Malachian War

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The Malachian war began in (date), when the forces of Malachias the Pit Lord overthrew the King of Doma, claiming the land for himself. Spreading out, his advances were held back and eventually halted, as each of his generals were defeated by the other nations, and the embittered people of Doma. Near the end of the wars, the forces struck back to Doma City itself, and Malachias was defeated and destroyed. This was not without cost, however. Many lost their lives in the struggle, and Doma City itself was destroyed in a final effort by Malachias. This was a dark period in Gaera's history.


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17th of Nekora, 1313

Ara du Mythril-Altec is murdered by one of Malachias’ generals (The Doman Wars)


Hakaril Silvar and Jak Snide are murdered (The Doman Wars)

26th of Nekora, 1313

Rai’m Tymisson is murdered by one of Malachias’ generals (The Doman Wars)

Jazz, Dan, |Jenna, and Ferran, leaving Doma after its invasion by Malachias; art by Jesterlex

27th of Nekora, 1313

Malachias appears at the head of an army and takes over Doma City. Though there is some resistance, Aya and those still loyal to the royal family have little choice but to flee. Griff does, however, manage to throw Malachias out a window. (The Doman Wars) Note: This occurred on a Dammasus

28th of Nekora, 1313

Aya leaves to request aid from the various neighboring countries, leaving Will in charge until her return. (The Doman Wars) Charles also leads to garner support, though he leaves for Baron (The Doman Wars)

29th of Nekora, 1313

Following an encounter with resistance forces in Doma Forest, Arnast and Dhargun threaten to destroy the forest and any resistance cells within. The Fey are able to bargain with Dhargun, preserving the forest in exchange for their neutrality. (The Doman Wars) Will and Griff enlist Levian’s aid, convincing him to lend them the services of the 2nd Ranger Troops.

30th of Nekora, 1313

occupied territories

The city of Doma is locked down by Malachias’ army, and his rules are officially put into force. Dhargun’s undead/demonic army begins its march towards Castle Hyral, following the sealing and an inspirational speech made by Malachias. (The Doman Wars) Hyral Castle becomes a centre of the resistance. Over the following days, refugees make their way there, along with surviving elements of the Doman military. (The Doman Wars) In Nekonia, Dia has her goblins begin evaluating the Jade Dragon’s new location, to begin fixing it up for reopening. (The Doman Wars) The Plague Knights ally themselves with Malachias. (The Doman Wars) Meanwhile, in Kohlingen, Vaniyakna’s troops sail up to the port, occupying the town. Vaniyakna claims his occupation is merely to protect the town from possible future demon invasions. Arnast begins marching with her forces through eastern Doma. (The Doman Wars)

1st of Tzelara, 1313

Aya succeeds in enlisting support from the king and queen of Nekonia. In Nekonia, Stephan and Midoku hear about the recent takeover of Doma by Malachias. After encountering Aya at the new Jade Dragon, they decide to join her on her trip through various neighboring lands over the next few days. (The Doman Wars)

2nd of Tzelara, 1313

A group of scouts from the ORF, observing Dhargun’s forces en route to Castle Hyral, is attacked and decimated by the undead (The Doman Wars) Will and D transport themselves to Gunnir and speak with Headmaster Wren. After pressure from the student body, Wren pledges the academy’s support in the war. Varrock is attacked by Ungrak’s troops, and quickly overtaken, despite a brave showing by the Varrock citizens. (The Doman Wars) Loake convinces Will to recruit him into the resistance, over Kyra’s objections. In exchange, Loake receives a full pardon and a castle. (The Doman Wars)

3rd of Tzelara, 1313

The Neo Vane Mage Tower is completed. (The Doman Wars)

4th of Tzelara, 1313

Kelne's best trap ever! By artist Jesterlex.

Kelne returns from vacation to discover the occupation. Unimpressed, he sets up camp in the abandoned Jade Dragon, and hatches a plan to kill Malachias.

