PT12 "Dracolich"

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This prototype Armor was piloted in an ambush by Kagero Kuragari, Makura's brother, against Delta Squadron, and posed a significant threat while it was in action. Helena banished the astral symbiote within it to its native plane, partially-disabling it. Before it was finally destroyed, it took Helena out of commission, and heavily damaged Oxblood's second Armor. Though its durability proved to be troublesome for the group, it was ultimately taken down by teamwork between Zeiren, Serran, Helena, and Oxblood. For a while it rested in MAC Igala D, undergoing dissection, analysis, and reconstruction under the mechanic team, led by Tareen

The Dracolich was refurbished with a new symbiote, but lay unused until Benten Kuragari claimed it for the final battle against Izue Mazuo. Unfortunately for him, its new symbiote was largely uninterested in the fight and refused to function properly.


Shaped like a massive black dragon, this former A2 spans 50 feet from head to tail, one of the larger Armors constructed here. Like its namesake, it uses flame-, or in this case, plasma-based weapons, all of which are located primarily in the head and mouth; these weapons are easily capable of suiting different roles, and includes both spreadfire bursts to hit groups, as well as clinging plasma weapons, commonly recognized as "Death Flamers" amongst most troops. Supplementing this impressive firepower is an impressive level of armoring; well over the standard quantity, and backed by an ultra-dense frame. A light shield reinforces the defenses slightly.

A new symbiote had been installed on the Dracolich that Benten rode into combat. However, it had ultimately proven useless, as the symbiote wanted nothing to do with combat, refusing to use the weapons and instead focusing completely on the climate control and radio, listening to show tunes.

...and we thought Nanashii had issues...


PT12 "Dracolich"
Type: Machinist, formerly Tek(Symbiote banished)

Value: Unknown
Pilots: Kagero Kuragari(former)
Benten Kuragari(temp)
Symbiote Identity:Currently none

Basic stats




Structural and Internal

Armor: DR 400St/000Ab/100Sh(45)
Frame: Superheavy
Comsuite: Standard
Computer: Standard
PESA: 5M/x5, +0 to hit
AESA: 5M, +2 to hit


Ejection Seat:Present
Self-Destruct Mechanism:None
Deceptive Jammer:None
Transmission Jammer:None
Boosters:Flight/Hover-capable, 1xBLS
Radical Stealth:None
Infrared Stealth:None
Chameleon Stealth:None


Dodge: 6
PD: 4
HP: 6400/7520
Speed: 40 MPH
Size: +6

Sentancorp "Flame Tongue" Clinging Plasma Spread

Base:2x WP-Type Heavy Death Plasma (linked)
Damage: 6d*35(10)/Spcl, Energy, burns for half for 1d4 rounds
Weight: Heavy
Acc: 24
SS: 15/8
Optimal/Max range: 1000/1350, 15yd spread
Rate of Fire: 1 ea
Points: 2*25+2

Seiram-Karume 130mm Linear Cannon

Base:1x Heavy Strike Rail
Damage:6d*120(3)/Cr, Solid, Halved after armor
Optimal/Max range:16000/28650
Rate of Fire:1

Sentancorp "Draconium" Plasma Claws"

Base:2x Heavy Plasma Claws
Damage:8d*45(10)/Imp, Energy, Doubled after armor