Xevan Lunelestros

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Xevan Lunelestros
(rp world)
Xevan Lunelestros
(Gaera Main)
26th of Tzelara, 1145, age 171
current residence With Holly!
occupation Freelance Enchanter/Jeweler, Bodyguard to Holly
family Numerous members of Drow House Lunelestros (estranged)
race Dark Elf
physical description Roughly 5' 4", midnight blue skin, long snow white hair that falls below his shoulders to around his upper back, dark red eyes.
typical clothing Typically wears black or midnight blue robes with green or silver accents. His clothing usually bears the symbol of his house, a crescent moon with a star in the center, and he always wears a silver pendant with that same design.
personality Xevan is generally outwardly cold and restrained, but he has a fierce sense of honor and loyalty; he believes that to break an oath or contract is unforgivable. He tends to have a sarcastic sense of humor and a sharp tongue, and he is often very patronizing with those he considers fools (which is quite a few people). Above all else, he is dedicated to protecting Holly as a result of his life debt to her. While it is difficult if not impossible for Xevan to admit his feelings, he actually considers Holly to be one of his (if not his only) friends; at this point, it is unclear to him what he would do or where he would be without her, and he finds himself tolerating behaviors from her that would otherwise greatly irritate him. Xevan has little in the way of a sense of mercy and is typically remarkably cruel and sadistic when regarding his enemies.
fighting style Gunnir Type II Aggressive/V Trickster combination; Xevan's magic tends to reflect his sadistic streak.
religious beliefs Xevan acknowledges the power of Nikumu, god of hatred, but believes that hate is only useful when tempered with the reason provided by Exinde, god of knowledge and logic.
drunk type Brooding
other Xevan has a taste for both Rivan whiskey and dry red wines. Oh, yeah, and revenge.


Xevan Lunelestros was a proud member of an Igalan drow house, the Lunelestros family, in the Nikumian drow city of Ka'thesh. A talented magician and scholar, Xevan had worked his way up through the ranks of his house and was considered to be among its upper heirarchy. All things considered, Xevan had a fairly typical life for a drow in his community, and he likely would have continued to live out a totally ordinary existence were it not for a set of unfortunate events.

Like most drow, being in a position of power ultimately turned out to be a liability for Xevan. House Varzil, a house with prestige almost equal to that of House Lunelestros, had become a political threat--or so Xevan had been informed by his closest family members and advisors. Xevan began working with several of other members of his house to plan an elaborate and covert raid on House Varzil, intending to ambush and assassinate several key figures when Varzil's members would least expect it--during a raid by House Varzil on a surface community. Having apparently gained the support of several close allies, Xevan and the other members of his House headed to the surface. Unfortunately for Xevan, he had been double-crossed. Rival members of House Lunelestros backstabbed Xevan during the ambush, hoping to eliminate him as an obstacle to achieving greater power while simultaneously dealing a critical blow to House Varzil. Left on the surface to die, Xevan cursed his supposed brethren for betraying him.

Quite contrary to his expectations, Xevan did not die, instead awaking several days later in a human girl's home. Holly, after finding Xevan bleeding to death and unconscious, carried him back to her current place of residence and nursed him back to health. Stunned by this show of generosity from a complete stranger and realizing that her intervention offered him a chance at revenge, Xevan acknowledged that he would never be able to satisfactorily repay her for her favor. Because of his strict adherence to a rarely-invoked drow honor code, Xevan's philosophy required him to pledge his unwavering loyalty to the girl who rescued him from death; she having saved his life, it was no longer his possession, but hers. This obligation of honor required Xevan to act as her protector and servant for the duration of her life, and he continues to carry it out to this day.

Adventures and Relationships

Xevan travels the world alongside Holly without fail, acting as her bodyguard and taking a very protective (almost patriarchical) position with regard to her well-being despite the fact that the young bard is completely capable of taking care of herself. Having spent the past several years of his life around her, Xevan has come to rather enjoy Holly's company, even though her behavior occasionally tries his patience--though he rarely admits it to anyone, including himself. He is often somewhat overzealous in his adherence to "defending" the girl, and has on more than one occasion threatened to kill people who he believed might interfere with her, including her adoptive father, Isaac Abriani.

Recently, Xevan and Holly assisted Kumo so that he could be rid of demonic possession by an entire tribe of deceased moogles. Xevan's strangely diplomatic ingenuity allowed the moogle chieftain who possessed the circlet of chieftains to loan the artifact to Kumo and allow his prisoners to escape without "losing face" with his subjects. His talents as a jeweler also came in handy for creating an identical (but non-magical) copy of the circlet to act as a ringer.

Goals and Aspirations

Ultimately, Xevan intends to return to Ka'thesh and get revenge on those in his house who betrayed him. However, Xevan's definition of appropriate revenge differs somewhat from most adventurers; his intention is to kill everyone who betrayed him, then kill every ancestor and descendent of his betrayers for at least two generations in each direction, as well as any other members of House Lunelestros that might interfere with his goals. To achieve this goal, he seeks the arcane knowledge and power required to transform himself into a lich.