5th of Tzelara, 1313

The First Battle of Hyral Castle: Dhagun’s army arrives at the castle and, after some talking, attacks. Dhargun challenges Will to a duel, and Will accepts, despite reservations. “Dhargun”, in fact General Scourge in disguise, sorely wounds Will, but is prevented from carrying him away to Malachias. Aya arrives with Stephan, Midoku, and the Inu-Nekonian Army, and Kenni Wong arrives with a smaller army of Inu-Lanese Dragon soldiers and mages. With this new assault, the undead army crumbles. Scourge challenges Aya to a duel, and is slain by her. (The Doman Wars)

6th of Tzelara, 1313

#32 hatches the diabolical Cardboard Box Plan to trap Malachias. This is unsuccessful. Aya tells all present of her plan to head out with a small group against Arnast. Will objects to her first choice of reinstating him as temporary leader, so she decides to give Dan that position instead. (The Doman Wars)

8th of Tzelara, 1313

Aya recruits Jazz, Daenj’r, Sirvix and Kamos for her plan to kill Arnast through positive emotions. The group set out eastwards. (The Doman Wars)

10th of Tzelara, 1313

Aya, Kamos, Daenj’r, Jazz and Kerov kill Arnast outside Kohlingen. Her army is then destroyed by the Barians. Vaniyakna imprisons Aya and Kamos, though the official line is that they are his guests. The Doman coastal resistance, led by Idran, gather in the Dragón de Verde. Plans for retaking Kohlingen, and later Doma, are begun. (The Doman Wars)

11th of Tzelara, 1313

Griff gathers multiple members of the IRF for a “State of the Resistance” speech of sorts. He also informs them of Foenix’s recent release, and the fact that Foenix is nearly identical to Griff. Griff leads an attack on a nearby abandoned guard station.

12th of Tzelara, 1313

2:00 AM: Nakibe makes Jeridan into a mazoku (The Doman Wars) Vaniyakna, Nezetta, and Cherkov teleport to Hyral Castle. Vaniyakna negotiates a tentative alliance with Will and Dan. Nezetta agrees to take Shada with them back to Kohlingen. (The Doman Wars) At some point during this day, Will’s destroyed runes are removed from his body, creating large holes in his aura. (The Doman Wars)

14th of Tzelara, 1313

Alliance forces win the second battle of Hyral Castle. Dhargun is slain, causing his undead army to crumble. Following provocation by Malachias, the Neo Vane Mages fire their tower weapon, destroying half of Doma Castle. Malachias survives, but General Ungrak is apparently slain.

16th of Tzelara, 1313

Heads on Pikes: Kelne, Deeum, Ben and Choark infiltrate Doma Castle disguised as demons. They are unsuccessful in their attempt to kill Malachias, and Ben dies as a result. The survivors are teleported out to the Jade Dragon. (The Doman Wars) Using the assassination attempt as a distraction, Griff and several members of the Resistance are able to rescue the children Malachias is holding hostage. (The Doman Wars)

20th of Tzelara, 1313

Foenix Rising: Griff, Deeum, Shan, Tolaris, Spob and Kelne are captured by Foenix. All but Griff are made to traverse a maze for his amusement. Foenix is eventually defeated, and imprisoned within a gem.

25th of Tzelara, 1313

The armies of the Alliance arrive at Doma City and engage Malachias’s forces. Ungrak, who is not in fact dead, springs an ambush. Fighting rages outside and inside the city. Resistance forces attempt to lay siege to the castle. Ara, Jak, Hakaril and Rai’m infiltrate Doma City through the sewers. They are conveyed to Malachias, and confront him in the throne room. Malachias expands to massive size, swallows his enemies, and goes on a rampage across the city. He is slain shortly thereafter. End Reshiki is killed by Malachias during the fight. With Malachias dead, Ungrak orders a retreat. The demonic armies escape back to the Last Hell. The portal is sealed behind them.