United Worlds and Colonies of Rigel

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  • Full name: United Worlds and Colonies of Rigel
  • Capital city: Tregon, Rigel V (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
  • Established c.16th century (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
  • Core territory consists of the Raij'hl system
    • Territory only extends from Raij out to Rigel IX; anything beyond the orbit of Rigel IX was declared as outside the nation's territorial interests and open for any outsiders to develop (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
      • Rigel X established as a major port between the world of Rigel and interstellar transit as a result (ENT: "Broken Bow"; ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
  • Joined Federation 2164 (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
    • Eighth member to join
      • Councillor Kishkik Sajithen (2164 - ) (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
      • Councillor Tomorok ( - 2380 - ) (Novel: Articles of the Federation)

Political Structure

  • Interplanetary affairs governed by single legislative body with underlying executive administrative structure
    • Rigelian Trade Commission
      • Elected body a representative council; Governing Board
      • Board can directly resolve some questions, but larger decisions impacting the entirety of the Commission require discussion with the entirety of its body (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
    • Underlying agencies
      • Colonial Port Authority (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
        • Manages oversight for Rigel Colony shipyards and spacebound facilities
    • Largely libertarian structure of government from founding through the mid-22nd century; noninterventionist in the sovereignty of its planets and citizens, due to its status as a largely corporate structure that only took on a governmental role de facto (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
      • Little power for, or interest in, enforcing standards of behavior for either individuals or corporate bodies, largely a mediatory organization to resolve conflicts between the various worlds of Raij'hl (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
      • Cooperation of states and bodies only gained through vast holdings of information pressuring individuals inclined towards corruption with participation and fair trade in exchange for keeping evidence of corruption from the public eye (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
      • Reformations towards a more progressive form of government began following Federation membership 2164 (ENT Novel: Tower of Babel)
      • Formerly held a devoted defense fleet, folded into Starfleet upon the nation's induction into the Federation