My name is Xevan Lunelestros. You killed me, or at least, you believed you did, and now you will wish you had properly finished the job. I will kill your husband or wife, your parents, and your parents' parents. I will kill your children and your children's children. But right now I will kill you. You tried to erase me from this world, and now I will return the favor more thoroughly than you could ever possibly imagine. Before you die, you will scream, beg, plead, and pray to every god whose name you can remember through the blinding excesses of your agony. But only I will be able to hear you, and there will be no more mercy for you than there was for me.

Philsys Data

Philsys Block

Xevan Lunelestros (Archmage) Level 3; 0/1500 XP
Max HP: 59
Max MP: 119
Max TP: 15
Initiative: 4+2d6


Courage: +2
Wisdom: +6
Intuition: +4
Charisma: +0
Agility: +2
Dexterity: +2
Strength: +1
Stamina: +0
Magic Aptitude: 6

Base AT/PA: 9/9

Base AT/PA - 9/9
Modified for armor - 9/10 Modified for skill (short sword) - 10/14
Modified for short sword - 10/14

Modified for skill (quarterstaff) - 9/11
Modified for quarterstaff - 7/13

Base MATK: 16
Base MBlock: 18
Base Missile Evade: 18

Body=Robe (AC 2)
Hands=Leather Gloves (AC 4)
Shield=Buckler (0/+1, AC 8, Durability 7/7)

Weapon Damage - Short Sword (7/10/13)
Light - 10+1d6
Medium - 13+2d6
Heavy - 16+3d6

Weapon Damage - Quarterstaff (3/5/8, -2/+2)
Light - 3+2d6
Medium - 5+3d6
Heavy - 8+4d6

Weapon Damage - Light Crossbow
Accuracy - 9
Damage - 22+1d4


Short Sword - 3 (COU/AGI/DEX)
Quarterstaff - 1 (COU/AGI/STR)
Crossbow - 2 (STR/DEX/DEX)
Banishing Magic - 8 (INT/WIS/MAG)
Shadow Magic - 8 (INT/WIS/MAG)
Telepathy - 8 (INT/WIS/MAG)
Enchanting Magic - 6 (INT/WIS/MAG)
Illusion Magic - 6 (INT/WIS/MAG)
Jewelcrafting - 4 (DEX/DEX/INT)
[k]Applied Magical Theory - 8
[k]Magical Creatures - 4
[k]Ritual Magic - 4
[k]Igalan History - 2
[k]Literature - 1
[k]Heraldry - 1

