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  • Metallic transdimensional element
    • Liquid at room temperature
      • Many alloys are solid
  • Common medium of exchange and signifier of wealth
    • Due to its transdimensional nature, latinum (unlike earlier common mediums of exchange such as gold, silver, or platinum) cannot be handled or processed by replication or transporter technology
    • As a result, any processing must be done physically
      • Coupled with its natural rarity, this causes latinum to be valued by many near-Federation civilizations as a basis of currency
        • Especially widespread due to Ferengi influence
      • Because of its liquid state, latinum is most often traded in standardized gold-pressed mintings of particular size and weight
  • First known to Humans mid-22nd century (ENT Novel: The Good That Men Do)
  • Used as currency as early as mid-23rd century (DIS Novel: The Way to the Stars)