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zeke•site log

"The world was named Ellestrial after the first human/elven agreement was reached. The agreement stated that they should live in peace in their "common-ground" (Ellestrial in the elven tongue)."

This world was a normal world, but by pure chaos, probability, and chance magic was born into the world. The partial destruction of the laws of physics caused by the entrance allowed, for just a second, pure belief to take control. As so many people believed that "gravity" pulled you towards the bottom of the earth (as most of the population was in the north) that it did. The main effect of this (only for about 3.67 seconds) was that a huge core of iron in the center of the world (it's center of gravity) was yanked towards the southpole. Now where the south pole was there is a gigantic flat-topped mountain. Where the north pole was is a gigantic chasm. The elves felt their center of gravity move, and felt that they were being summoned to the south. Here they found the new mountain, and founded a city upon it, known as Elvenhome. This city has prospered and has become a symbol of security and peace (even if only elves are allowed within the inner city unless invited).

Over 2 millenia later a pact was made between the evil races of the world: The orcs, the goblins, the dragons, the demons, the drow, the duregar (evil dwarves), and the undead. All of whom had been created when magic came to the world. The following 45 years has become know as the Time of Dispair. Evil ruled the earth. Evil pervaded everywhere and turned the good races (Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Pixies, Halflings/Hobbits, etc...) into their slaves.

Only two places stood free. Elvenhome was unbreachable and ever vigilantly guarded by the elves, yet constantly under siege and assault. The other place was called Gleneagles, and is still a wonder of Magical engineering. It was created by the brilliant Magical engineer Fuschell De'Lacronism, and is the only city ever to be made which could fly. While Gleneagles cannot remain airborne indefinately, it did allow them to stay mobile enough to evade the hordes of darkness. Sadly De'Lacronism was captured by the drow and refused to tell the Drow Queen, Millessenia, how the city flew, and so was killed in her rage.

143 years later the Elves finally broke the siege of Elvenhome, and went about freeing all they could find. The finally welcomed the other good races into Elvenhome (but not the inner city) and brought all back to the safety of it's walls. There they spend three and a half years training all who could hold a weapon and planning. In the summer of 148 (ToD) the forces of good sallied forth and drove back the disorganised, squabbiling, untrained, and unprepared forces of darkness.

The "War for Freedom, Truth, and Beauty" (as it was dubbed by the elven commander Tel'razz) lasted the next 2 and a half years, and the forces of good were victorious. Yet evil does not fight to the death, it fled instead. Fled to the arid northern hemisphere, then further to the cold far north, then finally made their stand on the brink of The Depth (the seemingly infinite chasm at the north pole). There the forces of good celebrating victory, yet a costly one. All the races were decimated, many having lost more than half their fighting population, and for many years to come there was nothing more than the occasional raid and skirmish on both sides.

Eventually a pact was made. The evil races could keep the Depths and all their mineral wealth and could have the surface world up to the edge of the snowline. The desert between the snowline and the grassland further south was to be a no-go area for anyone. Everything south of the desert was to be owned by the good races. Neither expects the other, or even themselves, to keep to this agreement, and so far they have not, but at least there has been no open warfare.

That was two centuries ago. It is now the year 211 S.A.R. (Second Age Recogning where 1 SAR started the day that the battle for the Depth ended) and tides say that the evil races are discontent. Raids and skirmishes have become more frequent and the good races are sending more and more forces to guard the desert. Elvenhome has become more isolationary again, and is even refusing those who do not bring business or come on official purposes. Rumours are abound that the evil races have started building forts deep into the desert and are tunnling away to try and use the good races mines to attack them from within. This is the world today.........enjoy.

-- Suicidal Sprite