Charles Robert Franklyn Galzern Domanada

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Charles Robert Franklyn Galzern Domanada was born in the year 1286, to King Franklyn Jenzen Kalsor Erwin Domanada and Cheril Lynn Domanada. He had a fairly standard childhood for a prince (read: priviledged and opulent), but his life was left empty by a lack of affection from his father. At the age of 17, he utilized the castle's underground tunnels to escape and experience life with the people of Doma. That one day was very affecting for him, but for two reasons, the second being that that was the same day his cousin Sean attempted a violent coup d'etat. Sean was thwarted and jailed, but not before using his demonic servant Dullahan to murder the king, making of course Charles the new king.

Charles implemented many new social and economic reforms right off the bat, counteracting some of the damage the selfish former monarch had done. Early in his reign, his nation transformed from a mostly humans-only country to one where all different species came to find their fortune.

During the many adventures that he was part of in Doma, he became romantically involved with a member of the Knights of Doma, an offworlder golden dragon named Aya, who he eventually married (despite complications involving a certain mercenary. The two eventually had a daughter, Elle.

Recently, through a series of insidious events, his kingdom was taken by Malachias, but quickly retook it through the group efforts of many Igalan nations, including Baron and Barius. In the process, his castle was destroyed, but a new one is being built.


Despite what the image implies, the king is not a kirby. Artwork by Mellyduckie

The King is an excellent hand to hand combatant, having been trained in the art of utilizing many weapons, including swords, spears, and daggers. He is most proficient in wielding dual short swords, and is one of the most skilled of the type in the land (though the numbers are low). He is also adept in the use of water magic, but is easily not primarily a mage.

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