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Haku is a mysterious beauty. Very few know her past. Those who do include Betsy Dogsfang, a dog and horse breeder, and J.G. McCormack, a librarian. Haku haas very few friends, as she is relatively new to the city, and divulges her past to only a few; those whom she can find trustworthy.

One day, Haku (though that was not always her name) was hunting. She had tracked some deer from the forest near her village up higher into the mountains. The day was cold and grey. She would remember quite clearly that it was freezing cold and there was snow everywhere. Whenever she recals this, she shudders, remembering that fateful day. She proceeded to follow the deer into a forest. Suddenly, there was a strange noise and the deer spooked. The young woman, only twenty-five at the time-a child in elven standards, cursed her luck and turned to head home. But when she turned, there was a man standing behind her. He has white hair and skin, and icy blue eyes. He was a spirit of snow and ice. He apparently liked the looks of her. Back then she had golden blonde hair, fair skin, and green eyes. He complemented her appearance and told her that she'd look better if she were more like the snow, white and pure. She was confused, to say the least. She had no idea who this man was. He and his fellows took her prisoner in their frosty realm of "that cursed forest". Over the years they made her to look like them, and to be like ice. If one were to touch her skin, they would feel that it was soft, but icy cold.

"I am cold on the inside. That's why I like hot cider so much," she once remarked to J.G.

There are a few things she managed to take with her upon her escape from the wood: some very old spellbooks, and the ability to talk with animals, along with quite a few other powerful magical secrets.

Since then, she has become possibly the best animal trainer in Gaera, and an enchantress. She has a shop, which she doesn't usually tend herself. Usually a boy named Tenshi Namida does it for her.

Haku no longer rembers her real name. "Haku" is what the spirits named her.

She recently came into the ownership of a small Jack Russell Puppy named Kitsune, courtesy of Betsy.