisma: +1
Dexterity: +2
Agility: +1
Strength: +3
Stamina: +2
Magic Aptitude: 6

Base AT/PA - 7/7
Modified for skill - 10/10
Modified for armor - 9/9
Modified for weapon - 14/17

Body=Shielded Robes AC 7

Weapon Damage - Steel Staff
Light - 3
Medium - 5
Heavy - 8

Base MATK - 14
Base MDEF - 14
Base MISEV - 11


Healing Magic - 7 <Mag/Int/Wis>
Staves - 6 <Dex/Dex/Str>
Dual Sword - 1 <Cou/Agi/Str>
Advanced Telepathy - 1 <Mag/Wis/Int>
[s]Double Weapons - 6 <Dex>
First Aid - 4 <Int/Wis/Wis> (I think.)
Treat Disease - 4 <Int/Wis/Dex>
Treat Poison - 2 <Int/Wis/Dex>
Holy Magic - 6 <Mag/Int/Wis>
Benediction - 5 <Mag/Int/Wis>
[k]Religious Lore - 4 <Wis>
[k] Child Rearing - 1 <Int/Cha/Wis>

Spells and Techs

    • [Innate]Luckout (2 TP) - Daenj'r does a bizarre ritual, which could result in anything...
    • [Double=6]Staff rush (4 TP) - Daenj'r gets an extra attack for each use. 8 TP = 2 extra attacks and so on.
    • [Innate]Pickup (3 TP) - +2 to charm members of the opposite sex.
    • [Heal=1]Heal (15 MP) - Recovers 10+rank*2+1d6 HP to any target. 2x-4x damage against undead.
    • [Heal=4]Healmore (30 MP) - As Heal, but recovers 20+rank*4+2d6 HP to any target.[Heal=1, Ben=1]Anti (9 MP) - Improves resistance to poison and disease.
    • [Holy=2, Ben=4]White Shield (20 MP, 4 TP) - Increases the groups Physical and Magical defense by (Holy rank).
    • [Heal=4, Ben=3]Regeneration (24 MP) - Target regains (Heal rank)+2d4 HP per round, for (Ben rank) rounds.
    • [Heal=6, Holy=3]Revivify (40 MP, 4 TP) - Attempts to revive a severely wounded companion.
    • [Ben=5] Cheer (12 MP) - Increase all allies AT by 2 for 1d4 turns.
    • [Heal=4]Panacea (14 MP) - Cures berserk, confusion, magically induced paralysis and blindness, and cures up to 3 levels of poison. If the user has at least 4 ranks of Astral Magic, this also cures up to 3 levels of astral drain.
    • [Heal=4]Revive (30 MP, 4 TP) - Revives an unconscious ally to 10% of their total HP (round up). The target suffers no disorientation penalty (besides some penalties for burdening injuries such as crushed bones) and can take actions right away (as in, their next turn in the normal initiative order).
    • [Holy=1] Photon Beam (4 MP) - Does 10+rank+1d6 damage to an enemy - 2x+ damage against undead.
    • [Holy=5] Ray of Light (18 MP) - Does 20+3*rank+2d6 damage to all enemies in a line - 2x damage against undead.
    • [Holy=6] Shining Light (30 MP) - A huge light appears above the caster, blinding all enemies for rank/2 turns, rounding down.
    • [Child Rearing=1] Placate (2 TP) - Calms any child with Wis less than the caster's Wis.
    • [AT=1] Telepathy (2 MP in battle, 0 out) - Send thoughts and emotions to another person's mind.