Matthew Harris

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  • Full Name: Matthew Harris
  • Born: Earth
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • By early 2140s: Captain, liaison officer with Starfleet Intelligence, Earth Starfleet; Starfleet Security (ENT Novel: Patterns of Interference)
    • Direct contact for Admiral Parvati Rao in Starfleet Intelligence (ENT Novel: Patterns of Interference)
    • Increasingly used his position to act outside the bounds of his authority for "the good of Earth" (ENT Novel: Patterns of Interference)
    • Original recruiter for then-Ensign Malcolm Reed prior to the formation of his independent agency (ENT Novel: Patterns of Interference)
  • December 2149: Retirement from Starfleet following questioning of various potentially illegal actions and operations (ENT Novel: Patterns of Interference)
  • 2150: Recruitment by Uraei into organization later known as Section 31 (ENT Novel: Patterns of Interference; S31 Novel: Control)
    • 2154: Questionably successful attempt at destabilizing the Klingon Empire via infection by the Qu'vat virus in order to protect Earth interests (ENT: "Divergence", "Affliction")
    • 2155: Recruitment of Charles Tucker for a long-term undercover operation in Romulan space (ENT Novel: The Good That Men Do)
    • 2165: Provided Councillor Khorkal with the Ware destruction virus, devastating and all but destroying the Partnership, and purged all record of Ware technology from Federation systems, in exchange for Khorkal agreeing not to push an invasion into Federation space upon his ascension to Chancellor (ENT Novel: Live by the Code)
  • Death: March 16, 2166; interstellar space near Lambda Serpentis (ENT Novel: Patterns of Interference)
    • Killed in self-destruction of personal vessel (ENT Novel: Patterns of Interference)