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Azul was a stray lapdragon of Doma City with a helluva luck streak. He was born and he exploited his cuteness to be fed by strangers. One day, he was earning his daily bread in a new location. Here, one of the critters who fed him was awfully enthusiastic about it and kinda nice. So Azul stuck around.

Azul's smart for a lapdragon--smarter than most would assume possible for the species. Certainly, some of the influence comes from the contact with humans from such an early age and onward, and the steady source of food likely helps as well. Maybe contact with so many magically-inclined people helps, or living with another lapdragon, or perhaps he's just born lucky--no one's really asked him. For himself, Azul is content eating sandwiches and spending his time as Solis does.

Azul [no pic]
affiliation: Solis Darylshield's companion and friend
birthplace: Doma City
race/species: pygmy Aldrosian, a.k.a. lapdragon
gender: male
abilities: flight; telepathy; basic understanding of spoken Common, similar to that of a young child; basic understanding of Draconic, similar to that of a young child
description: For all that he eats--and for what he eats, being largely outside of the natural lapdragon diet--Azul is a fairly lean creature. He's similar in size to a medium-sized housecat, perhaps 15 lbs; his scales are a deeply saturated blue with just a bit of a metallic hue to them.



Chy'ak is a liiittle dragon who travels around and helps Shyld. Shyld is Shyld, by the way, and he is a very very very nice man with a funny hat. Anyway, there aren't other Chy'aks as Chy'ak is special, the big nice lady said so. Chy'ak is special because she's around to help Shyld and Chy'ak thinks this is great because she really wants to help Shyld who has trouble sometimes with seeing, or seering, or see-ering or something anyway so Chy'ak helps because that's what she does! And it's great that Chy'ak can help such an awesome person.

Chy'ak likes sweet things, especially jelly beans and candy cherries. Shyld though doesn't let Chy'ak eat them too often because he says Chy'ak has a tiny stomach and huge eyes, whatever that means. Chy'ak also likes to listen to stories of derring-do and knows that she will grow up to be a big dragon who saves princesses from the bad guys and mean dragons from the stories she's heard about.

Chy'ak [no pic]
affiliation: Summoned of Shyld
birthplace: Ryuugami's "space"
race/species: "pocket dragon"
gender: presumedly female, uses female pronouns
abilities: fire breath just strong enough to toast a marshmallow
description: Chy'ak has a body size is about that of a mouse, two kittenishly oversized ears, and a ridiculously oversized tail which measures nearly 8 inches long. By and large she is a pale green, except on the inside of her ears which are a porcelain pink on the inside.



Daki is a wild or stray lapdragon, most common in the country of Doma but also seen with some frequency in Nekonia and Inustan. Daki in particular lives in Doma City and its suburbs, not venturing out into the wilds surrounding these settlements; she wouldn't know what to do to survive where she to be in the woods or plains.

Her environment does not come without its own dangers and Daki has lost her tail from previous encounters with the unfriendly sort of city-dwellers with whom she shares living spaces. While generally wary of anything-not-herself, Daki has come to trust the human vagrant Shiranai.

Daki [no pic]
affiliation: Shiranai's frequent companion, vagrant
birthplace: near Doma City
race/species: pygmy Aldrosian, a.k.a. lapdragon
gender: female
abilities: flight; stealthy like ninja; fluent in Draconic


(as in "fluffy")

Fluffy was born a wild lapdragon in the wooded lands of western Riva. Lapdragons are, natively, a social animal, and Fluffy was no exception. He was young, however, when the cold season made hunting difficult--all the harder with his inexperience--and he decided to look around in the human place for edible discards.

It proved an unwise decision, as the tall, awkward, two-legged things did not apparently all have better things to do than pay attention to small lapdragons, and in fact were not all of them all that awkward when it came to sharp pointy spear-like things. However, just when things looked about to get their worst, Dia Dia showed up. She growled at the much bigger two-leggers and then summoned another two-legger, then all was safe again. Since then, Fluffy has been Dia's constant companion and friend as Dia has been Fluffy's.

Fluffy's grasp of Draconic is basic, being not much better (and in fact a little worse) than what it was when he first met Dia. Lapdragons do not have the ability to speak Common naturally and Fluffy is no exception, but his time spent in the Jade Dragon Inn has allowed him to pick up some of the meaning of the language.

Fluffy [no pic]
affiliation: Dia Rai's companion, friend, and guardian watchdragon
birthplace: western Riva
race/species: pygmy Aldrosian, a.k.a. lapdragon
gender: male
abilities: telepathy; very limited grasp of spoken Common, accessible with concentration; basic understanding of Draconic, comparable to that of a young child; personally too heavy for flight, but can use his wings to glide, slow a fall, or hover for a very short time
description: Fluffy is the size of larger housecat with the head sitting on the body in a similar fashion. He weighs roughly 25 pounds. He is somewhat dwarfish for a lapdragon (which are, in and of themselves, pygmy versions of the larger Aldrosians); Fluffy has a stocky body on stubby legs, with a stubby tail which wags back and forth much like a dog's.


