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LIFESPAN: 500 yrs
CONCERNED DEITY (DEITIES): Grungni Thunderhammer, Valaya, Clangeddin Silverbeard
ORIGINAL CREATOR(S) / EXPERT(S): Kadrin77, Shinigori, UnclePervy

average at 4" - 4'6" tall; tend to be stocky; usually have dark colored eyes; hair color varies from white to black


heightened strength, stamina, courage; resistance to magic; skill in hand-to-hand combat

Hazard the dwarf by artists Bunnygirle.

Dwarves have a reputation for being rather surly and taciturn; while this may differ between individuals, one should note that most dwarves are not raised to be too friendly and amicable with people of other races. Dwarves are very proud when it comes to anything concerning their race and any insults are not takes lightly -- this has often led to racial conflicts. Many dwarves hold a cultural hatred toward giants and mistrust of elves. While most dwarves are wary of magic, they often imbue runes with magic, giving weapons and armor great magical enhancements.

Dwarves are also known for their excessive drinking habits, their superior smithing skills, their resistance to both magical and physical punishment, and for their impressive architecture. Dwarven holds are cities built inside mountains, the housing for many clans of dwarves.

The dwarves believe in the principle that older members of a clan should be respected more than younger dwarves. Thus, the idea that the young should fall before the old and respected is common in battle. The length of the particular male dwarf's beard shows age and thus it is an incredible blow for a male dwarf to have his beard shaved. Dwarves are also staunch traditionalists and new ideas are not readily accepted.

For more cultural notes, check the Dwarven Holds background.