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RP Quotes

Quotes culled from various RPs--by and large of the chat variety. GM comments also included.

  1. "How the HELL do you get a critical booze pour???" -- Archmage
  2. "T'garr, I be a fiesty pirate wench. I smash can on my head, scratch my ass first thing in the morning, and hide daggers in my cleavage." -- Fifi (Nekogami)
  3. "Since I don't have to kill you...can we be friends?" -- Stacey, the Goddess of Fluffiness (Koss)
  4. "Don't give me no puppy dog eyes. I was there when you invented them." -- Nekogami (to Inugami)
  5. "CLOCKS ARE THE WORK OF GOD!!! ^_^" -- Stephan (FF Fan)
  6. "Ooo, what does this button do?" -- Jak (Jak Snide)
  7. "I FOUND A CORNER! I found a corner, I found a corner! See, right here! Stuck on the wall! It's a corner! Woo hoo! Now, to stare at it!" -- Daenj'r (KingOfDoma)
  8. "So? The psychologist says I should be more open with my feelings..." -- Staniel (FF Fan)
  9. "Now shoo before I rape you." -- Chaos/Canal (Nekogami)
  10. "I've done something like that once...except for the soul-ripping part" -- Will (Will Basteon)
  11. "Look hun, it's...uh...raining... ...frogs...O_o;;;" -- Aya, Queen of Doma (LDC)
  12. "Careful wit' that blade, th's innkeep's a cranky sort when folks start fightin' Ye dun wanna know how many rowdy drunks she's ate ;)" -- Uncle Pervy (Uncle Pervy)
  13. "'Keeeeeep! More booze, please! ~_~ I can still think straight!" -- Rai Dia (pd Rydia)
  14. "Maybe... or maybe you're just not drunk enough." -- Nakibe (Nakibe)
  15. "flowers liked to be picked they're all like wheeeeeeee!" -- Whisper (Jinx)
  16. "If you're still able to see in colors and not in scents...you're CERTAINLY not drunk enough." -- [[Nakibe] (Nakibe)
  17. "'It was like some evil, malevolent figure was watching him, chuckling gleefully every time yet another accident befell his stylish shirt and pants.'" -- White Knight (White Knight)
  18. "BAD raspberry!!!" -- Solis (Nakibe)
  19. "Magic. As in, big flashy dink!" -- El Bob (Squintz)
  20. "HOW THE FUCK DID WE SLEEP THROUGH DOOMSDAY!?" -- Hakaril (Archmage144)
  21. "Why is it always ZOMBIES?" -- Hakaril (Archmage144)
  22. "Milk does a neko good!" -- Hayako Usagitsuki (Nekogami)
  23. "Alright then. Now we're one big happy band of happy adventurers, maybe we should get back to the killing, hmm?" -- Jak (Jak Snide)
  24. "We bastet don't feel that the lack of clothes is inappropriate." - Mystess (Nekogami)
  25. "Weeee!!! Super fun happy plot advancement!!! :D" -- FF Fanatic, GM
  26. "Got Dragonale?" -- Richard Storm (Nakibe)
  27. "I'M NOT OVULATING!!!" -- Dia Rai (pd Rydia)
  28. "It's just a monster! You don't need to cuss!" -- Migi Kuro (pd Rydia)
  29. "Arrr! I be a fiesty pirate wench and anyone who says differen' is likely to have a foot up their arse and a pistol down there gullet!!" -- Nekogami
  30. "It's the paperweight...OF DOOM!" -- Hakaril (Archmage144)
  31. "Oh course he likes me. =e_e= I'm fluffy and lovable, dammit." -- Noire (pd Rydia)
  32. "Why do I feel like I've done something terribly, awfully, heinously good?" -- Mystess, Love Priestess (Nekogami)
  33. "I'm in a dress, and it's pink...SHOOT ME!" -- Dia Rai (pd Rydia)
  34. "The booze has gone to a better place..." -- Aya (LadyDragonClawsEDW)
  35. "me wants teh crunchies oVo" -- evil ravenous (but not too bright) firebeast (DragonMistressSCV)
  36. "Mrrfhggrrffffff~!" -- Inugami
  37. "Uh oh... the Mage has been reading. Watch out, folks!!! He may destroy your town with his AWESOME VOCABULARY!!!" -- Richard Storm (Nakibe)
  38. "MEAN HORSIES DON'T GET BISCUITS!!!" -- Solis (Nakibe)
