Staniel Hyral

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Full Name Staniel Hyral
RP World Gaera Main
Birthplace Unknown
Current Residence The Shrine, located in South Western Doma
Occupation Druid in Training
Family Stephan Hyral Tornas (brother, sort of), Daniel Hyral (brother, kind of), Warlock (teacher), D (temple resident), Redfox (temple resident)
Race Human/Fox Chimera
Physical Description Stands at approximately 5'11". One blue eye and one green eye. Light brown body fur with dark brown spots on his hands, feet, ears and tail tip. Has human-like brown hair, short and mangy from the front, similar to Stephan. Tail has a slight bend near the tip, due to an old injury that did not heal properly. Build is athletic, doing better at tasks requiring speed rather than strength.
Typical Clothing When not in animal form, tends to wear a white robe with grey and black designs on the shoulders and trimmings.
Personality Staniel tends to be very carefree about things in general. He's also very affectionate, given to hugging and nuzzling people he considers friendly, much as he did as a fox. Due to his wild animal heritage, he tends to act on his impulses rather than think things through. This is something he is trying to work on, due to reprimands from multiple individuals. He also believes in using his unique circumstances for the better of his wild animal brethren. This helps him to focus on his druidic studies... for the most part.
Religious Beliefs Staniel still knows little of most Gods, save Stacey due to her influence on all animals. He is slowly learning of their existence from teaching at his temple, but it's been a long and difficult process for all involved.
Drunk Type Feral.
Other While his normal body is that of a human/fox hybrid, Staniel will sometimes take the form of a normal fox using druidic magic. This is usually to relax or relieve stress. In this form, he looks like a brown fox with a green and blue eye.


In simpler times, this individual had no name. He was but a simple fox, living out his days in a forest and doing what he could to survive. However, it seems fate had more in store for this creature than being a simple fox.

During a hunt one day, an old tree in his forest suddenly collapsed. It fell onto the fox's tail, holding it tight to the ground. Struggle as he might, the small fox could not free himself. He also whined in agony, at the pain of broken bones in his tail. Fortunately for him, a group travelling through the woods heard his cries and came to his aid. This group was none other than Daniel Hyral, Stephan Hyral, and Midoku Tornas. Frightened of these strangers, he struggled to get away, unaware that they were trying to heal his injuries. Struggling to control the small fox, Daniel and Midoku were eventually successful in treating the creature's injuries. Sadly, they were unable to correctly mend the broken bone in the fox's tail, leaving it with a small bend at the tip. Despite this, the small fox knew Daniel removed the intense pain he was feeling, and felt a bond with the strange human. As the three departed, satisfied they had treated and released a wild animal to the forest, they had no idea this same creature was now following them...

...To Be Continued...

Rpgww Spam Origins (Non-Canon)

NOTE: The following is NOT canon in Gaera. This is merely to give some insight on the character's origin and development.

Staniel was originally a joke character, simply an evil fusion of Daniel Hyral and Stephan Hyral. He was created for a spam RP on the Rpgww Forums, involving evil versions of several board member's avatars. Staniel started as a competent and blatantly stereotypical villian. However, after several joke posts putting him into use, he evolved into a character obsessed with being affectionate with everyone, man or woman. Initially, he was never intended to be considered a serious character in Gaera, or part of it at all, as it is a somewhat more serious setting.

This changed after additional RP's making use of him with several board members. One member in paticular, Sage Redfox, came up with the idea of making Staniel a fox/human hybrid. This led to developing a plausible backstory for the character's existence in Gaera. While not currently heavily used in RP's for Gaera, his origin story may play a role in the origin of another character, Midoku Tornas. Whether or not this will happen remains to be seen.