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Full Name Daniel Richard Hyral
RP World Gaera Main
Birthplace Baron
Current Residence Doma City
Occupation Knight of Doma
Family Stephan Tornas (brother), Shelia Hyral (mother), Alexander Hyral (father, deceased), Kyra Hyral (wife), Austin Hyral (son), Alicia Hyral (daughter)
Race Human
Physical Description Stands at approximately 5'11". Blue eyes. Light skinned. Hair is brown, short and mangy from the front, with longer hair in the back. Usually ties his hair back into a single ponytail. Build is toned, but not overly muscular.
Typical Clothing Light blue body armor, bearing the seal of the Doman Knights, and the Holy Symbol of Ishtar. Wears a tan trenchcoat over his armor, along with matching tan boots/gauntlets. Typically weilds a large Halberd.
Personality He hates to see people suffering, and will go out of his way to help others. Sadly, he often does so without thinking of himself first, to the annoyance of those close to him. He's a very easy going person, and likes to get along with people. He does tend to be a bit of a 'boy-scout', trying to keep people on the 'right' path when he can. There are certains things that set off his not-quite-so-polite side, however, especially things involving the undead.
Religious Beliefs Daniel is a devoted follower of Ishtar, firmly believing that all life is to be cherished and protected. He dislikes killing anything, though he will do so to protect the lives of others if necessary.
Drunk Type Wild and crazy.
Other Nothing at this time.
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Daniel Richard Hyral is the first child of Alexander Hyral and Shelia Hyral. He was born in the small town of Ordana in the country of Baron, during the year 1286. Roughly a year or so after his birth, another child soon joined the family, his brother Stephan. Although he recalls happy times from his early childhood, a chain of tragic events would befall the family after Daniel turned twelve years old. This culminated with two events that would forever change his life. The first was his father's death in 1300, defending Baron from invasion. Overcome with grief, Daniel's mother tried to end her life a few months later, leaving the brothers in the care of a family friend, Remarte Wallace.

At the insistance of Remarte, as well as friends to the family, Daniel decided to fulfill a promise made to his father and mother. He left Ordana to train at the Temple of the Dawn, an Ishtarian temple reknowned for training in the arts of combat in addition to holy magics. There, he began to learn the ways of Ishtar, as well as the ways of a warrior. It was Daniel's dream to bless and help the injured with help from Ishtar, yet take up arms to defend them if necessary.

However, for reasons that he is reluctant to speak of, Daniel was asked to leave the temple, and told to never return. Unable to bear the though of returning home a failure, Daniel decided to travel Igala on his own. If he was not worthy of being a true Paladin of Ishtar, he would do what he could on his own. He even jokingly referred to himself as a 'Pseudo-Paladin', when offering his healing and combat services to those in need. He also sought information on the fate of his estranged sibling, who ran away from home during Daniel's stay at the temple. This led the fallen holy warrior across much of Igala over the never several years.

But his life would drastically change once again, when he visited the capital city of Doma.

Daniel became mixed up in a small group's mission to hunt a criminal to the Doman crown, End Reshiki. During the journey after this man, he was shocked to come across his estranged sibling, Stephan, along with his traveling companion, a mage named Midoku Tornas. This journey also revealed a far more sinister plot going on against Doma. They learned of a powerful demon, attempting to call forth a portal into the plane of hell. Their conflict to stop the demon would be a life-altering event for both siblings. Over the course of their long journey, they reconciled many hurt feelings and guilt since their father's death. When they succeeded in their mission, the two finally returned somewhat to the close relationship of their youth.

Having saved the world from a demonic threat, Daniel felt more confident in his abilities, though still troubled by the events of the past. He came to the aid of many people in Doma over the next few years. Eventually he even helped the King himself, assisting King Charles in his mission to rescue a dear friend. For his efforts on behalf of the nation, the King granted Daniel the status of Doman Knight. Due to his new title, and the responsibilities that came with it, Daniel found himself remaining in Doma much of the time for years to come.

During his time in Doma, he meet and begin a relationship with Kyra Ryujin, a priestess from the Doman town of Varrock. The two immediate fell deeply in love with one another, spending as much time together as they could. A few years later, oddly enough at his father's grave back home, Daniel proposed to Kyra, asking for her hand in marriage. After a joyful yes, and a fainting spell on Daniel's part, the two were married several months later. A year or so after that, the pair were overjoyed to discover that Kyra was pregnant, with twins no less. Nine months later, in the year 1313, they became the proud parents of Austin and Alicia Hyral.

