Anira Gellentara

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Anira Gellentara
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(rp world)
Anira Gellentara
(Gaera Main)
Nekora 9, 1265
current residence Doma
occupation Smuggling, theft, and some mercenary work.
family Myrnal Shalienza (daughter)
race Human
physical description A rather severe-looking woman with curly brown hair, Anira is rarely seen smiling.
typical clothing Anira favors simple clothing, including tunics with wide enough sleeves to hide bladed weapons in a forearm sheath. She also wears thin leather gloves while working to keep her hands clean, physically if not morally.
personality Stern and ruthless, Anira nonetheless has an uncompromising standard of loyalty. She also firmly believes in reciprocity, and while she will victimize innocent people to further her own goals, people who treat her with kindness and respect receive whatever protection she can offer. She considers Alex and Shelia Hyral personal friends.
religious beliefs She swears by Dammara, but has a soft spot for Gottkrieg as well because of her relationship with her goblin associates.
drunk type Morose and withdrawn.
other Anira has strong connections to organized crime in Doma, and often serves as a go-between for difficult operations. Her criminal record makes it difficult for her to be a legitimate face for their activities, but she's indispensable for those goblins in her crew who don't speak fluent Common. She occasionally travels under the name "Marta Bruner," as a nod to her goblin connections.


Anira lived her early childhood in western Baron, but her parents, being the wealthy business-people that they were, had little time to spare for her. She had private tutors and while they considered her quite sharp for a girl of her age, her parents rarely paid much attention to her accomplishments.

She was often left wandering the house by herself, where she befriended the goblin housestaff. When she was seventeen, the Gellentara's hired chef was killed in a mugging gone awry. He had targeted a member of an enemy group, and lost the fight. Her parents were unwilling to seek justice for their criminal employee, and in fact lectured the entire staff about integrity and moral rectitude. If they were smart, they would learn from their friend's misfortune, and count themselves fortunate that they weren't involved.

Criminal or not, he had been kind to her when her own father had considered her beneath notice, had taught her his language when her mother had expressed no interest in her daughter's education. Criminal or not, he had been a better family to her than her own parents.

Horrified at her father's callous response, Anira approached the angry goblins who had become a second family to her. She told them if there was anything she could do to make up for her father's behavior, she would do it willingly. The husband, father, and cousin for whom the goblins grieved was also a friend of hers, and she was not content to simply write him off as a criminal and forget him.

That night she was approached by the groundskeeper, who asked if her offer was still open. She said it was, and they left that night to exact their revenge. They travelled under cover of darkness to the far end of town, and along the way were stopped by city guards. Anira told them that her house staff was taking her to a relative's house because it wasn't safe for her to travel alone. Content with this explanation and satisfied that the goblins were only serving as an escort, the guards left.

Anira and her friends found the part of town where the opposing gang operated and ransacked the better part of a city block to avenge their fallen friend. Impressed by the girl's quick thinking with the guards and her ruthlessness toward her enemies, they called on Anira again, and again.

Unaware of their daughter's criminal activities, her parents began to suspect the staff. She overheard them discussing a potential investigation, and she warned the goblins as quickly as she could. When they found out about their employer's plan, they made plans to flee. There was little they could do about the situation. The law was on his side, and he had the resources and influence to bring it down on them.

The staff coordinated their plans and filtered out into the night. Anira's father pursued them, encouraging the city guard to use lethal force. When Anira left her parents' side and joined their ranks against the guard, she distracted them long enough to allow the goblins to escape, but was summarily disowned by her family, and exiled by the guard for her treachery.

She left Baron, and when she reconnected with her old friends, she found that they had more extensive connections than even she could have anticipated. She went with them to Doma, serving as a translator and advocate for several years. As they relied on her more and more, and as she proved her loyalty to them, she was given more and more organizational responsibility.

Despite more than one arrest and a three-year prison term, Anira has maintained her connection to her goblin allies, and as of 1291 is a major figure behind organized crime in Doma.


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