(as in "Justin")

One day, Justin was--and then, he was very tall. He was, additionally, inside a building which he would later learn to be the Ivory Horn. This wasn't the usual turn of events for trees, as you may well know, but when those darn fey come a-meddlin', who knows what sort of things'll come to be. Thus, despite all appearances--as he nearly reaches the full height of the inn's two stories--Justin is actually a very young tree.

Justin finds the innkeep of the Ivory Horn largely an agreeable human, even if the man did carve tables out of some of his larger roots. The floor around him remains dirt and a skylight has been installed above, both so as to facilitate feeding. The tables placed around his roots and in the balcony which encircle his higher branches bring him a steady source of Doman gossip, keeping the tree updated on the goings-on and supposed goings-on of the city in which he resides.

Justin [no pic]
affiliation: the oak tree growing inside the Ivory Horn
birthplace: the Ivory Horn
race/species: oak tree
gender: n/a
abilities: photosynthesis
description: Justin is a large oak tree which is taller than the two stories of the Ivory Horn.



Kawa [no pic]
affiliation: accompanies Sara Gentz
birthplace: Hakaril's underwear drawer
race/species: ryuuneko, a.k.a. dracokitty
gender: male
abilities: basic telepathy with Sara
description: ...



Lydia [no pic]
affiliation: independent ryuuneko, registered Doman citizen
birthplace: Ryuugami's "space"
race/species: ryuuneko, a.k.a. dracokitty
gender: female
abilities: telepathy; comprehension of spoken Common; ability to understand and speak fluent Draconic (with a feline accent)
description: Lydia is a typical ryuuneko; she is catlike in appearance with an elongated muzzle, perpertually oversized ears, shortened forelegs, and only partially retractable claws. Additionally, she sports a pair of reptilian wings as well as a very dragonny tail which is thicker around the base and tapers toward the end. Lydia's fur is brown, her scales dark green, and her eyes blue.

Noire Silvar


Noire Silvar is a direct creation of Ryuugami. Ostensibly, Noire was a "thank you gift" to Hakaril Silvar for his part in the events of Ryuugami's Temple; however, Noire will be happy to tell you that she picked the assignment herself, thank-you-very-much.

Personality-wise, Noire is a very self-sacrificing ryuuneko and puts up with all sorts of abuse; magnanimously, she only reminds Hakaril of this a few times a day. She should have known things were not going to go gracefully when Ryuugami decided to place her into existence inside Hakaril's wastebasket.

While she is his only true familiar, Noire lives with a book and a demonic dog-creature who both delude themselves that they are each his proper familiar. Occasionally, the three will get into shouting matches in Hakaril's head.

Noire Silvar Pdrydia028 noire.silvar.jpg
Noire Silvar destroying the chocobo feather in Hakaril's hat. Image by pdrydia.
affiliation: Hakaril Silvar's familiar
birthplace: Hakaril's wastebasket
race/species: ryuuneko, a.k.a. dracokitty
gender: female
abilities: telepathic connection with Hakaril, and through him both the Texts of Depression and Precious; vomit on command; comprehension of spoken Common; ability to understand and speak fluent Draconic (with a feline accent)
description: Noire is a typical ryuuneko; she is catlike in appearance with an elongated muzzle, perpertually oversized ears, shortened forelegs, and only partially retractable claws. Additionally, she sports a pair of reptilian wings as well as a very dragonny tail which is thicker around the base and tapers toward the end. Noire's fur is black, her scales a very dark green, and her eyes green.


(as in "Timmy")

Timmy began his life as a regular southern beech tree sprout--a regular southern beech tree sprout, just like any other. He was, however, being cultivated by an Argovian bonsai enthusiast, like many other at the time, and wound up in a pot and slowly guided in his growth over the next several years.

This was all very strange but Timmy had no concept of such. This was the life of all the trees he knew. It remained so, indeed, until he was put out in the Beau market for purchase. There, he encountered palm trees. Large palm trees.

Someone purchased Timmy that day but soon returned him to the man who ran the stall; the bonsai's health was failing. Timmy was bitter upon learning that all the care he had received at the hands of the bonsai man had been against nature and for the purpose of sale. The customer purchasing him accused the man of selling bad merchandise and was fully refunded.

