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In 3092, technology had advanced in Gaera tremendously. There were "pure machines"; ones made of metal, gears, and powered by some outside force, like electricity. There were "Relic Techs"; machines that were powered by their own enchantments. Then there were the "MagiTek".

Magiteks were almost always weapons. First used in great wars that ripped through the whole planet. Mighty machines capable of mastering and casting spells. In a last ditch efforts, true mages rose up and tried to destroy Magitek, Relic Techs, and advanced machines all together. Those that relied and trusted the machines rose up as well putting aside their petty differences to protect a way of life that had molded the world. In the end, there were no winners...

From the ashes of war, rose up new leaders. Leaders of both a world of Techs and a world of Magic. Both were to viewed as equal entities that were vital to the survival and advancement of Gaera. To cement this new truce, a new army was created for all of Gaera. It was called the Magitek Armored Corps.

MAC, for short, this army has three factions. The Machinist, for those with little or no magic power. The Machinist pilot pure machines. The Mages, for those that exhibit supreme ability in the magic arts. And then the Teks, an elite caste that have the power to use magitek in perfect union.

All who enter MAC undertake rigorous training. Weeding out those to weak or too untrustworthy to be protecters of Gaera.


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