Spells and Techs

  • [Innate]Drow Traits - Xevan can see perfectly (albeit in black and white) in total darkness.
  • [M-Theory=2]Blood Empower (2 TP) - Multiplies a damaging spell's effect by 1.5, but Xevan takes damage equal to 25% of the spell's base damage (before the 1.5 multiplier).
  • [M-Theory=4]Birthed from Darkness (2 TP) - Any of Xevan's offensive spells with a Shadow component can originate from a point other than his body as long as that area is dark. This can be used to create confusing and unpredictable attacks, giving him a +rank/2 bonus to his roll.
  • [M-Theory=8]Quicken Spell (6 TP) - Allows Xevan to cast a spell as a free action--the cost of this ability is added to the cost of the spell.
  • [Shadow=1]Moonbeam (8 MP) - A basic elemental attack. Deals 8+rank*2+1d6 (16+1d6) shadow damage to a single target.
  • [Shadow=4]Moonslicer (14 MP) - A more powerful elemental attack. Deals 12+rank*4+2d6 (44+2d6) shadow damage to a single target.
  • [Shadow=8]Moonblades (48 MP) - Fires a set of blades of shadow energy at up to (rank/2) targets, each dealing 14+rank*4+2d6 (46+2d6) shadow damage to a single target.
  • [Banishing=1]Repel (8 MP) - Creates an invisible shield that provides cover against physical attacks, increasing the caster's PA by rank for 1+1d4 rounds.
  • [Banishing=3]Reject (14 MP) - Counters a spell directed at the caster. If the caster's magic attack roll for this spell exceeds the spell roll made by the attacker, the attacker's spell fails. This spell can be cast at any time, but doing so forfeits the caster's turn for the round.
  • [Banishing=4]Exclude (18 MP) - This spell requires a ten-minute ritual. It creates a circle no more than rank*3 feet in diameter into which only people and objects specified by the caster can enter. A successful magic resist roll allows a subject (and any objects carried or worn by the subject) to enter the circle, but if the subject leaves, a second roll is required to re-enter. This spell can also be reversed, preventing subjects inside the circle from leaving.
  • [Banishing=6]Deny (18 MP) - Attempts to interrupt a physical attack directed at the caster by creating a shield almost instantaneously. The shield has an AC of rank*5. Extra damage beyond the shield's AC is dealt to the caster. This spell may be cast at any time the caster is being physically attacked, and it does not cost the caster his turn.
  • [Banishing=7]Oppose (24 MP) - Creates a barrier (up to (rank) yards wide and tall) that blocks spells. In order to create an effect on the other side of the barrier or cast a spell through it, the caster's spell roll must beat an opposed spell check using Xevan's Banishing Magic rank. The barrier in no way impedes physical objects, including those conjured by spell effects, unless they are being magically propelled (a conjured arrow would pass through, whereas an earth spell that creates and hurls a large rock is subject to a check).
  • [Banishing=8]Expunge (20 MP) - Attempts to banish a creature called by a summoning spell. If successful, the creature vanishes, returned to wherever it came from.
  • [Telepathy=1]Mind Knives (6 MP) - Amplifies pain felt by the subject. For every 20 points of damage dealt to the target this round, the subject suffers a -1 penalty on all actions (maximum -5). This penalty decreases by 2 each round until it is no longer in effect.
  • [Telepathy=2]Torment (6 MP) - Causes the subject to feel incredible pain without actually dealing damage. This spell imposes a -2 penalty to all actions for one round; if Mind Knives is in effect on the target, this spell also increments its current penalty by 2.
  • [Telepathy=3]Suggest (10 MP) - Forces a target to perform a simple command (no more than a sentence). Affected targets will not take any action that would be obviously self-harming, and any attempt to convince a target to do harm to an ally is at -6. The spell's duration is at most one minute; any commands that would take longer than one minute to complete are aborted when the spell expires.
  • [Telepathy=4]Baffle (12 MP) - Confuses the target, causing them to do one of three things: be dazed and unable to act for 1d4 rounds, attack allies and enemies randomly, or flee from combat.
  • [Telepathy=6]Mind Swords (14 MP) - Amplifies pain felt by the subject. For every 20 points of damage dealt to the subject for the next three rounds, the subject suffers a -1 penalty on all actions (maximum -10). This penalty decreases by 2 each round until it is no longer in effect.
  • [Telepathy=8]Anguish (16 MP) - Instills a terrible sense of dread and sadness in the target. An affected target will, if left to his own devices, collapse and weep, preventing action for up to (rank) rounds. If attacked, the target can defend himself, but suffers a -6 PA, Missile Evade, and MBlock penalty.
  • [Illusion=1]Distraction (5 MP) - The simplest of all illusion spells, this creates a very basic, single dimension illusion (visual or audial). This may be used to fool observers or targets as desired, and the actual effects should be left up to common sense.
  • [Illusion=1]Conjure Shadow (3 MP) - Creates areas of shadow, effectively cancelling out existing light. The conjured shadows last rank minutes or until forcefully dispelled. Any magical light created by a caster with a rank equal or greater than Xevan's dispels the shadows instantly.
  • [Illusion=3]Disguise (8 MP) - Creates a visual illusion that disguises the target as another person or object.
  • [Illusion=4]Invisibility (10 MP) - This spell makes the target invisible by bending light around him or her. Invisible targets still project themselves astrally, so this ability will not fool mages scanning the astral plane or reading auras. Invisible targets recieve a +10 bonus to attack any foe who is unaware of their presence. Casting a spell or attacking breaks the effect; otherwise, the effect lasts for rank minutes.
  • [Illusion=5]Improved Distraction (8 MP) - A more complex illusion spell, this spell can create an illusion with up to two dimensions, as well as an illusion of greater complexity.
  • [Illusion=6]Major Disguise (10 MP) - This spell enables the caster to create an illusion which makes them resemble someone else. The caster can make themselves to appear to be anyone or look however they so desire, so long as they can clearly imagine it.
  • [Shadow=4, Illusion=4, Telepathy=4]Phantasmal Terrors (24 MP) - Conjures the illusion of horrifying creatures to attack a single target. Surrounded by nightmares, the target suffers 16+rank*4+2d6 (48+2d6) shadow damage. This spell amplifies the target's tactile senses, resulting in excruciating pain; for every 10 points of damage that this spell deals, the target suffers a -1 penalty to all actions (maximum -10). This penalty decreases by 2 each round until it is no longer in effect.
  • [Shadow=8, Illusion=6, Telepathy=6]Fear the Reaper (36 MP) - Delivers a terrifying vision of the target's imminent death while simultaneously conjuring a group of phantasmal wraiths. Only one of the wraiths is actually real and capable of dealing damage--the others are all illusory. A strike from the real wraith deals 24+rank*4+3d6 (66+3d6) damage and an additional 1d4 points of COU damage. The myriad distractions increase the difficulty of defending against the attack, imposing a -4 penalty to resist the spell unless the target is immune to mind-affecting spells.
  • [Enchanting=1]Enchant Object (Varies) - Xevan can totally make magical stuff. Details later.