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Located on Melita of Beldad.

Telsite can be thought of (for the moment, anyway) as the Gaeran equivalent of Sasserine, the home city for Dungeon Magazine's Savage Tide adventure path. The player's guide for said campaign, which details the city and its environs, can be found here:

What follows is a description of how Telsite fits into Gaera as a whole, and what modifications have been made to the guide.

Telsite serves as a major port in Beldad, where ships from all over Argovia come to dock and do business. Founded by an expedition led by a priestess of Reshtaha some 750 years ago, Telsite is an anomaly in terms of Beldad's cities, in that it consists of a hard-working population, with a distinct noble class. Telsite is well fortified against incursions from the surrounding jungle, and functions as an outpost of civilisation on the edges of Argovia. The city has recently emerged from a sustained period of domination by Alahana, and its citizens are intent upon rebuilding Telsite's status as a major trading port in the region.


Telsite was originally founded by a priestess of Reshtaha, who died defending the fledgling settlement from the depredations of the exiled Long dragon Zelkarune. Over the following two centuries, it experienced swift growth, becoming a significant port city, with little rivalry in this regard from its lazier neighbours. Telsite has always represented a rich prize for any with the strength to take it, and over the following centuries, the city saw off numerous attacks from a diverse range of enemies. In the end, Telsite's downfall came from within, civil strife paving the way for an expeditionary force from Alahana to step in and 'restore order'. Over the following century, the drow established a stranglehold on trade to and from Telsite, with ships either captained by drow or paying exorbitant customs fees. Alahana's coffers swelled with wealth from the shipping, and foreign ships became less frequent sights in port.

Roughly fifteen years ago, a series of border clashes with Dillidan Complex forced the drow to pull in troops from their far-flung holdings. With the Telsite garrison reduced to a skeleton force, the citizens were able to rise up and expel their occupiers. With the city once more under its own governance, Telsite is working to reestablish its former glory.

The appearance of the Doman Gate near the city of Paradyse could be regarded as a threat or as an opportunity. It is a threat because there is now considerable trade taking place through the gate, leading to more shipping frequenting Paradyse, rather than Telsite. On the other hand, some of that shipping comes from Telsite itself, and canny merchants are establishing ties with their counterparts beyond the gate. Needless to say, adventurous souls travel through the gate in both directions.


The population breakdown for Telsite is as follows: 77% human, 6% half-drow, 5% bastet, 4% gnome, 3% inujin, 2% dwarf, 2% nekojin, 1% other.

Half-drow were an inevitable consequence of foreign occupation, and never really fit in with either parent culture. In the wake of Telsite's freedom, those half-drow remaining in the city have faced a large degree of mistrust, though actual persecution is forbidden under law. Some counter this mistrust by working hard to become model citizens, while others gravitate towards positions in the city's fledgling underworld, where accidents of birth are less important than the skills you can demonstrate.

The Gods

Needless to say, none of the gods described in the player's guide appear in Telsite (although certain of the Gaeran gods do bear a suspicious resemblance to them. Common sense should be applied as to who various shrines are dedicated to, whether it be one of the Gaeran deities, one of their servants, or one erected to the memory of a particularly influential mortal.

Reshtaha is the patron of the noble district, and his priesthood is heavily linked to secular affairs. Numian is the parton of the Champion's District. The Azure Cathedral is dedicated to Leviathan and certain of his servants. Falis is the patron of Sunrise district, and Valaya is the patron of Cudgel district.


Those affiliations specific to Sasserine appear much as written, porting into Telsite with little difficulty. The Witchwardens (who may or may not be affiliated with the Wardens), Zelkarune's Horns, and the Dawn Council appear as written.

The Seekers become the Heirs of Marispola. They remain an organisation dedicated to acquiring personal wealth, through the time-honoured means of acquiring it from the ruins of fallen civilisations, but they have a particular interest in the treasures of sunken Marispola. All manner of artifacts can wash up on the shores of Argovia from these lost islands. Of course, the vast majority of it washes up further south, where it is promptly pounced on, but the ruins of Beldad keep the Heirs well occupied.

The Church of the Whirling Fury becomes the Order of the Vigilant, an organisation founded in the nation of Doma in the wake of the war with the demon Malachias. Its goals are to identify and prevent future demonic incursions well before they reach such a disastrous point. Unlike the Church, the Order is more of a secular organisation, though religious members are welcomed into its ranks.

The Scarlet Brotherhood has no direct equivalent, but a confederation of smugglers based in Terumahilana fulfil something of a similar role, acquiring goods that would not ordinarily reach that nation through regular trade. They have a great deal of power at their disposal, though their actions are of course written off by their government.


This entry is a work in progress. Suggestions and questions welcome.

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