Kamos Mazuo

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Kamos Mazuo
name Kamos Mazuo
rp world Gaera Main
birthdate Luciara 18, 1292
birthplace Kalmiahtiden, Valth
current residence Shares an apartment in Doma with Deeum
occupation Full-time mercenary
family Zeke Mazuo (Cousin; RPer: Archmage), Zea Mazuo (first cousin once-removed), Naiyala Mazuo (Mother(deceased), NPC), Akurou Mazuo (Father(deceased), NPC)
race Currently: Chimera (1/3 human, 1/3 frost dragon, 1/3 griffon)
physical description 6'2" tall, dark blue hair that goes down to the waist. Pale skin, violet eyes. In chimeric form, has a pair of combat-grade straight horns on his head, black claws from his hands and feet, brown griffonic wings, and a draconic tail. Nobody is allowed to touch the tail. Ever.
typical clothing To be done when I draw a picture and figure out how this scanner works
personality Generally does not care about most people. Kamos has a particular dislike for kids, and a capacity for grudges that rivals some dragons. Loves sake, and prefers to interact with people on his own terms, unless he gives a damn about them. He probably doesn't give a damn about you. Kamos is often a pessimist or a realist, and enjoys fighting--preferably in life-or-death conflicts.
religious beliefs Kamos himself doesn't believe there's any reason to worship gods. As a result of them popping up randomly to screw with his life in one way or another, he definitely acknowledges their existence. However, he does not feel compelled to participate in worship of any sort, and at times, even pokes fun at organized religion. Nonetheless, he's the closest thing to an atheist Gaera can have.
drunk type Can run a range, but typically on the lecherous side
other Has a very particular dislike for telepathy, and people who talk to him via that method. Has acquired a taste for K-rations, and thus may be seen eating those as opposed to real food. You may not want to try eating a K-ration yourself.

Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Kamos Mazuo (Namagomi)
Level 08; 4075/5000 XP
Max HP: 106; Max MP: 129; Max TP: 54
Initiative: 6+2d6


Magic Aptitude:+3

Base AT/PA: 16/16
Modified for skill(Polearm): 18/18
Modified for equipment(Polearm): 20/20
Modified for equipment(Rifle): 16/16
Modified for equipment(Knife): 17/15


  • Ring of Dark Amplification: Allows Kamos to cast one Dark Magic spell at +4 rank once per day.
  • Wand of Soul Harvest: One charge of Soul Harvest at Kamos' Dark Magic MATK. The wand is nonreplenishable.
  • Triblood Armlet: Enables Kamos' chimeric transformation ability to be controllable.
  • Ring of Disguise (E): Allows Kamos to look like an elf, if there ever was a situation in which he wanted or needed to look like an elf.
  • Gauntlets of Purity: Can change from chain-gauntlet form to silk form at will. AC 6 in chain gauntlet form. Grants a +8 bonus against all forms of disease.
  • Stubborn Greaves: Once/day, can allow wearer to have a +3 STR bonus when heels are clicked and a DC 30 COU check is passed.
  • Anti-poison serum
  • Shadow Resistance potion
  • Lesser healing potion
  • Ridiculously strong healing potion
  • Money: Approximately 2455 Doman Gil, give or take.


Unnamed Accurised Combat Rifle
Damage - 22 + 1d8
Accuracy - +3 (Total ACC: 2*(2)DEX+1*(6)INT+10 skill+3)=23
Ammunition - 18 normal, 19 elemental (5 Wind, Earth, Water, 4 Fire)
Capacity - 6, currently loaded with 6 normal

Xenocide Dagger (5/8/11 +1/-1, +6 to hit and damage vs. dragons, celestials, demons, and elementals)
Light - 7+1d6
Medium - 14+2d6
Heavy - 17+3d6

Steelcutter Bardiche (17/22/28, +2/+2, ignores 10 AC from metal armor or the like. Treats metal as if wood.
Light - 25+2d6 (27-37)
Medium - 32+3d6 (35-50)
Heavy - 40+4d6 (44-64)