To this day, Daniel still serves the country of Doma, in addition to taking on tasks for the greater good of his fellow man, playtime with his young children, and being a devoted husband. With a family to care for, however, he often fears meeting the same fate as his own father, Alex. He also worries about the events of his past, wondering how he can put his mistakes right, and still fulfill his responsibilities as a knight, husband and father.

Early Childhood

Growing up, Daniel tended to spend more time with his mother, Shelia. He often helped her with household tasks, be it cleaning the house, shopping for food, or even getting dinner ready. He admired her work as a priestess of Ishtar, trying to help her with that work whenever possible. Because of her work, he originally wanted to become a priest, in order to help people just like his mother. She also related to him much easier, as they were both very sympathetic and emotional people.

His relationship with his father, Alex, was an odd one. He found it difficult to relate to him most of the time. When his father would show no sympathy for an individual's choices or mistakes, Daniel would struggle to understand why. This was the case for many things that Daniel tried to do with his father. Sometimes, he felt Alex preferred his brother, Stephan, more than him. But as he got older, Daniel would eventually find some ways to relate to his father better. One that still lingers to this day is his hobby of reading folklore. Alex always had old stories from Riva and other parts of Igala to tell the boys, and Daniel enjoyed telling him about local stories he picked up in school or from various books.

Like most siblings, Daniel and Stephan would hate each other one moment, then stand up for one another the next. Although their age difference is only about a year, Daniel often found himself looking out for his little brother. Being older, he felt a responsibility to act as the 'adult' when their parents weren't around. This was usually the start of many of their arguments, with Daniel constantly lecturing Stephan about his choices. Despite their frequent fights, however, Daniel would try to keep Stephan out of trouble with their parent. Unfortunately for him, this usually ended with him getting into trouble as well.

Most in Ordana viewed Daniel as the 'good' son of the Hyral family, and still do to this day. Daniel loved speaking with everyone, and asking how he could be of help. The few times Daniel would do something wrong, most tended to lay blame on influence from his sibling. Or, if they were feeling especially brave, they would mention his father.

Temple of the Dawn


'Pseudo-Paladin' for Hire

With his dream of being a Paladin shattered, and too ashamed to go back home to Ordana, Daniel was unsure what to do with himself. Initially, he spent time in remote parts of Baron, picking up odd jobs to support himself as he pondered his future. Could he ever redeem himself in the eyes of the Goddess? And what about his brother, out there somewhere in the world all alone? Eventually, after being hired to help a group of adventurers, Daniel got the idea to travel around Igala. Staying in Baron wouldn't solve any of his problems, while a different part of Igala could give him some answers.

Unfortunately, his travels were usually far from pleasant. Due to his strict moral code, he often had difficulty finding work. He would often feel guilty about demanding payment for his services, leaving him with little to support himself. Despite this, however, Daniel enjoyed seeing the various parts of Igala.

Rpgww Spam Origins (Non-Canon)

NOTE: The following is NOT canon in Gaera. This is merely to give some insight on the character's origin and development.

Daniel started as the Rpgww Forum avatar for user FF Fanatic, back when the community was part of the webcomic Rpg World. In his initial incarnation, Daniel was called FF Fan, an obsessed fanboy of all things Final Fantasy. This personality was a nod to his creator being a big fan of the Final Fantasy series at the time. As other forum members tended to have avatars based on popular Final Fantasy characters, he would often obsessively persue them for their autographs. This would also usually involve FF Fan being on the receiving end of much slapstick and mishaps.

FF Fan became Daniel when forums members began to have more serious roleplay stories on the forums. Deciding he liked the look of his current avatar for a potential character, FF Fanatic changed him into the character of Daniel Hyral. While initially still a fan of all things Final Fantasy, Daniel's character began to transition to something more resembling the Daniel of today. In a nod to his spam origins, Daniel's initial weapon was a phoenix quill (for writing autographs) that could change form into a lance. He was also an expert on the 'Final Fantasy Chronicles', a fictional book series that supposedly existed in Gaera. Eventually, as Gaera became a more serious setting, all direct references to Final Fantasy were eventually dropped. Daniel began to use a more tradional weapon, a halberd, instead of the shape-changing quill. Instead of being an expert on the F.F. Chronicles, Daniel was simply fond of old myth and legend stories.

Initially, Daniel was not intended to have a British accent. However, at the suggestion of member pd Rydia, and agreement from other forum members, it was decided that people from Baron should speak with a British accent. This development would lead to Daniel picking up usage of several stereotypical british-isms, especially 'bloody hell'. It also contributed to him being fond of drinking tea.

Much like Gaera itself, Daniel is the product of input from a lot of people. =)