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The Alternate Future (Gaera, 1360)

The purpose of typing this document is for those who wish to join in RPs based in the Alternate Future World.


Q- What is the Alternate Future? A- A future that has different chain events that happen, large massive-scale wars, huge losses, and the Death of the King of Doma.

Q- What made you think of this? A- Well alotta things, one is that I really like Post-Apocolyptic stories. So basically this is a combination of Mad Max movies, the Fallout series, the Postman, Wind called Amnesia, AKIRA, and some WarHammer 40k.

Q- What caused it? A- A big key event that was supposed to be told in an old RP called All Hell Breaks Loose, where Merr, Ash's old archnemesis and killer, obtained a super weapon from DarkBlade. Which causes Dark Fanrico to get pissed and the two demons fight.

To make a long story short, this is where the events converge into parallel structures. It basically depends on who got into the path of the beam at what certain time.

In the parallel world, Ash's lover ChristyDia willfully threw herself into the path of the beam after it fired.

In our world, Dark Fanrico gets thrown, by Merr, into the beams path right when it fires.

Q- What's happened to our world in this alternate future. A- Basically after the Beam Weapon hit a piece of land, it started a war over borders and property, since toasted land is very useless to kingdoms. After two BIG border disputes, another war began, the Mage Wars, a battle fought over mages and stuff. Well, after the Mage Wars ended; after engulfing much of the world, the King of Doma, Charles, was killed during a visit to a random orphanage. The killer was Kotoki's brother, who was being controlled by Merr, who then proceeded to take over Doma after a battle with the Drill Sarge.

Character Stuff

"I want to join in on this, so what do I do?" Well, depends on what you decide on. You can either make a new character based in this world, (I'll get to that part in a minute), use the one you are currently using in the RPs on the RPG World RP Forum, of course adapted to the current environment.

Things to remember when you are about to join in:

  • This is a different world, set about fifty years in our rp worlds future. If you're using your current character or characters, you must adapt them to it in some way.
  • There are many new little towns and villages in the world. Some were made by survivors of wars or refugees.
  • There's alot more technology now, like better guns and cybernetic implants. Some races have newer sub-groups. Like how there are Cyber-Orks now.
  • If you do use your current character, you'll have to explain what they did during the Mage Wars.
  • Some characters can even be dead.

About the current World:

  • Many kingdoms are either gone, crumbling, or super hi-tech. Many of the major kingdoms have been affected by the Mage War.
  • Magic levels are lower, but due to the first Future RP, is now slowly returning to it's original power.
  • Many towns, kingdoms, races, etc. have moved or assimilated into other ones. So there is an increase in halfbreeds and some towns are now apart of others. Some that were apart of others could be standing on their own now, i.e. Narshe.
  • Many vehicles exsist now in the alternate future. Ranging from Chocobos to Jeeps to large airships to smaller personal aircraft.
  • Some areas of land could be gone or submerged in water.

If you decide to make a New Character:

  • Keep in mind that there are many new towns, as stated above.
  • New Characters can be children of older characters.
  • Explain a bit of their past in your first post, where they are from, what happened to them or their parents during the Mage Wars, or even the Border Wars.
  • Many races, like elves, dwarves, orks, drow, etc. still exsist in this world.
  • There's also an increase in halfbreeds in some areas.

Anything else?

If you have any other questions, just ask me. My IM is Ash Fanrico, so you can either email me or IM chat with me.

If I'm unavailable, go read the Future RP in the RP Archives of the RP Stuff Section of RPGWW site.

Good Luck and Happy RPing.

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