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They have pie there. It's really good.

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Neo Vane

Floating city in the world of Lunar. It's rather different from the game, mind you. The time of Lunar is approximately 30 years after the first game. Neo Vane floats, instead of around the mountain, directly over an ocean. Airships are common on Lunar now, and are used to come and go from the island.

It generally looks like a normal village, except for the massive castle-like school at one side. This is the Magic Guild of Neo Vane, and such.


Well, they all believe in Althena, and for good reason. Althena does occasionally visit Neo Vane for official ceremonies, despite not really having to.

Neo Vane Mages

Or: Guide to Creating a Neo Vanic Character

The Students of the Magic Guild. They are rated in classes, from first up. It is open-ended, to account for new magics learnt. First class is for the newer students to intermediate. It takes several years to become a Second Class, and yet more to become Third Class. Any further classes have not been decided upon yet.

All Neo Vane Mages are generally quite friendly to one another, and would pretty much do anything for each other. This is heavily enforced by the school; done mainly to create an enviroment of trust, and to make it difficult for agents of other places to sneak in.

However, this all changes when you add other people into the equation. Snobbery is almost requisite for any person who is not a Neo Vane student. To sum up the general Neo Vane prejudices and feelings:

"Nonono, see, Neo Vane is important. Bars are not."

"Of course we can do it. We're Neo Vane Mages."

And other things. When it comes to discussing magic, you cannot stop them under any circumstances short of killing them. They will completely ignore all outside interference, and if by some chance you do attract their attention...

"We're busy. Give us a sec, alright?"

This can continue for hours, or until they decide to hold the conversation for later. It does depend.

There are eight Elements of magic to the Neo Vanic mages:

Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Thunder, Darkness, Light, and Sword.

Most of these are self explanatory. Sword is a combination of electromagnetic pulls and telekinesis, and a proficient sword mage can swing a sword at a distance as if he or she was actually fighting with it.

However, there is a downside. A Neo Vane mage is extremely sensitive to the element they have chosen. This can cause problems with living beings of that element. For example, a Fire Mage will find themselves in near-thrall to a Phoenix; whereas a Water Mage would find himself even more weak to a mermaid or siren. If it is of the right gender to create romantic interest, it is more likely to occur.

-- Banjooie