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Zeiren Aslan
name Zeiren Aslan
rp world Gaera MAC
birthdate Kazerora 16, 3076
birthplace Doma City, Residential Sector III
current residence MAC Igala D, dormitory F-910
occupation MAC Cadet, A2 Pilot. Part-time slacker, Star Catcher
family Keetais Aslan (Mother, NPC), Malcolm Aslan (Father, NPC), numerous siblings (Leave it to your imagination)
race Half-demon(Type-unknown), half-human
physical description Height of 5'8.5", appears to have a fair complexion, turquoise eyes, build slightly on the thin side. Has black, ice-blue-streaked hair of decent length, and pointy ears--the ears darken slightly near the tip, though. A pair of small horns may be visible to the observant. Has an appearance erring on the androgynous "bishounen" end.
typical clothing Wears either his MAC Igala uniform (Currently self-decorated for eight kills) or an outfit that includes a black leather jacket. Always wears his standard-issue boots.
personality Has a very "here and now" mentality in general. The past is done with, and the future's not determined anyway. Would prefer to think about today rather than tomorrow, and tomorrow rather than the rest of the damn week. Thinks of what is, as opposed to what might be or what has been. Doesn't see the point in drilling and studying, and hates being forced to do such activities, preferring to learn by actually doing. He's more than a bit of a flirt, though he typically prefers to keep things on that level, and nothing more. Loyal to his friends. Doesn't see a problem with using tactics others would deem "dishonorable," and doesn't always care for following others' orders, trying to subvert his own ideas if he disagrees and has a better idea. Given his current financial situation, is on the lookout for money, particularly easy money--though he's not willing to do anything PARTICULARLY stupid in this case. Coincidentally, he's not that careful with it himself. Likes action movies and similarly-paced video games, and thinks himself at least a bit better than average.
religious beliefs Doesn't worship.
drunk type Undetermined.
affiliations Serran, Sigov, Tareen(Squadmates), Oxblood("Irritating stinky guy who tags along"/disliked squadmate, Helena(Formerly in a "relationship" with, 'deceased'))
other Doesn't react too well to typical medical treatment due to odd biological makeup, thanks to what he inherited from his mother. Gets rather offended by stinky people. Formerly in an unofficial grudge with one Oxblood, but they've learned to tolerate each other. Has a habit of marking off kills on the shoulder of his uniform, much to the chagrin of some.

Has made moves on: Elsa Kuragari, Hayako Usagitsuki, Helena, Kristen, Michelle, Xin'ng Saan'ng



It is sometimes said that those who can connect with the Cyberplane can come from anywhere and everywhere, from any background, any experience, and any upbringing. Zeiren Aslan is indeed living proof of this. His particular origin is what one could say was a standard Gaeran story. Powerful demon gets particularly bored with its home plane. Demon decides to go to the material plane to escape the crushing monotony. Demon meets up with warrior, falls in love, gets married, and ends up being a (still attractive) mother of...many.

Zeiren was the first-born child to Keetais and Malcolm Aslan, and lived an oddball life in his home in the third resedential sector of Doma City, thanks to his mother and siblings. For the most part, growing up for him when he was out of the house wasn't strange at all--after all, school is school, and arcades fit into the schedule. But, however, dealing with the family was a totally different issue. It could be argued that he was one of the few bastions of sanity in a family situation otherwise devoid of such...and between his mother and siblings...there would indeed be a lot of madness--Keetais was a relatively quick drain on Malcolm's income thanks to her lack of self-control with money, as well as doing, err, other things with her husband, leaving Zeiren to deal with his, at times maddening, brothers and sisters.

It could be safely said that there were times that Zeiren wanted a break--and he left the home at times for that purpose. But, however, his father had other plans for him (as well as a disinterest in paying more money for education), and--to his irritation, sent the boy to a military academy--to be trained as infantry, the same as he was. And thus began a new chapter of his life. Zeiren loathed basic, despite picking up a few things from it. Drilling, drilling, and more drilling was the life here, and when they weren't drilling him, they were effectively trying to break his will in order to make him "part of the corps". Unfortunately for them, neither really worked so well on him. He seemed more interested in questioning every possible thing regarding the drills, and attempting to "break" him appeared to be ineffective, if not strengthining his resolve not to go along with it.

MAC Igala A, entry and acclimation

The last straw was pulled when Zeiren, in an act of amazing bravery, great idiocy, pure insanity, or all three, decided to make an advance on a superior officer. Enraged by this, she did everything in her power to get him removed. It may've been a stroke of luck that a few glitches in the paperwork got him instead transferred to the Armored Corps, and the Academy. It was there where life became a bit more...interesting. Piloting a standard Armor for his first few years, he was initially roomed with a more experienced pilot--Rouma Ayr, a "Tek," as he was called by the others who had been in the academy for longer than a day. Thanks to him and the general difference in the academy compared to Basic, Zeiren eventually got out of his hatred for anything to do with the military, and got settled in with the MAC more than he ever could have with the infantry.

It was noticeable that Zeiren quickly picked up on tactical implementation, excelling in tactical snap-decisions in the small-scale, but not excelling so much in organizing larger-scale attack thanks to his general outlook and a degree of laziness. He became relatively proficient at reading opponents; possibly due to his training, and possibly due to his experiences in the "waste-of-time" video arcades, and outguessing them in the end. As such, he was able to somewhat keep up with the rest of the others who were able to either modify their Armors, or buy superior ones. He was recognizable for his appearance, and generally, life was good.