  39. "So remember everyone. Crushing works good on demons." -- Idran (Idran)
  40. "Meanwhile, in the back room, our three NPC/Heroes were having a kinky threesome involving creative use of a grandfather clock." -- NebulaQueen
  41. "As long as you can kill, you're not useless." -- Kamos Mazuo (Namagomi)
  42. "Kalmiahtiden, we have a problem..." -- Kamos Mazuo (Namagomi)
  43. "MUTANT FROG DRAGOONS! AAAAH!" -- Jared Kerlyn L'Mahreen (pd Rydia)
  44. "No Ayra, you're not the ominous feeling of impending doom." -- Aya du Mythril (LadyDragonClawsEDW)
  45. "Ain't no race got the monopoly on stupid, Willy" -- Uncle Pervy (Uncle Pervy)
  46. "Choark! Never, EVER take off my pants again!" -- Hakaril (Archmage144)
  47. "Bah, my past was full of drinking and polymorph spells." -- Hakaril (Archmage144)
  48. "I'm ripping apart whoever caused this. This is insanity." -- Zukath (Divinegon2130)
  49. "Don't you know the only excuse for that is being drunk!?" -- Hakaril (Archmage144)
  50. "You know, if I met some guy named after an adjective, well, I'd kinda not let him past the gate." -- Dhargun (SqutinzAltec)
  51. "And Damnit Taiar you'll take it even if I gotta shove it up your ass!" -- Aya (LadyDragonClawsEDW)
  52. "Stop bleeding all over the place damnit!" -- Aya (LadyDragonClawsEDW)
  53. "Well first there was the fact I found you head first in a lake. When I finally dragged you out, you laughed and said you were a fish!" -- Pig (Choark)
  54. "BOOBIES! Not to be confused with booty. One's for pillagin', one for....well....pillagin but not the same kind." -- Fifi (Nekogami)
  55. "Men... never listening as always....." -- Char'rynn (Divinegon2130)
  56. "I smell ye! I know that taint o' pathetic anywhere!" -- CaptainPervy (UnclePervy)
  57. "I REJECT YOUR PRESENCE!" -- CaptainPervy (UnclePervy)
  58. "When in Doma, do what the Domans do." -- Smartz (ChancellorSmartz)
  59. "Yaaay the gods approve! Let's screw!" -- Arnast (LadyDragonClawsEDW)
  60. "Shut up, we're not doomed..." -- NPC (SquintzAltec)
  61. "Odd, I don't have a tragic past at all, I'm just pissy and depressed" - Kamos (Namagomi)
  62. "Of course, there is never just one Ninja. Oh no." -- UnclePervy
  63. "Be a good chap and die, would you?" -- Kelne
  64. "What. In. The. @#%. Are. You. Two. Doing?" -- Hzar (Banjooie)
  65. "...I'm not ignoring you. I'm talking to my book." -- Hakaril (Archmagew144)
  66. "Just because a man talks to his cats and a book doesn't mean he's crazy." -- Hakaril (Archmage144)
  67. "I'm sorry, but there are rules to uphold here. No nakedness is one of them. Along with no suicide and no fighting." -- WillBaseton
  68. "Jak gets +50 XP for attempting to RP a nightstand." -- Archmage
  69. "Hey girls are alright but sometimes ya just wanna guy to talk to...about manly stuff! Like...bugs...and dirt." -- Robert Kliyy (pd Rydia)
  70. "Don't worry, death watches over you! =^_^=" -- Ayra (LDC)
  71. "And to be honest, I haven't got a good feeling." -- Taryn (Shirinai)
  72. "Er, sir, please keep your daughter away from that, the Drow Hourglass of Death is not a toy" -- Neb Nueva (Nebula Queen)
  73. "Penguin and the phrase "reign of terror" don't belong in the same sentance" -- Rosalie (LadyDragonClawsEDW)
  74. "OK. Good Kanter. Just breathe, think clear, and stop talking to yourself in your head." -- Kanter (Wanderer Josh)
  75. "REAL VALTH DON'T FUCKING FLY" -- Dernteir (Nekogami)
  76. "I'm cute and my mother is really a man." -- Ship Porte (Nekogami)
  77. "Y'know, I've always been told that Dragons are bigger. And less bi-pedal." -- Cuimacc (MovieMan123321)
  78. "i dun think the ass is whatcha call full of taste." -- ghost waitress (Jinx)
