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Damian was born on a world much unlike Gaera. A world of cars, technology, and skyscrapers that we know as Earth. One of the first of to be "inducted" into a program designed to study the abilities of people with magic. He was 6 years old at the time, taken from his parents without warning, never to see them again.

The tasks that his captors put him through were grueling, and often painful. He was KNOWN to have an impressive amount of magical capability, but not once in his short life did he display anything measurably resembling magic. So they continued testing him.

One day, the tests went too far, into territory that could easily kill a child of his age. In desperation at the pain, he reached out with that unknown part of him and found... something. It WAS power... perhaps enough to save him from his fate? He cried out to it, begging it to help him. The being Nakibe, looking down on him in his infinite power and grace, decided to pity him. And on that day, Damian first discovered his powers.

After that, Damian was poked, prodded, tested, and most importantly, taught. He was taught to only use his powers when his masters told him to. He was taught to direct the powerful forces he inherited. And he was taught to kill. He was very good at that indeed, his powers over darkness making him excellent at covert operations of all sorts.

Damian's life cycle came full circle one day when he was sent on a routine "Recruitment" assignment to capture a small boy with powers that perhaps even rivaled his own. A boy named Solis. His abilities were at their peak, despite his doubts, and his technique was flawless. Somehow, though, his target felt him coming... and with a mighty jolt, his power was unleashed.

Although Damian managed to escape the sudden and unexpected attack, the mission was deemed a failure because he was nearly seen. Perhaps what impressed Damian the most was how... innocently the kid lived. Without the influence of his masters on this one's life, he was living happily and peacefully. He appeared before the kid, offering him training and protection when he could. And although he thought he had avoided his masters' gaze, they still watched, gleefully learning from Damian's new pupil, and waiting for his power to mature.

Impatient, however, one of them attacked Damian and Solis, naming Damian traitor and sending one of their best squads to terminate his "employment". They ran, but they could not hide for long. Eventually Damian called in a favor owed him to get far away using a teleportation spell. The spell, however, backfired when the ritual was interrupted in the middle of their sending. And thus the two landed in Gaera.

It was quite a shock for Damian to land on a continent where people both knew of and widely accepted the practice of magic, and sometimes it fills him with awe just to think about it. More importantly, it has been two years since Damian's arrival, and despite his fears, none of his old "allies" have come looking for him or the boy yet. However this has just left him with a terrible decision. Stay here in Gaera, or find a way back to Earth? Of course for himself, the decision has already been made... but he can't make such a decision for Solis. And thus he researches, and questions, alternately hoping for and dreading to find a way home.


Damian Smith
( Nakibe )

[[Image:|thumb|250px|Damian Smith]]

name Damian Smith
nickname(s) --none--
rp world Gaera Main
birthdate 18 Luciara 1293 (effectively)
birthplace unknown
current residence varies, usually the Jade Dragon Inn
Doma City, Doma
occupation Part time Mercenary, Research Assistant, Bouncer,
family Solis Darylshield (adopted brother; RPer--Nakibe)
race human
physical description 6'5" tall, ~200 lbs, with brown eyes, black hair which is usually left long-ish. In Earth terms he looks like he's of Asian descent. He seems a little on the frail side, and usually hides this with his love of coats.
typical clothing Damian's clothing is all about functionality more than anything. Some would question his love of clothes that are darkly colored. Dark blues and blacks comprise a great deal of his coats, which he often wears. This is simply to make his powers over shadow more effective, to allow him to better blend into the darkness when necessary. Other than that, its not uncommon to see him wearing silver or gold shirts with black or blue formal pants. Other types of pants are just too tight for his tastes, and would interfere with business, should it be necessary for him to fight.
personality Focused and serious, although occasionally he seems to show a deep love for philosophy. Occasionally he's prone to a fierce burst of whimsy or a dry chuckle at things. He is very practical whenever possible, and first tries to consider the consequences of his actions.
religious beliefs Religion is more of a thing to be studied for Damian than something to be actively practiced. He isn't really prone to believing in gods in general, despite apparently being associated with one. In truth, its only something that Damian has recently had the time and inclination to begin studying, if only to find out more about the apparent connection between him and the god Nakibe.
drunk type Sore Wa Himitsu Desu >:D
other RP with me and find out. Please? ;_;

Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Damian Smith ( Nakibe )
Level 5; 2182/2500 XP
Max HP: 62; Max MP: 111; Max TP: 37
Initiative: 7 + 2d6 (9-19)


Courage: +4
Wisdom: +2
Intuition: +2
Charisma: +1
Agility: +5
Dexterity: +3
Strength: +3
Stamina: 0
Magic Aptitude: 6

Base AT/PA: 14/14
Modified for weapon skill: 20/20
Modified for equipment: 20/20

Equipment: body=Trenchcoat (3, 0/0)
arms= misc=Amulet (+3 MDef)

