Sirvix Malone

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Sirvix Silvar (
Sirvix at Ishmas, by Nekogami.
(RP World)
Sirvix Silver (nee: Malone)
(Gaera Main)
Nekora 13
Eastern Kingdom, Underworld
Age Years
Current Residence Doma Capital, Doma
Occupation Primary School teacher
Family Clitorie(mother), Testicles(TEST-tee-clees,Father, deceased), Gonas (estranged brother)
Race Succubus
Description Short red hair, blood red eyes, pale skin, slender build, four wings (top black, bottom blue)38C, 24 Waist, 30 Hip
Typical Clothing Naughty clothes that fringe 'unacceptable"
Religious Beliefs Non-practicing Kaynesian
Drunk Type Crude, lewd, and fun.

Noble bred succubus who 'married well' by marrying Hakaril Silvar.


Sirvix is a succubus, a kind of evil fairy from hell. Her father is a master demon from Hell's Peak Mountain, where a portal to the Shadows exist. Being an only child, she has been spoiled to death and protected from the outside world and is kind of naive but in a strange evil way. She met Hakaril Silvar at a resort and was swept off her feet by the handsome bishounen who did not find her name funny, as so many others (now dead) have. After convincing him to marry her, she set out to explore the world as her betrothed had so many times.

She traveled with her pet cerbie, Precious, dodging her father who was determined not to see her married to a human. One fateful day, she found herself kidnapped by her father's loyal general, Barge Porte. She was saved, they married and had a kid.

Philsys Data

Philsys Block

Level 1; XP 0/1000
Max HP: 60
Max MP: 60
Max TP: 19
Initiative: 8-18


Courage: +3 Wisdom: +4 Intuition: +2 Charisma: +3 Agility: +3 Dexterity: +1 Strength: +2 Stamina: +0 Magic Aptitude: +3


[Innate] Soul Energy Absorption - 3 [cou/cou/cha]
[s]Flight - 2 [Agi]
[s]Musical Talent [wis] - 3 Dagger - 4 [Cou/Str/Agi]
Fire Magic - 2 [Int/Wis/Mag]
Shadow Magic - 3 [Int/Wis/Mag]
Animal Handling (Demon) - 5 [cha/cha/wis]
Sing - 3 [Cha/Cha/Dex]
Motion - 4 [Int/Wis/Mag]
Musical Instrument (Violin)- 3 [Cha/Dex/Dex]

Spells and Techs

  • [Shadow=1]Shadow Cloud (5 MP) - causes blindness in the target on a successful roll. Blinded targets cannot see and suffer a -6/-6 AT/PA penalty until cured. Blindness wears off in 1d4 rounds naturally.
  • [Shadow=1]Serpent Strike (10 MP) - shadow coalesces into snake and strikes, poisons with a successful roll. This poison is level 3 poison, meaning it will deal 3d6 damage the first round, then 2d6, then 1d6, and then be removed from the victim's body.
  • [Shadow=2]Showdown (16 MP) - a wave of shadow hits the opponent, dealing 12+rank*3+1d6 damage. Roll for added effect on a d6--even numbers cause blindness for 1d4 rounds, and on a 6, target recieves an additional 2d6 shadow damage.
  • [Shadow=3]New Moon (15 MP) - surrounding loose rocks or matter is infused with shadow, a process that cases the matter to lose all luminosity and becomes unstable. Upon contact with the target the shadow-infused matter explodes, dealing 16+rank*4+2d6 damage to a single target.
  • [Fire=1]Fire 1 (5MP) - deals 8+2*rank+1d6 fire damage.
  • [Fire=2]Fire 2 (10MP) - deals 14+6*rank+2d6 damage.
  • [Innate, Soul Energy Absorption=1] Seductive Drain (2 TP/round) - Using her succubus powers, Sirvix can absorb the energy of living creatures through...intimate contact. Each round of continued "activity" (even a kiss will suffice) the affected target suffers (Rank + Level) shadow elemental damage multiplied by the total number of rounds contact has continued (i.e., x2 damage the second round, x3 damage the third round, and so forth). Sirvix gains one-half the damage dealt each round as MP; if her MP are full, excess "spill-over" restores her HP instead. The affected target must make an INT check versus Sirvix's skill to even realize he is being damaged! A new check is permitted each round as long as the target is conscious. Note: This ability is normally very difficult to use in combat and requires that the succubus be grappling her target, but creative succubi might find ways around obtaining consent...At GM's option, "more intimate" contact may provide a damage bonus

[Motion magic=4]Dimension door (10 MP) - Short-range teleport. Line of sight only, with a range of [rank] x 10 feet.


Insert some suitable description of Precious here, including his ability to change size; I'm not statting that.

Precious' stats and techs are heavily based on Sirvix's Animal Handling <Cha/Cha/Wis> skill. His base attributes are derived from the following:

  • HP 40, +5 per rank
  • TP 10, +1 per rank
  • AT/PA of 6/6, +1/+1 per rank
  • MBlock 10, +1 per rank
  • Missile Evade 10, +1 per rank

For every level Sirvix gains, Precious gets a +3 bonus to his bite damage. This benefit is independent of any skill level.

Commanding Precious to take an action (attacking or using a Tech, unless that Tech is an interrupting action) uses up Sirvix's turn. If Precious' level is ever important, his level is equal to Sirvix's level. Consider Precious to have COU and STA scores each equal to +3 plus one-fifth Sirvix's level (round down).

HP: 60
TP: 14
AT/PA: 10/10
Initiative: 6+2d6
MBlock: 14
Missile Evade: 14
AC: 2
Move Speed: 8 hexes
Bite: 16+2d6
Special Abilities
  • [Innate]Creature Type Properties - Demon. Precious takes 50% damage from shadow-elemental sources and double damage from holy elemental sources. Holy-based healing still works normally, however.
  • [Innate]Top Dog - Precious has intelligence equivalent to that of an average human. He understands Common and Demonic equally well. If it is ever necessary for Precious to make a WIS check, his WIS score is +0.
  • [Innate]Telepathic Bond - Precious can communicate telepathically from relatively short range. His telepathic "voice" projects no farther than the average humanoid would be able to make himself heard by yelling, and its clarity is likewise reduced by distance. This telepathy is limited to Sirvix and other people with whom his master shares a very close bond (Hakaril, James, and "the cat" [Noire]) or her blood relatives.
  • [Innate]Keen Senses - Precious has very good hearing and an excellent sense of smell. He can track creatures by scent when applicable. Treat Precious as having an INT score of +4 for the purposes of perception checks only.
  • [Handle Precious=1]Demon's Best Friend (3 TP) - As an interrupting action when Sirvix would be struck by an attack, Precious can interpose himself between her and whatever might threaten his master. Redirect all damage that Sirvix would have taken to Precious instead. Precious must be fairly close to Sirvix to use this ability--no more than two hexes (yards) away.
  • [Handle Precious=4]Niiiice Doggy... (4 TP) - Precious emits a fierce growl capable of inciting fear in those who would threaten his master. The vibrations that result from this ability are so powerful that even creatures who cannot hear are susceptible. A total number of targets up to Sirvix's skill rank must make a COU check versus Handle Precious skill or be so unnerved that they suffer a -3 penalty to AT/PA and Missile Evade. On a critical success, this ability may cause weak-kneed targets to flee in terror!


Random facts about the character.