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(rp world)
(Gaera Main)
2 Reshtara 1299
current residence Doma
occupation Travelling musician
family Isaac Abriani (father), Xevan Lunelestros, (guardian)
race Human
physical description Holly is a rather short girl (about 5'1") with incredibly messy blonde hair that would cover her eyes if it could ever manage to lie down on her head in an orderly fashion.
typical clothing She wears a bright red jacket often matched by either a red mage hat or a brightly-patterned scarf around her hair. She also wears purple paisley leggings with knee-high brown boots. She carries a whip dagger, which is basically a whip that has a small knife at the end and is also covered in barbed-wire and various razor nonsense.
personality Holly is very sweet and surprisingly well-adjusted for someone who occasionally does mercenary work. She's more than a little naive, which some find charming and others see as an opportunity to take advantage of her. She's supportive and loving of just about everyone. Her friends are the most important thing in the world to her, and their happiness is her top priority no matter what. At the expense of her own safety, morality, and happiness, the people Holly loves will have whatever they need to ensure their happiness.
religious beliefs Holly worships Farlanghn, a peripheral deity that Isaac introduced her to in the course of their travels.
drunk type Musical drunk, on the rare occasions she drinks enough to feel it.


As far as Holly is concerned, Isaac Abriani picked her up at an orphanage during the course of his travels and decided to raise her as his own. At least, this is what he's told her. In reality, Holly belonged to a Barian couple, and Isaac, deciding he didn't like them or trust them, kidnapped her and the story follows as normal from there on.

Holly had a very nurturing and supportive upbringing, and when she was fifteen she struck out on her own. She keeps in touch with her father, but the two had separate lives and understood that travelling together wouldn't be possible.

Very shortly afterward, she met a Drow named Xevan Lunelestros. She found him wounded and near-death in the woods near her home. She brought him back and tended to him until he recovered. He subsequently swore his loyalty to her and follows her around as her guardian. Holly is absolutely convinced that they're friends who care about one another, and not merely a girl and a grown man indebted to her. After all, what do you call two people who look out for one another, respect and value each other, and would never do anything to cause each other harm? Xevan himself would probably disagree with her logic, but Holly holds out hope that he'll eventually realize that they really are friends.



Nothing yet. I'd need to draw up a comic I wrote, but I haven't done it.

Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Holly (Kai) Level: 2 XP: 350/1250
Max HP: 67/67 Max MP: 90/90 Max TP: 21/21
Initiative: 2+ 2d6


Courage: 2
Wisdom: 3
Intuition: 3
Charisma: 4
Agility: 1
Dexterity: 0
Strength: 2
Stamina: 1
Magic Aptitude: 5

Base MATK: 11
Base MDEF: 17

Base AT/PA - 8/8
Modified for skill - 14/8
Modified for weapon - 15/7
Modified for armor - n/n
missile evasion - 15

Body= AC 7
-Various layers of clothing AC 2
-Leather bracers AC 5

Weapon Damage - (razor whip) 8,11,14
-Light: 16 + 1d6
-Medium: 21 + 2d6 (-2)
-Heavy: 26 + 3d6 (-5)


[k]Bardic Lore - 4
Benediction - 6
Illusion magic - 4
Telepathy - 4
-flute - 4
-oratory - 3
-vocal - 6
heal (not magic)(INT/WIS/WIS) - 3
weapon (razor whip)(COU/AGI/STR) - 6


