Sizreina Yuo Baseton

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Sizreina Yuo Baseton
( pdrydia )

Sizreina Yuo Baseton

chibi Siz and Will Baseton
artwork by Jesterlex

name Sizreina Yuo Baseton
nickname(s) Siz, Sizzy
rp world Gaera Main
birthdate 1 Phaedrio 2613
(was 3127 upon arriving in Gaera, 1313)
birthplace Dologen, Draco
current residence 66 Main Street, Doma City, Doma
occupation bard
family Reival Valerie Jewell (daughter; RPer--pdRydia), Gain Baseton (father, deceased; NPC--Will Baseton), Valeria Baseton (mother, deceased; NPC--Will Baseton), Alex Baseton (older brother, deceased), Will Jonas Baseton (younger brother; RPer--Will Baseton), Van Baseton (Will kopii, RPer--Will Baseton), Ryuu Baseton (younger brother; occasional PC--Will Baseton), Alia Baseton (niece; RPer--Will Baseton), Jenna (former sister-in-law, deceased; RPer--BlazeYamatoSpirit)
race ryuujin
physical description .
  • ryuujin form: delicate build and facial features; nondescript caucasian skin; navy eyes with an unsettling, often unblinking gaze--has a third eye in her forehead, usually closed except during times of intense negative emotion; waist-length, royal blue hair usually worn down, wavy at the 12-14 inches) (weight pulls the hair straight toward the top); enchanted to have fully functional cat ears and tail, furred in the same color as her hair; has a pair of silvery-blue, feathered wings that she keeps hidden at almost all times--can fly with these; wingspan 14 feet, 5'2 in height; weighs 110 but wears an enchanted ring which brings her weight down to about 22 (20%)--obviously this has drawbacks
  • dragon form: silvery-blue feathered wings, tuft of feathers at each cheek pointing outwards and down, framing the facing, and a tuft of feathers at the end of the tail; same colored eyes (all three, same deal with the third eye); otherwise, a generally nondescript, mostly-unadorned (smooth-scaled, no horns, frills, etc.), four-legged, western dragon--slender and long compared to Gaeran Aldrosians; 20' foot to shoulder, 50' nose to tailtip, 55' wingspan; if she does not remove her enchanted ring before morphing, she will still be under its effects
typical clothing bright, light colors--purples, pinks, blues, greens, yellows; fond of bloomer-style pants and loose, sleeveless shirts, heavily embroidered; in colder winter, will wear longer-sleeve jackets over the aforementioned or travel with family to warmer climates; sometimes wears a bandanna
personality sparkles, a dash of kitty, shiny things, and pineapples; Siz generally figures that there's no reason not to make the most out of your situation, and to keep at things, until you make it work out; she has a strong sense of obligation; however, she has a problem with hiding her true feelings, and suppressing anything negative or too complex--as such, sometimes she can explode...more often than not, this simply keeps anyone except family from getting close to her or understanding she has any deeper feelings than "oh, pretty!"
religious beliefs A twist on the usual, Siz will leave the gods alone--if they leave her alone. If, however, they show up in her life, she'll react to them; for instance, climbing up on their back, poking their stomach, asking them questions, biting them, and so on. Ryuugami makes her uneasy, and she doesn't care much for Ladon, the dragon god of her homeworld, either. She has yet to run into a deity that impresses her, really, and as such doesn't think a lot about the gods in general--just views them mostly as really long-lived beings with a lot of power. Unlike most Gaerans, she doesn't doubt that the Gaeran gods will die one day--the gods of her world all seem to kick the bucket eventually.
drunk type allergic to alcohol, will not drink
other skills: singing, dancing, acrobatics, minor healing, telepathy with family, some spacial magic, linguistic skills; flight


Siz hails from the planet of Terra, which the ryuujin usually calls Draco--Siz isn't an exception. The oldest daughter of a wealthy, respected ryuujin family, Sizreina was an extent. She probably could have exploited her position more if she hadn't broken, hidden, or set fire to so many things. Playing tricks on the various servants probably didn't help, either. Or casting spells on her brothers. Or disobeying just about every single rule her parents set down...

Well, either way. She did settle down a bit each passing year. Threats to take away her lessons, particularly music and magic, soon proved to keep her in line, more or less. There were also ways, she discovered, of doing the things she liked to do without being quite so blatant about them.

Being a great deal caught up in her own little world of blissful youth, the young ryuujin didn't pay a great deal of attention to the politics of the world around her. Not so with her father. Gain Baseton did what he could to ensure that his three youngest children would be safe from the turmoil he saw coming...of course, that in itself caused its own problems...

Sizreina eventually recovers from her father's peculiar help, to the apparent discovery that her only living relative is her brother, Will. Who, as fate would have it, she has no idea how to contact or find. Thus, she began her search for him, which after many years, brought her to Gaera.

Now, she earns money as a singer and, occasionally, dancer or story-teller, often performing at the higher-end inns in Doma City such as the Ivory Horn and the Jade Dragon. She enjoys dabbling in "cosmetic" potions, shopping, chatting, and irritating the gloomy and angsty. She has a great affection for all things kitty, the color pink, jokes, and music. She has also noted that 98% of just about everyone, everywhere, sorely need to lighten up. Nobly, she has decided to help them.



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