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This page is under construction, as a new Elemaer Guide is taking shape specifically to be put here.

  • The History of Elemaer
    • Creation and the First Age
    • The First War of the Gods
    • The Second War of the Gods and the Betrayal
      • The Bane Gates
    • The War for Elemaer and the Third Age
  • The Gods of Elemaer
    • Krad
    • Laetha
    • Verir
    • Trixer
    • Alexairea
    • Su'riik
    • The Great Demons of Ar'tok
  • The Orders of the Elemental Gods
    • The Order of Fire
    • The Order of Air
    • The Order of Water
    • The Order of Earth
    • The Order of Light
    • The Order of Darkness
  • Life in Elemaer
    • The Great City of As'nar
    • The Frontier of Elemaer
    • Elemaeran Culture
  • Roleplaying in Elemaer and the character creation process
    • Places to RP in Elemaer
  • Category:Elemaeran_Characters

Some links, though, while we're working on it (Okay, let's face it, while Spleen is working on it):
The old Elemaer Guide: A lot of this information is out-of-date. Ask Spleen (AIM: DeathRaySpleen) for more info on what is and isn't.
The Elemaer Character Thread: This thread has descriptions of every Elemaer character to date.

Spleen Jots Down Elemaer Notes