Sean Corin Oneal Kole Domanada

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Duke Sean Domanada was the nephew of King Franklyn and cousin of King Charles.

Losing his parents at a young age, Sean lived in the castle with his extended family, mostly taken care of by Queen Cheril. Growing up with a distaste for royalty in general, he grew to have a sort of understated hatred for King Franklyn, and his own trusting cousin by association.

As he grew and matured, he gained a necessary knowledge of castle operations, and became an excellent military commander, suppressing various attempts to oust the king. His grace and civility in combat gained him the favour of many men in the army.

Eventually, the circumstances of his parents' deaths came into question, and he investigated further, and it became apparent that the fire that claimed the lives of his parents were orchestrated by the king himself.

Furious with rage, he gathered the soldiers loyal to him and prepared an attack on the castle, even finding a necromancer to summon a powerful demon to stand by his side. Though he did get his revenge and kill the king, the duke was eventually captured and the coup failed.

He remains in prison to this day.