Weapon (Firearms) - 10 <Dex/Dex/Int>
Melee Weapon (Polearms) - 4 <Cou/Str/Agi>
Melee Weapons: Axes - 2 <Cou/Str/Agi>
Natural Weapons (Chimera form) - 2 <Cou/Agi/Str>
Dark Magic - 12 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Energy Magic - 10 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Cabalism - 6 <Int/Wis/Mag>
X-Magic - 6 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Mutually destructive magic - 7 <Int/Wis/Mag>
Weapon Modification - 1 <Int/Int/Dex>
Aura Focus - 1 <Cou/Int/Mag>
[k]Valthi Weaponry - 4
[k]Anatomy - 4
[k]Applied Physics - 3
[k]Sake - 4
[s]Drinking - 3
[s]Flight - 3
[s]Deception - 4 <Cha/Cha/Int>
[k]Valthi Battle Tactics - 4
[k]Valthi corporations - 3
[s]Chink Detection - 4 <Dex/Dex/Int>
[s]Magic Shielding - 14 <Mag/Int/Int>
[s]Missile Evasion - 4 <Agi>
[s]Navigation - 2

  • [Item granted]Chimeric Form (12 TP) - Transforms Kamos into a chimera (dragon/griffon/human mixture). In this form, he recieves a +2 AGI bonus, a +3 Magical Aptitude bonus (which includes 30 bonus MP), a -1 DEX penalty, and a -2 CHA penalty. As a chimera he sprouts a pair of wings which enable flight in open spaces, and his stronger legs allow for boosted jumps.. Due to the growth of claws, this transformation causes all of Kamos' punching attacks to deal an additional +8 damage, and all of his kicking attacks deal +10. He can also make a horn attack, which deals kick damage +14, and is -4 to hit. Changing back to human has no cost.
  • [Item granted, Innate]Cone of Ice (8 TP) - A cold based breath weapon which blasts all targets within a 120 degree angle in front of Kamos. Damage dealt is 68+4d6--roll a d10, and on a 10, the affected targets are frozen in solid blocks of ice and unable to act, in addition to being unable to parry in any way. This ability may only be used when Kamos is in Chimeric form.
  • [Item Granted]Spacial Bypass (0 TP, free action)

Enables Kamos to phase a part of his body into the ethereal. This effectively means that physical attacks cannot touch that form unless they have an effect on incorporeal targets. This ability can be used for other purposes, though, such as attacking an ethereal creature, escaping being tied up, or spying on girls while they're dressing.

