Shelia Hyral

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Full Name Shelia Ricone Hyral
RP World Gaera Main
Birthplace Baron
Occupation Healer
Family Daniel Hyral (Son), Stephan Tornas(Son), Alexander Hyral (Husband, Deceased)
Race Human
Physical Description Stands approximately 5' 8 tall. Green eyes. Light skinned. Hair is silvery grey and long (black in her youth). Very thick eyebrows. While somewhat frail due to her age, she's still very active.
Typical Clothing Simple Ishtarian robes.
Personality Very kind and compassionate person, often putting others before herself. She tries to keep an open mind, and not judge others too harshly. However, she also has a bad habit of making herself authority on what's best for everyone. This is not helped by her tendency to be stubborn, and her infamously violent temper. (much like her sons)
Religious Beliefs Devoted to Ishtar.
Drunk Type Wild and Crazy.
Other Despite looking so, her name is NOT a mis-spelling of Sheila, pronounced 'SHEE-LAH'. Her name is supposed to have the 'L' first, and is pronounced 'SHEE-LEE-AH'. This is a mistake commonly made when people first hear her name. It's also a quick way to get on her bad side.

Mother of Daniel Hyral and Stephan Tornas. Wife to Alexander Hyral.