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Expert Nekogami
Flag of Solasia
Map of Solasia
Capital Yutopia
Largest city Yutopia
Auronian L'Faiete
Official Language(s) Dragonic, Griffonic, Solasian Common
Official Religion Alexandrianism, Feliciaism
Currency coin

Sociopolitical Summary


Solasia laid north and partially overlapping current day Riva, Solasia was run via a court of 13 Elders of all races; Elders were nominated through merit but chosen by the people. The people could come once every two months to address complaints that they themselves could not handle.

Solasia had a very mixed racial makeup, but the four predominant races were the dragons, griffons, humans, and dwarves. The (humans, dwarves) paired with (dragons, griffons) to form 'dragon knight' pairs -- these were the "original dragoons." However, in time, the dragoons of Riva lost faith in Ryuugami as her power disappeared from the world, and eventually turned on dragonkind. A war was waged by the Rivan dragoons against Solasia, ending with the eventual and utter defeat of Solasia.

Iikirakian Resistance Era

A few griffons and dragons yet remained in Solasia, hoping to restore the country to its former glory, and gain retribution on the Rivan dragoons for the deeds committed roughly a century back.

Post-Iikirakian War

Though a mere shadow of it's former glory, it is shades better than during General Tessei's time. Thanks to numerous treaties with Doma and Riva, trade between nations in flourishing. The Aldrosian Dragons are beginning to form a more structured civilization with the human and eleven riders. Lt. Raptre L'Sarithe of Doma is acting ambassador and liason between the growing government and the firmly established Doma.


Important Dates

    • 1141 E.P. -- Ryuugami's energy becomes scarce.
    • 1260 E.P -- Conspiracy against Solasian Government starts. This turmoil drains the last of Ryuugami's energies.
    • 1263 E.P. -- Opportunists amongst the ranks of the Rivan dragoons begin using a twisted translation of the Ishtarian Texts to justify massive genocide of dragons and dragonkind in Riva.
    • 1265 E.P -- Solasian Government fails.
    • 1309 E.P -- griffon Tessei campaigns to war with Riva.
    • 1310 E.P -- Tessei's war fails.

Solasia - A History

The Lands of Solasia, according to the Clothe of Ryuugami (a scholar/priest holy faction), were created and blessed by Ryuugami herself. There were areas of complete cold for the great ice dragons, the plains and forests were reserved for the plains dragons, then desert for the fire dragons, the jagged peaks of the Shuman range for the mountain dragons, and the Val'ri Sea for the sea and storm dragons.

According to political history, the area beyond the mountains were simply the only place all of the elemental dragons could converge. When the griffons came later, it also became a haven for the griffons and their kin.

Birth of Dragon Knights

In 433 war broke out among the humans south of the Shuman Mountains and the Shuman dwarves (Sumaan dwarves) over mining. Each worked with a small faction of dragons and griffons to disable their opponent. After facing devastating casualties, the war ended in a stalemate and both sides conceded with shame. The griffons and dragons, however, made lasting bonds to their riders and helped each side rebuild. Through the bond of the dragons and griffons, who weren't per say fighting each other, the humans and dwarves united and the Dragon Knights. From then on the Dragon Knights worshipped Ryuugami and some human and dwarven deities and fought to protect peace.

Fall of Solasia

Circa 1000 EP, dragoons in the neighbor Solasia, turned against the Clothe and began hunting dragons to absorb their essence and gain more power. At first the Council dismissed them as heretics, harmless as long as the dragons kept their guard, but such practices as the Bloody Brood (the smashing of dragon eggs when their essence is strong but they are still unhatched) and Razing (the purposeful razing of villages to lure Dragon Knights) finally made the council take notice but because of the dragoons devious, bloodthirsty nature and their absolute absorption of dragon power, the honorable Solasian Dragon Knights were ultimately devastated and forced, at first to recede their borders and then to disperse.

Rise of the Resistance

Currently a growing faction of griffon and dragons hope to destroy the dragoons and reclaim their original borders. Lead by Tessei Iikaraki, son of a once powerful griffonic family, the new Solasian Knights intend to use the same bloodthirsty tactics as the dragoons. Iikaraki hopes that the communicative lack between the griffons, dragons, and humans will prevent the Rivans from knowing of their doom until too late.

-- Nekogami

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