Weapons: Fists (Light, 2 attacks)
thrusting: 15 + 1d6 (16-21)
slashing: 18 + 2d6 (20-30)
chopping: 21 + 3d6 (24-38)


Unarmed Fighting [AGI/COU/STR]  : 12 / 18
Stealth [AGI/AGI/DEX]  : 7 / 19
Diplomacy [COU/CHA/INT]  : 4 / 13
Intimidation [COU/CHA/INT]  : 1 / 13
Darkness Magic [MAG/INT/WIS]  : 8 / 16
Illusion Magic [MAG/INT/WIS]  : 8 / 16
Aura Reading [INT/INT/WIS]  : 4 / 12
[K] Strategy  : 3 / 12
[K] Physical Science  : 3 / 12

Spells and Techs

  • [Innate] Free Spirit : Nakibe can at times make himself partially manifest on the physical plane, usually having a minor effect like tripping someone or lifting something off the ground. Effect lessens the further from Damian that Nakibe wanders.
  • [Illusion 3, Stealth 2] Blur [15 MP] : Creates afterimages which mask the person's true position. Increases parry by +7 for a number of rounds equal to the lower-ranked quality between Illusion and Stealth.
  • [Unarmed 2] Stunning Blow [ 4 TP] : On a successful attack, Damian stuns his opponent till the next round.
  • [Unarmed 4] Dextrous Striking [ 2 TP] : Adds DEX to AT a second time for one round.
  • [Unarmed 6] Rapid Striking [ 3 TP] : Allows one additional attack (of any type) this round.
  • [Unarmed 7] Stance of Encroaching Darkness [ 1 TP] : Damian can, as a free action, change the focus of his stance. He lowers his PA by up to 5 points and raises his damages by 3 * that number. This effect only lasts 1 round, because afterwards he instinctively returns himself to his normal fighting stance.
  • [Unarmed 8] Deceptive Strike [ 8 TP] : The target of Damian's attacks this round loses a single PA roll to dodge before Damian's strikes hit. This technique can be stacked, but also drops Damian's AT by 8 when used.
  • [Stealth 2] Sneak Attack [3 TP] : Takes advantage of an opponent's inability to defend themself to deliver an incredible deathblow melee attack. This ability can only be used against an opponent that is either denied a PA roll or that is unaware of Damian's presence (because he is invisible or hiding, for instance). Adds DEX to AT a second time and uses DEX to determine weapon damage instead of STR for one round, and can be stacked with any other weapon techs. If used with Precise Striking, double the damage bonus contributed by his DEX. Only one of Damian's attacks each round is granted these bonuses unless he pays additional TP for further attacks. Only creatures with discernable anatomies can be sneak attacked (not machines, golems, oozes, etc. undead MAY be sneak attackable at GM's discretion).
  • [Stealth 4, Darkness 2] Hide in Plain Sight [8 MP, 1 TP] : Because of his powers and training, Damian is capable of hiding in even the most obvious of spots. Within 10 feet of a shadow, Damian can attempt to hide from his targets, effectively becoming invisible unless his targets succeed an opposed observation check as compared to his stealth skill. Because he uses his ability to manipulate darkness, the shadows he hides in need not be large enough for a normal person of his size. However, an opponent may make one check to spot him each round if he knows Damian is there in the first place. If spotted by an opponent, Damian must pay this ability's cost a second time in order to continue to attempt to hide from that foe.
  • [Unarmed 8, Darkness 6] Life Shock [24 MP, 2 TP] : Usage of this technique allows Damian to use his Sneak Attack ability against living creatures that it normally could not affect.
  • [Darkness 4] Shadow Skean [12 MP] : Damian creates small pellets of Darkness-infused matter and throws them at an opponent, causing 8 + Darkness * 2 + d6 damage as well as half-blinding the opponent, causing AT/PA to drop by 3 for d4 rounds.
  • [Illusion 4] Mental Deception (6 MP) Damian convinces a target that he is completely invisible. The target sees no sign of him even when Damian is standing right next to them. Damian gets a +10 to AT/PA against this target due to their being unaware of his presence. This spell lasts for a duration of rank*4 minutes out of combat, or rank rounds in combat. Obvious actions on Damian's part allow the target to make a second MDEF roll against this effect, and if Damian attacks the target, then this effect immediately ends.
  • [Illusion 8] Mass Confusion (54 MP) Everyone within a 30 foot radius is hit with the effects of a Mental Deception, completely ignoring Damian's presence unless they either are attacked or are able to disbelieve his illusion of invisibility. Each target must save individually, though those under its effects may get bonuses if the discrepancy is revealed to them. In all respects save range, functions the same as Mental Deception (Above).
  • [Darkness 6] Delve into Darkness (24 MP) After using this spell on himself, Damian can see in darkness. Magical darkness, however, may block this power. Use Damian's MATK roll vs the darkness' MATK roll. If Damian wins, he can see normally in this magical dark zone.