Temple of Ryuugami

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Located in Shuman Mountain range west of Riva. Currently "the" Temple of Ryuugami as it is the only temple remaining, known, or taken care of.

Outside, the temple looks to be of a rather modest size. It is built out of a simple grey stone. There is one apparent entrance which is framed by two columns and an archway. Wrapping around the two columns are stylized, elongated, wingless dragons, which stare at the entranceway with perfectly chiseled scrutiny.

Immediately upon entering the temple one comes upon a large hallway which slopes downward; this hallway is tall and wide enough to allow the passage of several adult dragons. To either side of this hallway are smaller pathways intended for human-sized bipedal races; these walkways are raised so as bring the average adult human's head, at standing, roughly near the head of a walking adult dragon. There are guardrails made of stone to prevent falls and other injuries that could occur were a large number of people--dragons, humans, and otherwise--moving through the halls at the same time.

This hallway leads into a proportionately-sized atrium. All manner of plants and fungi fill the room, as well as a number of insects. The plantlife isn't very carefully tended--it grows as wildly as the forest outside.

At the top of the atrium room is a windowless skylight with a protective spell which appears as a slight, pearly film against the sky. There are two more exits from this room; to the right of the hallway's entrance, there is a large door. To the left there is a smaller door.

These doors push in but do not pull open.

The smaller door leads to a set of rooms used by Ma'neechamahn, the high priestess of Ryuugami who currently takes care of the temple. Much like a small home, these are the rooms she uses for living and, occasionally, entertaining friends and family.

The following characters have personally visited this temple: Ayra du Mythril; Dalma; Dia Rai; Hakaril Silvar; Matthew Verdante; Mitsu Drake; Pink; Richard Storm; Robert C. Kliyy, III; Yuji Nakamura

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