Meanwhile, Ayr had his own issues; though his typically-piloted Armor was fine, he had a sort of burden with a second A2 (Auracore Armor)--an unusual Neo-Solasian design optimized primarily for close-combat--that he was "given". It was well-known as a "cursed" Armor to all who have seen it in action, or piloted it, and the higher ups referred to it as a "berserker" for its tendencies. The SMA2-n74/A "Scelestus" was, though an impressive machine, suicide to try and pilot; those who attempted ended up being instead run by the A2's stronger personality. Ayr hadn't even tried, given the stories about it, so he left it in the hangar next to his personal Armor, the DMA2-S/22e "Eclipse".

As it would appear, Ayr ended up being particularly sick on the day of a major match. He urged Zeiren not to do anything like substitute for him, but instead, the halfdemon decided to, out of desire to help, instead opted to "replace" him for the match. Deciding to try and throw the opponents for a loop...he decided not to use Ayr's Eclipse, but instead the cursed Armor--which he thought was simply a second one, not knowing the stories about it. In his disguise, he effectively had his first taste of advanced simulated combat, as well as his first jaunt into the cyberplane. And his first contact with the A2's rather...forceful...symbiote. However, it appeared that the hellish situation in infantry basic paid off, as he was able to retain a semblance of control--and earned "Nanashii's" respect in the process. He was amazed at how much better the Armor controlled, meoved, and fought, than the typical one he piloted. Effectively aiding the team behind a masked helmet, Zeiren managed to assist in bringing the match to a draw. However, a good thing wouldn't last, as he was quickly revealed after the fight. Though berated and punished for impersonating another cadet, engaging in a simulation battle he was unqualified for, and various other offenses, a few others were awed in how he managed to control the "cursed Armor." Ayr himself was a bit irate with Zeiren for disobeying his wishes, and then proceeded to give the halfdemon what he thought he deserved after that match: the SMA2-n74/A had finally found a pilot...

Vessels of Souls

Unfortunately, Zeiren himself couldn't quite get a break after finally learning how to deal with the Scelestus and its egotistical, forceful, and sometimes insane symbiote, Nanashii. Amongst others, Zeiren was shipped off to MAC Igala D to deal with a threat of a group of "Ghost Armors" that has been attacking varied installations as of late. The Scelestus served him well on his first real combat, allowing him to shrug off the beam cannons that the Ghost Armors used, and the machine's "Alpha Rifle" and targeting systems accentuating his impressive combat and synchronization skills. Unfortunately, a freak malfunction of the decoy discharger opened him up to an attack from missiles, inflicting heavy damage to the A2. Ultimately, he managed to squeeze a direct kill and an indirect kill from that combat, causing a reactor meltdown that annihilated the target he shot, and a (albeit temporarily) disabled enemy. Exhausted from that fight and from an...issue...that arose during combat due to Tareen's behavior, he collapsed after the debriefing of that fight. It's also noteworthy that he put in the idea to the commander of somewhere to give Oxblood a new Armor from after this fight.

It goes without saying that eventually, Delta Unit was called into action again, this time for an unofficial stealth mission into Sentancorp. This, needless to say, was completely new territory for Zeiren, having had no experience for much on foot aside from running and shooting. It would have been a safe assumption that, were it not for his gear, the halfdemon would have likely been dead, amongst other things, as a result of this mission. While a less-frequent squadmate, Donovan, at least attempted to run the whole operation, Zeiren still managed to do a few things; primarily, knocking a few targets out with a specially-requisitioned stun pistol, making sure disguises were consistent with themselves, and surprisingly enough, shooting off a guard's head with a lucky blaster pistol shot during a standoff. Needless to say, he played a decent role there.

There was little time to celebrate after this clandestine operation, however, as news regarding a potential Ghost Armor attack had come through one Serran from Makura as a source had reached the squadron. It was decided that they would go on foot to the destination in order to hold off the attack, and in the process, the squadron ran into some of Makura's family; his brother, Kagero, and his sister, Elsa, who Zeiren had teased Makura about for her being attractive. However, flirting didn't really accomplish anything other than Zeiren being called a flatterer and targeted by Elsa--while unloading hell-in-coherent-light-form on Kagero's PT12 "Dracolich", arguably doing most of the actual killing himself on the former A2, and aiding in the act of slaughtering Elsa's PT11 "Drider" in a humiliating beatdown of a fight.

To be Continued


RHbA-s1 "Sturmpanzer MkII (Zeiren Custom)

SMA2-n74/A "Scelestus"

SSpA2-n74r/NT "Exsilium"

MACsys sheet


Zeiren Aslan (User:Namagomi)

Stats Advantages and Disadvantages Skills
Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost
ST: 10 0 Tek Aptitude (Level 3) 35 Piloting/TL (Mecha) - 15/18/19 8
DX: 13 30 Advanced Mecha (200-point) 30 Gunner/TL (Ballistics) - 15/18 2
IQ: 12 20 Strong Will (Level 5) 20 Gunner/TL (Beams) - 17/20 8
HT: 11 10 Appearance (Beautiful, Bishounen) 15 Gunner/TL (Plasma) - 15/18 2
Resistant to Poison 5 Mecha Strikers - 16 2
Resistant to Disease 5 Karate - 14/17 8
Military Rank (Lieutenant) 5 Beam Weapons/TL - 16 2
Lecherous -15 Running - 9 1
Overconfident -10 Acrobatics - 13 4
Impulsive -10 Writing - 11 1
Wealth (Struggling) -10 Leadership - 12 2
Compulsive Spendthrift (Mild) -5 Electronics Operation(Sensors) - 12 1
Sense of Duty (Immediate friends, allies) -5 Electronics Operation(Communications) - 12 1
Unusual Biochemistry -5 Stealth - 12 1
Tactics - 16 12
Motorcycle - 14 2
Gaming(Fighting games) - 12 1
Singing - 12 2
Computer Operation - 12 1
Sex Appeal - 11 2
Acting - 12 2
Language (Demonic) - 14 2
Battlesuit Operation - 12 1