    • [Benediction=1]Sharpen (8 MP) - Boosts the damage of a weapon by +rank for rank rounds.
    • [Benediction=2]Fortify (8 MP) - Boosts the AC of an armor by +rank for rank rounds.
    • [Benediction=3]Center (10 MP) - Boosts a target's PA by +rank for rank rounds.
    • [Benediction=4]Align (12 MP) - Boosts a target's AT by +rank for rank rounds.
    • [Benediction=5]Charge (14 MP)- Boosts the targets MATK by +rank for rank rounds.
    • [Benediction=6]Shield (15 MP)- Boosts the targets MDEF by +rank for rank rounds.
    • [Benediction=7]Hero's Resolve (17 MP) - Raises a target's Courage by +rank for rank rounds.
    • [Benediction=8]Endurance (18 MP) - Raises an opponent's STA by +rank for rank rounds. This effect is stackable.
    • [Illusion=1]Prestidigitation (2 MP) - Once cast, a prestidigitation spell enables Holly to perform simple magical effects for 1 hour. The effects are minor and have severe limitations. A prestidigitation can slowly lift 1 pound of material. It can color, clean, or soil items in a 1-foot cube each round. It can chill, warm, or flavor 1 pound of nonliving material. It cannot deal damage or affect the concentration of spellcasters. Prestidigitation can create small objects, but they look crude and artificial. The materials created by a prestidigitation spell are extremely fragile, and they cannot be used as tools, weapons, or spell components.
    • [Illusion=1]Distraction (5 MP) - The simplest of all illusion spells, this creates a very basic, single dimension illusion (which can be any dimension the caster has access to). This may be used to fool observers or targets as desired, and the actual effects should be left up to common sense.
    • [Illusion=2]Glitterdust (6 MP) - A cloud of golden particles covers everyone and everything in a ten foot by ten foot target area, visibly outlining invisible things for the duration of the spell and in general being quite glittery.
    • [Illusion=3]Disguise (8 MP) - This illusion allows Holly or a target to take the appearance of any object which Holly is familiar with and can imagine clearly. However, the target is NOT transformed into the object in actuality, and a physical inspection (touching the target) will make this obvious.
    • [Illusion=4]Invisibility (10 MP) - This spell makes the target invisible by bending light around him or her. Invisible targets still project themselves astrally, so this ability will not fool mages scanning the astral plane or reading auras. Invisible targets recieve a +10 bonus to attack any foe who is unaware of their presence. Casting a spell or attacking breaks the effect; otherwise, the effect lasts for rank minutes.
    • [Illusion=4]Smother Sound (8 MP) - This spell creates the "illusion" of silence, preventing all sound.
    • [Telepathy=1]Telepathy (0 MP out of combat, 1 MP in combat) - Allows Holly to speak telepathically "out loud." Anyone may hear this, unless it is directed at a target recipient.
    • [Telepathy=2]Guarded Telepathy (0 MP out of combat, 2 MP in combat) - Forces any prying minds to overcome Holly's abilities in order to listen in on a telepathic conversation. In order to listen in, the listener must make a Telepathy skill check roll vs. Holly's Telepathy skill check roll.
    • [Telepathy=2]Frenzy (7MP) - Causes the status effect "Berserk."
    • [Telepathy=3]Pacify (7MP) - Counters Berserk and Fear effects, and calms sentient creatures for rank rounds.
    • [Telepathy=3]Breach Mind (12 MP) - Holly can read a person's mind, or 'listen' to relayed thoughts, if they fail a spell resist check or a Telepathy check (use whichever check is greater).
    • [Telepathy=4]Suggest (12 MP) - Forces a target to perform a simple command (no more than a sentence). Affected targets will not take any action that would be obviously self-harming, and any attempt to convince a target to do harm to an ally is at -6. The spell's duration is at most one minute; any commands that would take longer than one minute to complete are aborted when the spell expires.
    • [Telepathy=4]Confusion (12 MP) - Confuses the target, causing them to do one of three things: be dazed and unable to act for 1d4 rounds, attack allies and enemies randomly, or flee from combat.
    • [Telepathy=4]Guard Thoughts (10 MP) - Helps prevent outside listeners from breaking in on telepathic conversation, providing extra "shielding" (a bonus to all Telepathy checks to prevent intruders) equal to rank+2.
    • [Telepathy=4, Illusion=1]Hallucinate (8 MP) Holly can create an illusory effect by altering the perceptions of her target. This illusion may be fully realistic, but rather than being based on common sense as a normal illusion would be, the viability of the effect is based on a failed MDEF role.
    • [Benediction=1, Perform (any)=4, Telepathy=1]Inspire Courage (10 MP) Holly can use this spell while performing to give any allies who can see/hear her a bonus of benediction rank/2 to all of their rolls. This spell remains in effect as long as Holly performs, but she cannot cast any other magic or make attacks while it is in use.
    • [Benediction=1, Telepathy=4]Empathy (8 MP) Holly can use this spell to create an emotional connection between herself (or another person) and one other person. As a result of this, she receives a bonus of (benediction rank) to sense motive and diplomacy checks, and a penalty of (benediction rank/2) to bluff checks.
    • [Bardic Lore=2]Recall Trivia (0 TP) Holly can attempt to recall bits of information from stories or rumours that she's hear previously. This may be a myth about an obscure artifact or deity, or a more mundane anecdote about how a local artisan met his wife. Effects vary based on the information Holly is seeking and GM discretion.
    • [Bardic Lore=4]Charismatic Casting (2 TP) The use of this tech allows Holly to substitute her CHA for one of her casting stats (either INT or WIS).
    • [Perform(any)=4]Performance Casting (3 TP) - Holly can spend TP to cut the MP cost of a spell in half, provided the spell's rank does not exceed her perform skill. This tech can only be used while Holly is performing in some way.
    • [Razor whip=2]Spiral Punishment (1 TP) - Holly spins her whip in the air to deflect or confuse the attacks of her opponent. Adds weapon skill rank to all PA rolls made this round. Even if no parry roll is allowed, half of her weapon skill rank is added to her PA for the remainder of the round. This tech cannot be combined with any other offensive tech, and Holly forfeits any bonus attacks (but may use them, instead, as bonus parries).
    • [Razor whip=3]Razor's Bite (3 TP) - Holly can make a normal attack roll, but if she hits, roll a second attack versus the opponent's PA. If the second attack is successful, the opponent is knocked prone and cannot stand until their next turn. A prone target takes a -6/-6 to their AT/PA and a -6 to missile evasion.
    • [Razor whip=4]Disarm (0 TP) - Holly makes a normal attack roll that deals no damage. If it hits, the opponent drops their weapon to the ground. Holly does not get this weapon, but they cannot pick the weapon up until their next turn. The act of picking up this weapon allows all combatants within melee range an immediate free attack action.
    • [Razor whip=4]Dancing Insanity (6 TP)Holly makes a quick snap with her whip for her opponent's face. If she hits, she deals normal damage, but her opponent is stunned for one round. On a critical hit the opponent is blinded.
    • [Razor whip=5]Guiding Huntress (2 TP) - With this tech, Holly encircles the opponent with the whip, and forcibly tears it away from his/her body. If she hits, she deals normal damage and her opponent takes a -2/-2 to their AT/PA for one round from the distraction.
    • [Razor whip=6]Venom Lash (4 TP) - Allows one additional attack (of any type) this round.
    • [Razor whip=6]Menace (2 TP) - If Holly is knocked to the ground, she can attack on her next turn while rising. If she hits, she deals 1.5x damage for catching her opponent off guard.
    • [Razor whip=6]Freeze Gale (8 TP) After a successful parry, Holly can counterattack her opponent with one strike.