  79. "I don't need a reason to shout penis!" -- Ana (LadyDragonClawsEDW)
  80. "That's because an angry woman is a force to be reckoned with." -- Will Baseton
  81. "The name of that Infernal Bunny-woman, Kelne, grates on my soul!" -- Chaucer Anglesy (Uncle Pervy)
  82. "Give it up for the Earthian EL BOB!" -- Ayisha (LadyDragonClawsEDW)
  83. "Ah, so you're a divine creature? You want a bowl of milk?" -- Jak Snide
  84. "I'm a farmer." -- Choko (Uncle Pervy)
  85. "Has anyone ever told you you have beautiful toenails?" -- Shirinai
  87. "Yes, I died. But I got better." -- Hakaril Silvar (Archmage)
  88. "GET OVER YOUR PENIS COMPLEX!" -- Hakaril Silvar (Archmage)
  89. "I'm not dead...I'm death." -- Ayra du Mythril (LadyDragonClawsEDW)
  90. "I wanna get so drunk that I start seeing my friends as cows." -- Aya (LadyDragonClawsEDW)
  91. "It pulsated, and glowed, which wasn't really that much of a feat, considering it was a big glowing orb." -- SquintzAltec
  92. "Meanwhile, Froggy Will hopped around, pointlessly." -- Squintz Altec
  93. "The door said that the establishment was known as the Ferocious Pacifist, which begged the question: How the HELL did these taverns get these names?" -- Squintz Altec
  94. "We're staying at the Jade Dragon, but we have to keep things tidy or a dragon will eat us." -- #85
  95. "Less talk, more unconditional surrender." -- Kelne
  96. "#32's log, day x, where x is equal to 2y and y is undefined and my head hurts..."
  97. "The Captain said "Go join!" and I said "Alright. Money can be exchanged for food!"" -- Kyle
  98. "As for Mitsu, his evening was already planned. For he harbored a secret, hidden from his closest companions and friends to protect them from its dangers.
    By day, he was a mild-mannered, slightly goofy, cleanliness-obsessed nekojin dragonhalf. But by night...
    "Khrxtblg," Mitsu said intelligently and rolled over on his mat.
    By night, he was an UNCONSCIOUS, mild-mannered, slightly goofy, cleanliness-obsessed nekojin dragonhalf. And... (this is the carefully guarded secret) he snored. Not too loudly, but enough to be irritating. And alas, Breathe-Right Nasal Strips had not yet been invented." -- WhiteKnight
  99. "I know I've seen him somewhere before...is he one of the many guards of the castle?" -- Dia Rai
  100. "Richard glared at the bartender a bit. "Hey. Ya got any deer heart? Pink here wants some. Raw.""
  101. "Raptre looked positively lost. "What? You're having Kamos's baby?? WOW! Congratulations! All this time I thought you were a man you're really just an ugly chick!" He gave Richard an hug." -- Nekogami
  102. a_gazebo: In a shade-dappled clearing in the woods it stands. Carefully was its sturdy foundation constructed. Graceful was its form designed. Six noble beams of wood support a magnificient roof topped with shingles the color of burnt umber. White as pure as an angel's down is the wood painted. Intricate are the workings of the wooden structure. It is...the gazebo.
    Lucid_Haku . o O ( Wow... a gazebo )
    a_gazebo . o O ( I'm so glad you noticed. ^_^ I look just like my profile's picture )
    Lucid_Haku . o O ( The sad part is your the best RPer in here, gazebo )
  103. EbilRyuuzoku: *growls angrily, bwhinf hir qirh rhw bolr and not taking the energy so well...*
  104. dragonclawsedw: And Griff gets the "Door's bitch" award
  105. Kamos: Am I suddenly the God of Ducks?
  106. OMG PRIAM: His character level...that's....impossible!!!
    dragonclawsedw: He's going...SUPER PHILSYSAIYAJIN!
  107. Sirvix: I've never had a lesbian experience. ;_; I'm so depriiiiiived.
  108. --