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  • Appearance
    • Transparent craniums (DS9: "The Maquis, Part I"; SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Part One")
    • Brains twice the size of most humanoid species (SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Part One")
  • Homeworld: Gallamite homeworld
  • Biological notes
    • Red blood (SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Book Two")
  • Cultural notes
    • Gallamite faith
      • Gallamite religions include Ambrushroi (SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Book Two")
        • Ambrushroi members require the bodies of the dead to be burned within six hours of death (SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Book Two")
    • Funerary traditions
      • Most Gallamites other than Ambrushroi members have no particular rituals for handling bodies after death (SCE Short Story: "Invincible, Book Two")