The bonsai man took Timmy home, apologizing to Timmy for selling him to an improper caretaker (That wasn't the problem here!) and assuring Timmy that he was not 'bad merchandise' (Wait, what?). Over the next several weeks, the man paid special attention to Timmy to ensure that he recovered from his stint with the apparently unfriendly customer and that he had no previously undetected illnesses.

As the man took care of him, the young bonsai realized quickly that he was important to the man, beyond simple economics. Certainly, he was still confused and upset over the methods of his cultivation, but Timmy began to think about men and trees in greater depth. He didn't come to understand why the bonsai man did what he did with trees, or why the customer didn't care about Timmy as much as the bonsai man did, or what it would be like if he had grown into a larger tree instead of a smaller one, but nonetheless Timmy's health recovered. The bonsai man and Timmy were both happy with this.

Timmy wasn't brought out to the Beau market again but given as a gift to a friend of the bonsai man; another apparent bonsai enthusiast, but someone who did not practice the art. Timmy lived with this woman for many years and enjoyed listening to her play music and read stories to her grandchildren. He would in time, when she died, be "inherited" by one of these children.

The child didn't have a lot of interest in the tree itself, but took care of him for many years until finding a mate who fell in love with Timmy. One day this mate took Timmy with her and he never saw the grandson again. The woman took a new mate and in their shared home, he overheard a great deal of politics for the first time. They had a daughter who in time took over the duties of caring for Timmy and did a very good job of doing so.

This daughter went to school at Berryll University, which Timmy found very exciting since she read her studies aloud (she had heard that plants grow better if you talk to them). During her first year, however, the bonsai was stolen and he never saw her again.

He was supposed to--it was a hazing prank by one of her classmates, or something. However something happened where Timmy wound up in Nocturne, and from Nocturne to Paradyse, and from Paradyse to Wyrd.

Now Wyrd was really exciting. She could speak Timmy's language, which really, no one but trees should be able to speak--not that Timmy was complaining. She was a fey, she said, and apparently fey can do that sort of thing. So Wyrd started taking care of Timmy from then on, and Timmy has rather enjoyed having a liason to the non-tree world.

Timmy Jesterlex Talkin With Timmy by jesterlex.jpg
Timmy and Whisper, Wyrd's sister; artwork by Jesterlex (gallery)
affiliation: Wyrd's special tree friend
birthplace: Argovia
race/species: southern beech bonsai
gender: n/a
abilities: photosynthesis
description: Timmy is a miniature southern beech bonsai; his leaves are dark green on the top, pale on the bottom, and toothy around the edges. A deciduous tree, his leaves turn yellow and crimson in the autumn and fall during the winter. image ref, leaves Since his adoption by Wyrd, Timmy grows tall and largely unkempt.



Veina is dainty and VERY fluffy. She was born the best of the litter to her mother in the warm friendly home of some awkward tall and nonfluffy thing with many other creatures like herself but was then sent to this building with all sorts of other strange smelly creatures. However she was rescued from that place by some odd woman with ears and a tail kind of like hers only blue. This woman brought her to a small home not at all like the home with all the other creatures like herself because it didn't have a lot of creatures like herself only her but it WAS warm and friendly. Inside that home was another nonfluffy thing although less tall this time and with pretty dainty wings like Veina. Veina knew they were meant to be FRIENDS FOREVER when the nonfluffy thing gave her treats. THE END.

Veina [no pic]
affiliation: Reival Valerie Jewell's pet
birthplace: the home of a breeder in Nivea
race/species: (four winged kitty)
gender: female
abilities: maximum threshold cuteness; improved flop; teach humanoid a trick (fetch, come, feed me, defend, open)
description: A small, white, four-winged kitty purchased from a pet store in Doma City, Veina has no more intelligence than a regular cat, and arguably less. Personally, Veina is about as fluff-brained as it gets--and not a little bit vain.



Wiff was born to a litter and ran around playing in the mud. He found a human pup who liked to play in the mud, too, so they played lots. Later the human pup led him to his home and fed him. The human pup's mom decided to adopt Wiff so now he lives with his human littermate in this warm building with many friends and regular meals. It's very nice, but now that he's a grown-up dog he needs to play in the mud less and guard his humans more. It's what dogs do, you know.

Wiff [no pic]
affiliation: Rob's pet dog; the Jade Dragon Inn's resident mutt
birthplace: Doma City
race/species: dog
gender: male
abilities: barking, growling, biting, chasing; sitting up or down, laying, fetching, and rolling over on command
description: Wiff is a large mutt of a dog, now fully grown and the size of a larger adult golden retriever weighing in at 75 lbs. He'd look similar to a Golden-German Shepherd mix, with medium to long fur, floppy ears, a long muzzle and uncurled tail. His fur coat is splotched browns from head to tail to pawpads. image reference