  • [Dark Magic=1]Shadowbind (8MP) - Traps a target and all within a 3-foot radius of the target who fail a MBlock roll to the floor with its shadow. Renders it unable to move off the spot but still able to cast spells and use weapons, though they may not be able to reach the target.. Targets are bound for 1d2 rounds. Creatures with no shadow and those not touching their shadow are unaffected.
    • Chant: Shadows underneath, underfoot, hold fast! Shadowbind!
  • [Dark Magic=2]Corrosion (13MP) - Dark fireball that corrodes armor. Does 8+(2*rank)+1d6 damage and -(Rank/4)DR or MDR (Caster specifies when casting). [32+1d6 damage, -3 DR/MDR]
    • Chant: Black flames of wrath, consume flesh and steel alike! Corrosion!
  • [Dark Magic=3]Mindblast (16MP) - Negative energy waves assault the minds of any within the area (5-foot diameter), rendering victim(s) unconscious for 2d2 rounds, and lowering their Wisdom and Intuition scores by 1d2.
    • Chant: Hatred, anger, grief, pain...converge at once! Mindblast!
  • [Dark Magic=6]Black Bolt (22 MP) - A bolt of pure negative energy erupts from Kamos' hands, causing a damage of 10+4*rank+2d6 damage and draining 1 STR per 4 Dark Magic ranks. [58+2d6 damage, -3 STR]
    • Chant: Absolute darkness, bend to my will and strike down those who position themselves against me! Black Bolt
  • [Dark Magic=10]Blackheart Shield (10 MP) - Protects the caster from all level drain or attribute drain effects for rank+1d4 rounds. [13-16 round duration]
    • No chant
  • [Dark Magic=12] Black Wave (82 MP) - By focusing on his hatred, Kamos can gather tremendous amounts of negative energy and release them in one blast. This blast covers a column of 3 hexes x (rank) hexes, does 25+rank*6+1d20 shadow damage, and drains the hapless victims of Rank/3 STA. [97+1d20 damage, -4 STA]
    • Chant: Darkness as pitch, I call upon your powers. Bring yourself to bear upon my enemies, and do not hesitate to grant them an immediate and final death! Bring forth the power of loss to this world! Black Wave!
  • [Cabalism=1]Spirit Leech (6 MP) - By attaching an Astral parasite to a target, this spell inflicts both Poison and Astral Drain on an enemy. Both the Poison and the Drain are of (Cabalism Rank) level, capping at 4. [Rank 4 Poison, Astral Drain]
    • Chant: Parasitic beings, feed upon blood and soul! Go!
  • [Cabalism=2]Summon Lesser Golem (40-rank MP) - Creates a golem from the strongest, most abundant material available. If outdoors, this is likely to be clay or mud. Inside stone fortresses and the like, this is most likely to be stone, and in certain places, such as volcanoes or alternate planes, it is likely to be an elemental golem of the appropriate element. This summon, unlike others, does not have a fixed duration--it lasts until killed. If the creator of the golem is killed or disabled, then the golem goes berserk, attacking targets indiscriminately, or follows the last command given to it before going crazy. A golem can only follow simple commands, and is not intelligent enough to remember a sequence of them, only one at a time. Such commands might include "attack that creature," "defend this room," "protect me from harm," or "carry that over there." An average golem has 70 HP, an AC of 45, an initiative of 4+2d6, an AT/PA of 12, and deals 20+2d6 punching or 30+1d6 slamming at a -3 to hit penalty. A golem made from stone or iron will have higher damages and a higher AC. Elemental golems will deal appropriate damage bonuses. [34 MP]
    • Chant: Spirit, obey my law as I give you form. Accept this new body as your own, and my very word as absolute mandate! Rise, and bind yourself to my will!
  • [Cabalism=4]Soul Tear (18 MP) - Deals 16+rank*4+2d6 astral damage to a single target. [40+2d6]
    • Chant: Light of souls, heed your desires and free yourself from your mortal imprisonment! Soul Tear!
  • [Dark=1, Cabalism=1]Shape Shadow (8+X MP) - Enables the caster to manipulate light and shadows, forming solid, inanimate objects no larger than a number of cubic feet equal to their Dark Magic rank/2 plus half the amount of MP expended over 8. [6 cubic feet base]
    • No chant
  • [Energy Magic=1]Ray Shell (9MP) - Well, it's an energy bolt. Does 5+3*rank+2d4 damage. [35+2d4]
    • Chant: Blazing power, drive forth and burst! Ray Shell!
  • [Energy Magic=5]Blast Shell (14 MP) - A more powerful energy bolt which deals 14+6*rank+2d6 damage. [74+2d6]
    • Chant: All light, burst into flames! Show unto me your final, fiery glimmer! Now! Blast Shell!
  • [Firearms=1] Lock On (2 TP) - Kamos forfeits his turn, but his next gun attack is + (Firearms/2). [+5]
  • [MDM=1]Sak (0MP) - This is a potent spell. It fully restores an ally's HP and costs no MP. The cost, however, is the caster's life. The caster's HP is immediately reduced to 0 on use (rendering them unconscious).
  • [MDM=6]Gisak (0 MP) - This spell fully restore an ally's HP and status, even if they are unconscious, and they are able to fight immediately. Like all MDM's, this spell reduces the caster to 0 HP on use, rendering them unconscious.
  • [MDM=7, Energy=9]Nova Crush (0 MP) - This spell creates a ring of energy that expands outward from the caster, with a range of 4 hexes in all directions (12 feet). All caught in the area of effect suffer 100+rank*6+2d20 points of damage, but the caster falls unconscious, and will remain unconscious for at least 1d6 days. [160+2d20]
  • [Aura Focus=1, Magic Shielding= 10] Magic Focus Alpha (2 TP): Kamos forfeits his action, focusing on defending against magic, giving him an Mblock of x1.5 for the round.
  • [X-Magic=1]X-Magic - This potent ability allows the caster to fire off two spells per use. Note that only one MDM may be placed in the sequence, and only at the end. The number of uses equals 1+(Rank/3) per day, but may never exceed (Level/3)+1. [3 uses/day]
  • [Shadow=12]Black Reaper(70 MP) - Kamos' special technique that he developed after countless unfavorable fights against demons and higher undead. By ripping out the negative energy from the unfortunate target(s), he effectively can deal superior damage. This technique automatically kills lesser undead if it gets through their MBlock, and does (Rank)^2 damage to a single undead or demon, or 1/2 that to all within a 9-foot radius of the target (3 hexes). Furthermore, all dark magic rolls in the area get a +(# creatures affected) for the next d3 rounds. [144 ST, 72 MT]
    • Chant: Darkness hidden within, gather forth into infinity, and through absence, completely destroy! I hereby command you! Black Reaper!
  • [Cabalism=6]Azure Blade (35 MP) - Via manipulation of magical force, Kamos rips holes in an opponent's soul and magical defenses simultaneously with a projected astral blade. Does 12+Rank*3+3d4 damage (Astral-based) to an opponent and reduces their MBlock by (Rank/3) points. [30+3d4 damage, -2 MBlock]
    • Chant: Incorporeal weapon, rip forth through your target, rending soul as if it were flesh! Azure Blade!

