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other names King of the Seas, King of the Summoned, King of the Summoned Monsters, Levia, Leviatan
domain the summoned, summoners, water
special family ties Derinoe, Odin, Proteus, Sarahane
original creator/expert FFFanatic
tie-ins Baron, Telsite

Considered the 'King of the Summoned'--more colloquially by non-summoners, 'King of the Summoned Monsters'--Leviathan is the patron deity of both summoners and the summoned of Gaera. In particular he has a large following amongst the summoners of Mist Village. It is noteworthy that 'King of the Summoned Monsters' can be found to be offensive terminology by summoners, raised in summoner culture or otherwise, as the summoned are by no means monsters.

Leviathan is also one of the many gods of the seas, although this is a slight misnomer; unlike Derinoe or Proteus, his domain is most accurately defined as water. Note that Leviathan is not a replacement for the Elemental Lord Sarahane--although occasionally followers of all four overlap, Leviathan is more the 'odds and ends' side of the water spectrum. Workers who make their living by the use of inland waters--ferrymen and freshwater fishers, for example--might find themselves followers of this 'king of seas.' A woman saved from drowning might go to a temple of Leviathan to pay tribute for mercy.

The Azure Cathedral in Telsite of Melita, Beldad, is dedicated to Leviathan and a number of his servants. Here in the Azure district of Telsite, a large amount of the citizens find work within the city's inner waterways or with the whaling industry.

The smaller, more turbulent, and more elevated of the two lakes of Baron is named after Leviathan. See Lake Leviathan.