--Future-gained skills-- [Energy = 12]Blank Shell - Fires a point-blank energy surge into a target or object. Physical contact is necessary

[Energy = 14]Lancer Shell - Fires a high-concentration blast of energy. More power can be added to make it penetrate magical defenses.

[Energy = 16]Rebound Shell - Removes the absolute energy from a successfully blocked direct spell attack, and redirects it back at the caster, with the higher rank applied.

[Energy = 18]Eraser Shell - Concentrates enough energy onto a point to destabilize matter. Those unfortunate enough to get caught in the brunt of the attack will be blasted into component atoms, regardless of what it is.

[Cabalism=8]Summon Golem - Creates a standard golem from the most readily available materials

[Dark=14]Shadow Lock - Creates an area that ensnares creatures' shadows, severely inhibiting their movement and mobility, potentially freezing them in place. Creatures with no shadows (such as incorporeals and will-o-wisps) are unaffected.

[Firearms=10, Deception=4, any magic=4]Vague Sniper - Kamos feints the act of casting a spell to cover a gun attack. More power makes the notion of a spell attack, and thus the feint, more believable. Usability: Optimum:[Ps/Sg/Ri/Hc/Vh/Gr/Au] Unusable: [Rk]

[Firearms=11]Rebound Sniper - Kamos fires a shot aimed to ricochet off of things and through targets. Higher skill equals to more ricochets. Usability: Optimum:[Ri/Vh] Partial:[Ps/Gr/Au] Unusable:[Sg/Hc/Rk]

[Firearms=12]Advanced Recoil Compensation - Kamos, having attained enough of a feel for how firearms work, can effectively "roll" with the recoil on guns. Effectively treat STR requirements on bigger guns as halved from now on.

[Firearms=13]Twitch Sniper - Kamos aims a shot specifically to interrupt a given opponent's action. If successful, the opponent's action is wasted. Spells fizzle out, and techniques are screwed up. Usability: Optimum: [Ps/Sg/Ri/Hc/Vh/Au] Unusable: [Gr/Rk]